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The Speaker's Handbook 11th Edition

Jo Sprague | Douglas Stuart | David Bodary

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THE SPEAKER'S HANDBOOK, 11th Edition, covers preparing, organizing, developing, and delivering a speech -- making it ideal for students taking a public speaking course and experienced speakers. This product continues to offer thorough coverage of ethics, reasoning, analyzing audience, and diversity. New graphics help illustrate key concepts. Speeches from students and public figures provide models and material for analysis. New learning objectives and updated checklists help students review what they've learned. Available with MindTap®, a digital learning solution.

Jo Sprague, San Jose State University

Jo Sprague is professor emeritus of Communication Studies at San José State University, where she also served as associate director of the Center for Faculty Development and Support. In addition, she is a former president of the Western States Communication Association. Her research focuses on critiquing, teaching, and the scholarship of speech communications.

Douglas Stuart,

Douglas Stuart is Vice President of Technical and Marketing Publications at FirstTel Systems Corporation.

David Bodary, Sinclair Community College

David Bodary is a professor of Communication at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio, where he teaches public speaking and coordinates the Service Learning office. He belongs to both the National Communication Association (NCA) and the Central States Communication Association. Dr. Bodary has served in a variety of roles for both organizations and is pleased to have participated in the NCA Learning Outcomes in Communication project. He earned his bachelor's from Eastern Michigan University and a master's and doctorate from Wayne State University.
  • EMPHASIS ON LANGUAGE. In Chapter 17, language is presented as a powerful communicative element-rather than an adornment or frill-to emphasize the need for thoughtful, sensitive, and appropriate use of words and symbols.
  • FULL CHAPTER ON PRACTICING SPEECHES. Chapter 24 provides detailed guidelines for practicing speech presentations, including helpful suggestions and timetables for this important dimension of speech preparation.
  • EMPHASIS ON DIVERSITY. Consistent attention to social and cultural diversity in this handbook reflects the diversity of contemporary life.
  • HANDS-ON PRACTICE. Throughout the text and on MindTap for THE SPEAKER'S HANDBOOK, Speaker's Workshop activities provide exercises that help students prepare effective, well-structured speeches. In addition, end-of-chapter Putting It into Practice activities provides active learning opportunities to use in class or for homework.
  • INSIGHTFUL RESOURCES. The appendix includes a handy guide to common pronunciation and usage errors for native and nonnative speakers of English.
  • ENTIRE CHAPTER DEVOTED TO ETHICS. Drawing together key points, Chapter 3 “Speaking Ethics” provides thorough guidelines for responsible speaking. The ethical decisions speakers make are treated as a series of careful compromises instead of clear-cut do's and don'ts.
  • DISTINCTIVE COVERAGE OF AUDIENCE ANALYSIS. Going well beyond audience members' traits and characteristics, the text also illustrates how to analyze the processes by which they make sense of messages (Chapter 7).
  • EXTENSIVE COVERAGE OF REASONING. Reasoning (Chapter 16) is discussed through an examination of the links people draw between data and conclusions. The text discusses how people can logically reach opposite conclusions from the same evidence, emphasizing the need to spell out and justify the links in one's reasoning.

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ISBN: 9781305098732
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