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The Thoughtful Reader 5th Edition

Mary C. Fjeldstad

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2006, 2002, 1998
  • 480 Pages


THE THOUGHTFUL READER, Fifth Edition, offers thematically arranged, engaging articles, essays and stories, as well as textbook chapters that allow students to read deeply and fluently about a topic. Based on the assumption that reading and writing are inextricably linked, interesting and challenging writing exercises accompany the reading selections to help students further develop their reading, thinking, and writing skills.

Mary C. Fjeldstad, City University of New York: LaGuardia Community College

Mary C. Fjeldstad has taught reading at LaGuardia Community College for more than 30 years and is a frequent presenter at conferences.
  • Many new reading selections have been added: a powerful essay by Jonathan Kozol on how the educational system has failed our poorest children; a lively piece by Isaac Asimov exploring the meaning of "intelligence"; a discussion of cheating in American schools; the search for a unique identity by Muslim-American teens; and Sandra Cisneros's musing on the meaning of being an only daughter in a family of seven children.
  • The unit on work includes several new and appealing readings: an essay by Barbara Ehrenreich, the author of NICKEL AND DIMED: ON NOT GETTING BY IN AMERICA, explains her effort to experience and record the struggles of people trying to get by on minimum wage; a companion piece on a young mother of two trying to survive on what she earns at Burger King; and a lively discussion of the joys and sorrows of multitasking.
  • The unit on controversial issues adds a heartbreaking essay by a young woman who must decide if and when to have the test for Huntington's Disease, knowing she has a 50-50 chance of being a victim. There also is an article on the effects of TV violence.
  • Unit Six, "Reading and Thinking about Textbooks," includes three completely new textbook excerpts.
  • The "Learning Strategies" section has been updated. Explanations of marking text and summary writing have been clarified.
  • Unit VI offers students an opportunity to tackle real textbook chapters.
  • Each unit begins with a section called "Thinking About the Theme" that invites students to think about the subject they'll be exploring in the readings to follow.
  • Additional pedagogy in each unit includes an introduction to the reading selection, vocabulary, guide questions, applications discussions, marking text examples, learning strategies, and writing.
  • Collaboration learning exercises follow Units I-IV.
  • Units II-V provide special projects for students to pursue additional application of topics.
Sydney J. Harris, "What True Education Should Do." Mortimer Adler, "How to Mark a Book." Short Take: "Hope Helps." Richard Wright, "Black Boy." Short Take: "The First Book." Short Take: "Jim Crow Laws." Grace Paley, "Traveling." Barbara Jordan, "Becoming Educated." Jacques Steinberg, "An Unrelenting Drive and a Harvard Degree." Jonathan Kozol, "Illiterate America." Isaac Asimov, "What is Intelligence, Anyway?" Carlotta Gall, "Long in Dark, Afghan Women Say to Read is Finally to See." Thomas J. Cottle, "Overcoming an Invisible Handicap." Collaborative Learning Section: Nicholas Gage, "The Teacher Who Changed My Life." ABC News Internet Venture, "A Cheating Crisis in America''s Schools."
Clyde Kluckhohn, "Culture." Mary Fjeldstad, "Norms." Ian Robertson, "Values." Donald Light and Suzanne Keller, "Unity in Diversity." Rachel L. Swarns, "Africa''s Lost Tribe Hopes to Discover America." William L. Hamilton, "Africa''s Lost Tribe Discovers its American Dream." Marlise Simons, "African Women in France Battle Polygamy." Short Take: "Marriage Takes Many Forms Throughout the World." Patrick E. Tyler, "As a Pampered Generation Grows Up, Chinese Worry." Short Take: "A Nation of Lost Boys." Iva Momatiuk and John Eastcott, "Our Land: Nunavut''s Inuit Women." Short Take: "Watch Your Language!" Sandra Cisneros, "Only Daughter." Marjorie Kehe, "Shear Insanity in KABUL BEAUTY SCHOOL." Henry Tischler, "The United States: Land of Immigrants." Susan Brady Konig, "They''ve Got to Be Carefully Taught." Collaborative Learning Section: Lisa Davis, "Where Do We Stand?" Robin Riccitiello and Karen Breslau, "Muslim American Teens Search for Identity."
Mary Fjeldstad, "Language." Helen Keller, "The Key to Language." Amy Tan, "Mother Tongue." Short Take: "Is English Broken Here?" Mary Fjeldstad, "Where Do New Words Come From?" Santha Rama Rau, "By Any Other Name." Short Take: "Phraseology." Hugh Rawson, "Euphemisms." Short Take: "More Broken English." Don Lago, "Symbols of Humankind." Short Take: "Break It To Me Gently." Russell Baker, "Learning to Write." Garrison Keillor, "How to Write a Personal Letter." Mark Mathabane, "Kaffir Boy at The Typewriter." Short Take: "Speaking Different Languages." Collaborative Learning Section: Perri Klass, "RX: Translation Please?" Chris Hedges, "Translating America."
William A. Nolan, M.D., "The First Appendectomy." K.C. Cole, "Women in Science." Daniel Meier, "One Man''s Kids." Keith Naughton, "Tired of Smile-Free Service?" Barbara Ehrenreich, "The High Cost of Being Poor." Charlie Le Duff, "Dreams in the Dark at the Drive-Through Window." Ronni Sandroff, "How Ethical is American Business?" Harold Krents, "Darkness at Noon." Short Take: "How To Get The Job You Want: Tips For The Job Hunter." Sandra Farrell Bazrod, "Satisfaction Not Guaranteed." Short Take: "Directory of Business Names." Claudia Wallis, "The Multi-Tasking Generation." Tara Parker-Pope, "Custom Made." Short Take: "It Got Lost in Translation." Short Take: "International Etiquette for the Business Traveler." Collaborative Learning Section: Rose Del CAstillo Guilbault, "Hispanic USA: The Conveyor Belt Ladies." Barbara Brandt, "Less is More: A Call for Shorter Work Hours."
Mary Fjeldstad, "Critical Reading--Critical Thinking." Short Take: "Argumentation." Andrrea Sachs, "When the Lullaby Ends." Nacy Gibbs, "If We Have It Do We Use It?" Sheryl Gay Stollberg, "As the Tiniest Babies Grow, So Can Their Problems." Short Take: "Controversial Cases." Alexa Shaffer, "A Difficult Decision." Julie Grace, Jay Branegan, Victoria Rainert, "The Killing of Kayla." Mary Sherry, "In Praise of the F Word." Short Take: "Gimme an A--Or Else!" Mary Pipher, "TV." Barbara Huttman, "A Crime of Compassion." Elissa Ely, "Dreaming of Disconnecting A Respirator."
David Brinkerhoff, Lynn K. White, Suzanne T. Ortega, and Rose Weitz, "Theoretical Perspectives on Education from ESSENTIALS of SOCIOLOGY, 7th ed." Diana Kendall, "Technology, Cultural Change, and Diversity from SOCIOLOGY IN OUR TIMES, 6th ed." Ronald B. Adler and Neil Towne, "Language and Culture." Jeff Madura, "Motivating Employees from INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS, 4th ed."
I. Previewing. II. Narrative and Exposition. III. Marking Text. IV. Writing a Summary. V. Direction Words. VI. Figurative Language. VII. Test-Taking.

Cengage provides a range of supplements that are updated in coordination with the main title selection. For more information about these supplements, contact your Learning Consultant.


Instructor's Manual

ISBN: 9781428212039
The newest edition of the Instructor's Manual will include multiple-choice quizzes and additional sample annotating and summaries.