Learning Lab

Why Learning Labs?

Flex your skills and captivate students in our simulated health care learning environments!

Learning Labs—available in MindTap —provide meaningful interactivity and enable students to practice the most difficult concepts from their Cengage textbooks in a simulated,  real-world environment.

Developed to help you improve program quality and retention, Learning Labs prepare your learners for careers by increasing comprehension and critical-thinking skills via online homework solutions and graded assignments.

  • Assess understanding at the start of each lab via a Pretest. Areas of improvement are identified to inform where one might need to improve through the progression.
  • Engage with dynamic skills-based activities and assessments that address all learning styles.
  • Track progress through immediate feedback in both the Pretest and Learning Activities stages.

Personalize Learning

  • One solution provides flexibility throughout the program, enabling different instructors to teach each module at different times.
  • The post-assessment score is reported to the instructor gradebook, providing a benchmark for measuring student success.

Captivate Students

  • A variety of question types, from videos to drag and drop, keeps learners engaged and active in their learning and works from Bloom’s Understanding Level into Applying.

  • Learners are empowered to practice real-world scenarios in a safe environment, driving comprehension and critical-thinking skills, as well as preparation for careers.

Cultivate Success

  • Constructive feedback offers positive encouragement and helpful hints for content retention and review.
  • Pre/post-assessments offer benchmarks for students to track progress and identify key areas of study, and provide instructors with basic scoring information on student progress (post-assessment).

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