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World Politics: Trend and Transformation, 2016 - 2017 16th Edition

Shannon L. Blanton | Charles W. Kegley Jr.

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WORLD POLITICS: TREND AND TRANSFORMATION offers analysis of up-to-date data, research, and contemporary events from today's international political stage -- helping students understand what is happening today and why. The 2016-2017 Edition incorporates recent challenges to global peace and prosperity, from advances in military technology to the changing nuclear environment in Iran to global health threats. The authors present each issue in a thought-provoking way that encourages students to critically assess the problems, payoffs, pitfalls, and paradoxes of people's choices about the global future and the probable impact of those choices. Also available: the MindTap® Political Science online learning experience.

Shannon L. Blanton, University of Memphis

Shannon Lindsey Blanton is a professor in the Department of Government at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where she is also the inaugural dean of the UAB Honors College. She is a past vice provost for undergraduate programs, department chair and undergraduate coordinator, and has served nationally as a facilitator for leadership development in higher education. A graduate of Georgia College (B.A.), the University of Georgia (M.A.), and the University of South Carolina (Ph.D.), she has received numerous research awards and professional recognitions. She has served on a number of editorial boards, including those for four of the discipline's foremost journals: International Studies Quarterly, Foreign Policy Analysis, International Interactions, and International Studies Perspectives. She has published articles on U.S. foreign policy decision-making, with a focus on the determinants and consequences of U.S. arms transfers and foreign aid. Her work has also examined the significance of human rights concerns in global political and economic interactions.

Charles W. Kegley Jr.,

Charles William Kegley is a past president of the International Studies Association, and has been serving the past two decades on the Board of Trustees of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. Kegley holds the title of Pearce Distinguished Professor of International Relations Emeritus at the University of South Carolina. A graduate of the American University (B.A.) and Syracuse University (Ph.D.) and a Pew Faculty Fellow at Harvard University, Kegley previously served on the faculty at Georgetown University, and has held visiting professorships at the University of Texas, Rutgers University, the People's University of China, and the Institute Universitaire de Hautes Études Internationales Et du Développement in Geneva Switzerland. He is also a recipient of the Distinguished Scholar Award of the Foreign Policy Analysis Section of the International Studies Association. A founding partner of Kegley International, Inc. (a publishing, research, and consulting foundation), Kegley has authored more than 50 scholarly books and over 100 articles in journals.

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  • Controversy boxes examine rival viewpoints on major international relations issues and encourage students to think critically and develop their own opinions.
  • A Closer Look boxes address contemporary issues and conclude with critical thinking questions and links to relevant readings and videos through the Carnegie Council.
  • The illustration program broadens the book's coverage, provokes interest, and helps students visualize core ideas.
  • Each chapter ends with a list of Suggested Readings, Videos, and Web Resources to help students prepare for their papers and essays.

World Politics: Trend and Transformation, 2016 - 2017


1. Discovering World Politics.
2. Interpreting World Politics through the Lens of Theory.
3. Theories of International Decision Making.
4. Great Power Relations and Rivalries.
5. World Politics and the Global South.
6. Non-state Actors and the Quest for Global Community.
7. The Threat of Armed Conflict to the World.
8. The Pursuit of Power through Arms and Alliances.
9. The Quest for Peace through International Law and Collective Security.
10. The Globalization of International Finance.
11. International Trade in the Global Marketplace.
12. The Demographic and Cultural Dimensions of Globalization.
13. The Promotion of Human Development and Human Rights.
14. Global Responsibility for the Preservation of the Environment.
15. Looking Ahead at Global Trends and Transformations.

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