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Why Politics Matters: An Introduction to Political Science 2nd Edition

Kevin L. Dooley

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2013
  • 416 Pages


WHY POLITICS MATTERS: AN INTRODUCTION TO POLITICAL SCIENCE is a full-color, accessible introduction to Political Science. WHY POLITICS MATTERS follows a foundational approach to learning and gives students a "big picture" of the field, examing Theory, Comparative Politics, including a look at the U.S. government, and International Relations. The authors approach the subject through a theme of theory and practice and emphasize why politics matters to the reader through current, global examples, encouraging critical thinking, discussion, and participation throughout the text. WHY POLITICS MATTERS is the first and only Introduction to Political Science book offering a fully integrated and customizable online reader, COURSEREADER, with a full slate of recommended primary source readings compiled by the authors. Each COURSEREADER selection is called-out in the text alongside the relevant discussion and is accompanied by critical thinking questions to help students apply the reading to their chapter lesson. You can further customize COURSEREADER for your class by choosing from the thousands of documents and videos within COURSEREADER and even adding your own notes and highlights before publishing your unique online reader for students to access.

Kevin L. Dooley, Monmouth University

Kevin L. Dooley is Dean of the Honors School and Associate Professor of Political Science at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey. He received his Ph.D. from Rutgers University in 2004. Since joining the faculty at Monmouth University in 2003, Dr. Dooley has taught courses in Comparative Politics, Ethics in International Relations, American Foreign Policy, and Early and Modern Political Theory. His primary research interests include globalization, nationalism, and terrorism. He has published numerous articles and one book on the topic entitled POLITICS STILL MATTERS: GLOBALIZATION, GOVERNANCE, AND THE REVIVAL OF REGIONAL MINORITIES (2008). He lives in Brick, New Jersey with his wife Lauren, and their two children, Jack and Megan.
  • Based on reviewer feedback, the Second Edition of WHY POLITICS MATTERS has been streamlined and completely reorganized to integrate the American government coverage into a comparative politics context. Part II now covers Comparing Systems of Government and Part III covers Comparative Politics Institutions, while maintaining U.S. coverage as a foundation of understanding for students.
  • Updated throughout to include changes in world leadership, the 2012 U.S. elections, the state of the world economy, conflict in Syria and the Middle East, developments in North Korea, new figures, tables, maps, and photographs, and more.
  • Now includes more coverage of terrorism; current issues relating to women, the environment, and non-western countries; media; policy and policy-making; international economics; and interest groups.
  • The critical thinking questions that open each chapter and conclude each box have been strengthened throughout.
  • A new Conclusion section summarizes the concepts and themes students have examined in the previous chapters, and provides students with ideas to explore beyond the course.
  • "Questions to Consider before Reading this Chapter" open every chapter, serving as learning objectives to guide students' reading.
  • Theory and Practice features demonstrate how political thought directly influences modern-day situations, institutions, and policies.
  • "Why Politics Matters to You!" features show students how politics and government are influential in their lives as well as how they can get involved.
  • Critical thinking questions appear at the end of every boxed feature and within the narrative to spark discussion, application, and engage the reader.
  • Visual timelines organize important historical events, political works, and the lives of political thinkers in each chapter.
  • A Marginal glossary defines key terms as students read, and a list of Key Terms and Key People at the end of every chapter facilitate review.
  • WHY POLITICS MATTERS is written to be engaging and accessible with a conversational writing style, and a bold, full-color design with photographs, maps, and other illustrations.
  • Integrated CourseReader assignments appear alongside the narrative, indicating where a primary source reading is available to enhance the discussion. This is the first Introduction to Political Science book offering a fully integrated and customizable online reader, with a full slate of recommended readings compiled by the authors. Instructors can either assign the recommended readings or customize their reader. Each reading includes assignable multiple choice and discussion questions for students to assess their comprehension. It's possible to reorder, remove, or add readings from our database of thousands of documents, videos, and images. Instructors can add notes, highlight sections, assign due dates using the pop-up calendar, and publish these customizations to the students' view of the reader.
  • Organized to touch on each of the discipline's sub-fields, WHY POLITICS MATTERS gives students a strong foundation with a discussion defining politics and political science (Part 1) as well as ideology and participation (Part 2). Students build on these lessons by comparing systems in Part 3 (Comparative Politics) and learning how these world systems interact in Part 4 (International Relations).
1. Why Politics Matters.  
2. Ancient Political Theory.
3. Modern Political Theory.
4. The American Government.
5. Democratic Systems of Government.
6. Authoritarian Systems of Government.
7. Comparing Legislatures.
8. Comparing Executives.
9. Comparing Judiciaries.
10. Understanding International Relations: Terms and Theories.
11. War, Diplomacy, and the Beginning of International Relations.
12. The Cold War and Beyond: The Rise of The United States And The Emerging Global Order.

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