Decoding Student Confidence

Encouraging confidence in the classroom—and beyond—is critical to student success.

You know your students are awesome, so use these handy resources to make sure they know it, too.


10 Ways to Boost Student Confidence

Take a peek at these research-backed methods for nurturing audacious learners.


Why Confidence Matters

We already know it’s important, but research reveals three keys ways confidence makes students better learners.


How a Student’s Mindset Can Change Everything

Check out a brilliantly simple theory on why some students succeed while other fail.

News Story

The Increasing Importance of a Confidence Transcript

While the need for skills may shift, confidence is an attribute that will always be relevant.

The View from The Student’s Seat: Learners Weigh In

We asked almost 3,000 students to give us their take on confidence. The results reveal a promising future for education.

Real Students Discuss Who Gave Them Confidence—and Changed Their Lives

When it comes to confidence, a mentor can make all the difference. Watch as real learners talk about the special people who transformed their lives.

Listen In!

Find out what your peers are doing to raise self-esteem in students.

Words of Wisdom—Instructors Share Their Secrets

What’s the single most important thing you can do to help your student’s feel confident when they are struggling?

How does a student’s confidence affect performance in your class?

“Confidence is key to keeping students engaged, encouraging them to make an effort; it’s vital in their thinking and to their growth as students and people.”

“Students who are not confident will give up when faced with obstacles.”

“Confidence improves scores and persistence rates.”

“Confidence is a game changer!”

  • B Prema Strecker
    Austin Community College
    Adjunct Professor
  • Linda Condusta
    Luzerne County Community College
  • Maria Perser
    Los Angeles Pierce College
    Department Chair, Psychology
  • Erick Garcia
    El Paso Community College
    Technology Specialist

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