What’s your #JustOneThing in MindTap English?

If you could choose only one feature in MindTap, what would it be?

MindTap English

Power student mastery of composition, literature, reading, writing, and research

Everyone Has Their #JustOneThing


Questia Research Tools

Cengage Faculty Partner Audrey Wick needed to bring efficiency to her English course, and it took #JustOneThing for her to achieve this goal.


Pathbrite ePortfolios

Professor Jenny Billings wanted her students to produce more creative portfolios to take into the real world. It took #JustOneThing to do it.


Aplia Homework Solution

Professor Tanya Stanley sought out a more effective homework solution for her English course. Her #JustOneThing was all she needed.


MindTap Progress App

Boosting student retention and success in English was what Professor Melissa Erskine aimed to do. Learn how #JustOneThing made it happen.


NetTutor Paper Review

Blinn College English Professor Audrey Wick needed students to understand the writing process. #JustOneThing turned it into a


Questia Writing Tools

Discover how #JustOneThing empowered this professor to help her students truly understand the writing and research processes.


ConnectYard Announcements

Liberty University Professor Ginny Dow uses her #JustOneThing—ConnectYard—to build community, engage students, and connect instantly.