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Workbook for the Accuplacer and Compass Mathematics Exam: powered by Enhanced WebAssign 1st Edition

Edward L. Green

  • Published
  • 159 Pages
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This print workbook and online WebAssign package provides all the practice students need to prepare for the Compass and Accuplacer math placement exams. The workbook's accessible tone and extensive practice problems reinforce students' foundational knowledge in arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. The Enhanced WebAssign package offers instructors a powerful tool for evaluating student learning, and the extensive problem sets for each topic allow instructors to assign homework problems, classroom work, or math lab practice easily and efficiently. The problems range in difficulty from straightforward skill-and-drill to conceptual word problems using multiple math concepts learned throughout the book. With both the workbook and online component, your students will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to pass their mathematics placement exams and succeed in college math.

Edward L. Green, John J. College of Criminal Justice, Borough of Manhattan Community College

Edward L. Green, professor of mathematics at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, has taught post-secondary math for over 35 years. He is the recipient of the first Teacher of Excellence Award from John Jay College and has served as the Director of the John Jay College Forensic Science Institute as well as the Deputy Director of the John Jay College Summer Institute Training Program for Elementary School Teachers in Mathematics. He received his B.S. from Long Island University, his masters from Wagner College, and completed his post-graduate education at New York University and Fordham University. Always interested in sharing his experience and knowledge with a wider audience, he has authored numerous basic skills texts including Basic College Mathematics for the 21st Century and this Workbook for the Accuplacer and Compass Mathematics Exam.
  • Student-centered: The workbook and Enhanced WebAssign package are written with the student in mind. All concepts are delivered in simple, easy-to-understand language.
  • Step-by-step approach to problem solving: Each WebAssign problem contains step-by-step problem-solving areas, so instructors can easily evaluate student learning.
  • Critical thinking problems: The word problems offered throughout the workbook challenge students' critical thinking skills and test their foundational knowledge in the key areas that the placement exams address. Instructors can be assured that students truly understand concepts.
  • Familiar format: This workbook is similar to other placement test prep workbooks, such as SAT prep books or AP test prep books, so students will be familiar with the straightforward approach.
  • Build confidence and relieve anxiety: Students will build confidence in their problem-solving ability when they solve problems at their own pace and see how to approach word problems in systematic, step-by-step ways.
1. Numerals.
2. Adding and Subtracting Units.
3. Fractions.
4. Decimals.
5. Conversions.
6. Rounding Off.
7. Percent Problems.
8. Scientific Notation.
9. Statistics.
10. Area, Perimeter, and Cost.
11. Ratios and Proportions.
12. Rules for Sign Numbers.
13. Exponent Rules.
14. Operations with Polynomials.
15. Evaluating Algebraic Expressions and Formulas.
16. Solving Linear Equations.
17. Solving Verbal Problems.
18. Solving Inequalities.
19. Factoring.
20. Rational Expressions.
21. Quadratic Equations.
22. Simultaneous Equations.
23. Graph of a Straight Line.
24. Radicals.
25. An Introduction to Geometry.
Practice Placement Exams.
Answer Key.
Each WebAssign online product offers the full textbook combined with a flexible and fully customizable online instructional assignments and tools.

Cengage provides a seamless user experience for Learning Management Systems (LMS) integration. Please contact your Cengage Learning Consultant for ordering information and visit our Learning Management System Integration web page on WebAssign for general information.

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