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THE ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE 2016 discusses the legal, political, and financial framework in which the presidential election occurs; the process by which parties nominate candidates and position themselves; the strategies, tactics, and operations of campaigns; the news media's role; and the attitudes, opinions, and decisions of voters. This edition emphasizes changes that have revolutionized electoral politics, including instant communications, digital campaigning, and microtargeting messaging. It also offers updates and insights on topics such as the nomination and Electoral College systems, news coverage, television debates, political commercials, partisan appeals, and analysis.

Stephen J. Wayne, Georgetown University

Stephen Wayne is Professor of Government at Georgetown University. He is a Washington insider who has written many books and articles on the presidency and presidential elections. He often appears on television and radio news programs.
  • Exercises at the end of each chapter suggest opportunities for students to further explore the issues presented in the chapter, whether through online research projects or involvement with the political process.
  • This edition updates and integrates the new political science literature on campaign finance, parties, presidential campaigning, and news media coverage as well as that on forecasting and analyzing the 2012 vote.
  • Wayne discusses the continued polarity of the American polity and the strategies to capitalize on that fact to win elections.
  • With its focus on the facts of how the presidential election system works and its summaries of the state of the art and science of presidential electoral politics today, this text is a must for any study of presidential elections.
  • Boxes (e.g., "Notorious Negativity," "The Problems with Polls") highlight important aspects of the chapter material.
  • "Where on the Web?" features provide lists of relevant websites for further exploration.

The Road to the White House 2016


1. Presidential Selection: A Historical Overview.
2. Campaign Finance.
3. The Political Environment.
4. Party Rules and Their Impact: The Legal Environment.
5. Campaigning for the Nomination.
6. The Post-Primary, Election Campaign.
7. Strategy, Tactics, and Operations.
8. Media Politics.
9. Understanding Presidential Elections.
10. Reforming the Electoral System.
Results of Presidential Elections, 1900–2012.