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Women, Prison, and Crime 2nd Edition

Joycelyn M. Pollock

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 1990
  • 320 Pages


This text takes a comprehensive look at women in America's prisons, covering the history of women's prisons, crime rates, and sentencing practices. It provides detailed descriptions of prisoner subcultures, programs, management and staff issues, and legal issues of female prisoners, while also expanding beyond U.S. soil to compare women's prisons in other countries.

Joycelyn M. Pollock, Texas State University

Dr. Joycelyn Pollock is a Distinguished Professor in the School of Criminal Justice at Texas State University. Dr. Pollock's many published works include WOMEN'S CRIMES, CRIMINOLOGY AND CORRECTIONS; CRIMINAL LAW; PRISONS AND PRISON LIFE; and MORALITY STORIES. She received a Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Albany and a J.D. from the University of Houston. She received the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Fellows Award in 2015 for contributions to criminal justice research and education.
1. Introduction to Women's Prisons: Differences and Disparities.
Increasing Numbers, Increasing Controversy. Women's Prisons Across the Country. A Brief Description of Prisons and Prisoners. Women Under Sentence of Death. Research and the Female Offender. Conclusion: Unanswered Questions.
2. History of Women's Prisons: The Legacy of Difference.
Early Punishments and Places of Confinement. The Reformatory Era and Women. The End of the Reformatory Era. Conclusion: The Legacy of Difference.
3. Who Are the Women in Prison?
Female Criminality. Explanations of Female Criminality. A Profile of the Female Prisoner. Conclusion.
4. Entering Prison and Adjustment.
A Building Boom of Women's Prisons. Entering the Prison. The Prison World. Co-Correctional Facilities. Differences Between Women's and Men's Prisons. Conclusion.
5. Gender Responsive Programming: The Reality of "Difference".
Programs. Drugs: A Solution Becomes a Problem. Inmates as Mothers. Gender-Responsive Programming. Conclusion.
6. Living in Prison.
The Deprivations of Imprisonment. Adaptations: The Prisoner Subculture. Comparing Prisons for Women and Men. Conclusion.
7. Legal Issues of Incarcerated Women.
Legal Challenges by Women. Causes of Action. Programming and Medical Services. Other Issues. Child Custody and Separation Issues. Cross Sex Supervision. Parity v. Different Needs. Is Parity Dead? Conclusion.
8. Working in Prison: Staff and Administration.
Female Correctional Officers. Men Guarding Women. Officer Subculture. Interactions with Inmates. Management Issues in a Women's Prison. Conclusion.
9. Women Incarcerated: Jails and Prisons Around the World.
Jail Inmates. Prisons for Women Across the World. Conclusion.
10. Conclusions and Future Directions.
Legacies of the Past. Comparing Prisons for Women and Men. Parity versus Difference. Gender-Specific Programming. Conclusion.