Bring Accounting Concepts to Life with CengageNOWv2

Now, you can close the gap between homework and exam performance. CengageNOWv2 provides an online homework experience that better prepares accounting and tax students for exams and careers. Let’s explore the features and benefits of this powerful platform.  

Improve Student Engagement with Pre-Class Activities

Assignable Videos screen grab

Assignable Videos

We keep it reel. Assignable videos—like Tell Me More and Concept Clips—explain chapter topics and how they relate to everyday business activities. Included multiple-choice questions confirm understanding and highlight for students where they might need to brush up.

Adaptive Study Plan screen grab

Adaptive Study Plan

Every student is unique—their study plans should be too. The Adaptive Study Plan is an assignable study center that adapts to each student’s unique needs and provides a remediation pathway to advance students toward content mastery. 

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Dynamic eReader

The MindTap Reader is fully optimized for a tablet reading experience and provides the most robust digital reading experience available—embedding powerful digital media resources and enabling note-taking, highlighting and more. The MindTap Reader also features ReadSpeaker®, an online text-to-speech application that vocalizes online educational content.

Better Prepare Students via Real-World Practice

Blank Sheet of Paper screen grab

Blank Sheet of Paper Experience

Students must rely on their own content knowledge when taking exams. There’s no “easy out” during test time, so why should there be during homework? The Blank Sheet of Paper Experience used for journals, ledgers and financial statements, helps prevent overreliance on the system by empowering students to problem-solve on their own.

MVP screen grab

Multi-Panel View

Scrolling can prevent students from seeing the big picture and understanding the accounting system—causing frustration. The new Multi-Panel View in CengageNOWv2 enables students to see all the elements of a problem on one screen, framing tasks as interconnected components in the accounting process.

Tax Forms screen grab

Auto-Gradable Tax Return Forms

Taxes needn’t mean stress. Auto-gradable Tax Return Forms in CengageNOWv2 give students real-world, practical experience needed to master tax concepts. In fact, in a survey of accounting students using CengageNOWv2, 82% believed the platform helped them better understand course material.

Provide Aha! Moments Before the Exam

Adaptive Feedback screen grab

Adaptive Feedback

To err is human, to adapt, divine. Adaptive Feedback responds to students based on their unique errors and alerts them to the mistakes they made—without giving away the answer.

Show Me How screen grab

Show Me How

They’ve got to see it to retrieve it. Show Me How problem demonstration videos keep students on track by providing a model walkthrough of a similar problem.