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Voice Treatment for Children & Adolescents | 1st Edition

Moya L. Andrews
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ISBN: 9780769301075
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Voice Treatment for Children & Adolescents

ISBN-13: 9780769301075
Packed with treatment techniques and clinical materials, this book is a "must-have" for speech-language pathologists working on voice therapy with children. The practical assessment and treatment information is thoroughly grounded in a review of recent research and technological advancements in the area of voice, while the in-depth discussion of developmental issues relating to vocal maturation, from birth through adolescence, provides a solid foundation of knowledge on which the text is built. Also presented are problem-solving and team intervention models appropriate for SLPs working in clinical, school or medical settings.

About This Product

This book will serve as a school-based SLP's surrogate clinical partner: helpful, filled with ideas, and always available. Comprehensive to the point of uniquely addressing the psychological aspects of childhood voice disorders, Voice Therapy for Children emphasizes hands-on therapy strategies ready to put into use the day the book is opened.

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