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Working 5th Edition

Larry J. Bailey

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2007, 2003, 1997
  • 558 Pages


WORKING, 5E gives users a solid grasp of how to prepare for work and life through career planning, money management, and independent-living techniques. This text spans the entire life/work cycle from career exploration all the way through planning for retirement. By also expanding academic connections and adding 21st Century Skills coverage, we provide a text that is matching the needs of industry and education. Written in engaging and flexible content, this edition has new features such as coverage of today's hottest careers, easy-to-remember rules for improving study skills, and strong emphasis on 21st Century Skills. Access to Gale's online Career Transitions is available with each text at no additional charge. This career search and resume building tool allows students to immediately apply what they learn in the classroom. Most chapters contain an activity that guides the student through the Career Transitions program. With comprehensive coverage and special sections that focus on diversity, listening skills, problem solving, and time management, this text provides the tools needed to excel and succeed in both academic and professional careers. This revision has a more concise format with a one-column classroom preferred internal design and 22 chapters instead of the previous editions 32 chapters.

Larry J. Bailey, Carbondale, IL

Larry J. Bailey attended Ball State University on an academic scholarship and taught high school industrial arts prior to attending graduate school at the University of Illinois where he completed the Doctor of Education degree in Vocational Education at age 26. He held faculty research positions at the University of Illinois and the University of Iowa before joining Southern Illinois University in 1969. Dr. Bailey is the author of eight books and more than 100 other publications. During his tenure, he was appointed to the National Advisory Council on Career Education and the Illinois Advisory Council on Adult, Vocational, and Technical Education. He retired from his professorship at SIU in 2004 after 35 years of service.
  • TECHNOLOGY INNOVATIONS: This feature emphasizes the growing importance of technology in the career world. Each TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION focuses on the technological advances in a given career cluster.
  • CAREER TRANSITIONS: Available with every text, this career search and resume building tool allows students to immediately apply what they learn in the classroom. Each chapter contains an activity or exercise that guides the student through Career Transitions.
  • Transferable skills are highlighted to prepare students for continually changing workplaces.
  • Leveraging social networking to obtain jobs in an increasingly competitive environment is addressed.
  • Internet etiquette for job seekers and employees has been updated.
  • There is now coverage of Green jobs for the new economy.
  • Impact of global economy on local jobs and the vital importance of interpersonal communication is addressed.
  • Personal finance content includes budgeting, insurance, how to choose banks and how to be a responsible consumer.
  • Co-op Spotlight: Each unit begins with a profile of a person who may have participated in a co-operative education program and has since graduated and is employed full-time.
  • Taking Action: Each chapter begins with a real-life case study that help the student understand why chapter topics are important.
  • Career Decisions: This feature allows the student to check decision-making skills on five different types: Career, Ethical, Interpersonal, Personal, and Workplace.
  • Workplace Trends: This feature looks at changing job conditions and possible future employment opportunities.
  • Math Connection: Since math skills are connected to success in life and work, a typical problem and solution are presented to reinforce crucial concepts.
  • Communication at Work: Skillful communication leads to success. This feature displays tips on how to communicate successfully.
  • Workplace Innovations: Emphasize the growing importance of technology in the career world.
  • High Growth Occupations: Each chapter includes a description of a fast-growing occupation adapted from the Occupational Outlook Handbook the will need future workers.
  • Focus on the Workplace: This feature provides information on a variety of real-life workplace topics related to the chapter.
  • Search the Net: Internet activities that enable students to become familiar with online research.
1. Learn About Work.
Why People Work. Get Self-information. Understand Industries and Occupations. Investigate Occupations.
2. Career Decision Making.
The Decision-Making Process. Individuals and Decision Making. Begin Your Career. Transferrable Skills.
3. Search for a Job.
Obtain a Stable Job. Job Search Preparation. Apprenticeship Programs. Job Search in the Digital Age.
4. Apply for a Job.
Data Sheets and Job Applications. Write a Resume. Contact Employers.
5. Interview for a Job.
Before the Interview. During the Interview. After the Interview.
6. Begin a New Job.
Your First Day at Work. Workplace Management. Supervisors and Form W-4.
7. Expectations of Employers.
Job Performance and Attitudes. Grooming, Appearance, and Proper Dress. Rate Work Behavior.
8. Worker Rights and Protections.
Duties of Employers. Worker Safety and Health. Your Job Earnings and Paycheck. Job Changes.
9. Workplace Communication.
Listen and Speak. Read and Write. Effective Communication and Group Participation. Bosses, Coworkers, and Customers.
10. Math and Measurement Skills.
Basic Math. Basic Measurement.
11. Health and Safety.
Nutrition and Diet. Stress and Physical Fitness. Accidents and Personal Safety. Natural Disasters and Public Safety.
12. Leadership and Business Ownership.
Organizational Leadership. Parliamentary Procedure. Self-Employment. Small Business and You.
13. Computer and Technology Skills.
How Computers Work. Computer Hardware and Software. The Internet and the Future of Computers.
14. The Economic World.
Principles of Economics. The American Free Enterprise System. The Global Economy.
15. The Consumer in the Marketplace.
You as a Consumer. Advertising and the Consumer. Consumer Rights and Responsibilities.
16. Banking and Credit.
Financial Institutions. Checking Accounts. Credit and Its Use.
17. Budget, Save, and Invest Money.
Budget Money. Save Money. Invest Money.
18. Insure Against Loss.
Health Insurance. Life and Home Insurance. Auto Insurance.
19. Taxes, Taxation, and Retirement Planning.
Taxation. File an Income Tax Return. Social Security. Individual Retirement Accounts.
20. The Legal System.
The Nature of Law. The Court System. Legal Services.
21. Where to Live.
A Housing Plan. Apartment Life.
22. The Rest of Your Life.
Be a Citizen. Think Clearly. Education and Training Options. Educational and Financial Aid Information.
Life-Span Plan Project.

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  • ISBN-10: 1285213858
  • ISBN-13: 9781285213859
  • STARTING AT $14.99

  • ISBN-10: 0840068565
  • ISBN-13: 9780840068569
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $83.00
  • RETAIL $109.95

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ISBN: 9781111425913
Examview Testing Software is an easy-to-use test creation software compatible with both Windows and Macintosh. Instructors can add or edit questions, instructions, and answers, select questions by previewing them on the screen, select questions randomly.

Instructor's Resource CD-ROM

ISBN: 9781111990534
Get quick access to all instructor ancillaries from your desktop. This easy-to-use CD lets you review, edit, and copy exactly what you need in the format you want. The IRCD includes Lesson Plans, teaching tools, and PowerPoint slides.

Student Workbook

ISBN: 9781111430221
The student workbook emphasizes both practice and career exploration. The workbook includes activities, problems, questions, forms and puzzles to add interest and challenge students.


Student Workbook

ISBN: 9781111430221
The student workbook emphasizes both practice and career exploration. The workbook includes activities, problems, questions, forms and puzzles to add interest and challenge you.