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Using Stories to Make Art: Creative Activities Using Children's Literature 1st Edition

Wendy M. L. Libby

  • Published
  • 168 Pages


Art is vital to learning experiences, and this book promotes the integration of art and children’s literature. It helps improve student performance in other subject areas as well. It plays an important role in the curriculum .Often times talking with children about their ideas help to get them started on their own creative thought process. The activities in this book are directed which means that the activity is initiated by an adult, the materials are supplied and the topic is proposed. Each art lesson is combined with a children’s book. The activities in this book guide children to a disciplined and discriminating approach to their art. Being exposed to art vocabulary will make it easier to find expression. The wide range of stimuli, materials and techniques presented will permit overall flexibility in a child’s expressiveness. The primary goal is to focus on the process of creating. This book will aid in simplifying instruction and reducing the amount of preparation needed. Not only will it be extremely helpful to a new teacher, but it will also assist experienced teachers that are looking for novel approached to integrate art with other subjects.

Wendy M. L. Libby, Bangor School in Bangor, Maine

Wendy M. L. Libby is an elementary art teacher for the Bangor School in Bangor Maine.
  • Art activities for over 50 children�s books that cover a wide range of topics
  • Icons indicating each activity�s level of difficulty (easy, medium, advanced) for quick reference
  • Curriculum extensions for each that provide related activity ideas in science, social studies, math, language arts, music, and physical education
  • Glossary of art terms in the back of the book
  • Quick reference charts that group activities by level of difficulty, technique, and curriculum extension
About This Book.
Alligator, Baby Owls, Bear in Two Styles, Bird with Apple, Blanket Design, Brown Bear, Butterfly, Cat, Caterpillar, Chameleon, City Buildings, Clay Dragon, Clown, Colorful Elephant, Colorful Patterned Fish, Constellations, Crazy Quilt, Dalmatian, Dragon, Elephant, Fall Leaves, Fall Tree, Flowers in a Vase, Flying Bird, Fruits and Vegetable Still Life, Gingerbread Man, Giraffe with Necktie, Hand Design, Hat Collage, Hen, Hot Air Balloon, Jack-in-the-Box, Jungle or , Rainforest Scene, Ladybugs, Merry-Go-Round Horse, Monster, Mouse in Attic, Panda Bear, Parrot, Patriotic Parade, Printed Fish, Raven, Reading a Book, Roller Coaster, School Bus, Sea Glass And Shells in a Bottle, Skeletons, Snail in an Environment, Snail Design, Snake, Snowman, Spider, Sun and Moon Mobile, Sun Mask, Tree with Letters, Turtle, Wild Thing, Woven Scarecrow.
Appendix A: Art Materials.
Appendix B: Activity Charts.
Activity Chart: Overview.
Activity Chart: Level.
Activity Chart: Technique.
Activity Chart: Curriculum Connection.
Appendix C: Book List Information.

The activities in this book were well planned and gave clear, detailed instructions that help even those with little art experience lead a lesson.

It was very evident that the author is someone who is passionate about bringing art into the curriculum and is not shy about sharing the joy of art with others.

This is a valuable tool for elementary teachers. Concepts are explained clearly and extensions help a teacher organize an exciting learning event that includes elements of creative art and literacy.