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When writing research papers, QUESTIA is a student’s best friend. Featuring 24/7 online access to thousands of full-text books and millions of academic journal and periodical articles along with a complete suite of organizational and productivity tools, QUESTIA takes the pain out of finding good sources and keeping track of them. And, it is more than a vast content collection of online sources. QUESTIA can help your students in the entire research process, from topic selection and research to organization of their notes and proper citations. In addition, QUESTIA now offers faculty-developed instructional tutorials centered around the research process, covering student pain points such as “Evaluating Sources” and “Paraphrasing Sources” to “Avoiding Plagiarism” and “Working with Documentation Styles”. QUESTIA will help your students write better papers, providing a foundation in sound research practices, a wider array of scholarly sources, and easy-to-use tools for organizing what they've learned into a better-thought-out paper.

  • TONS OF GREAT SCHOLARLY SOURCES Access a comprehensive online library of 80,000 full-text scholarly books and 9 million academic journal and periodical articles, many from top peer-reviewed sources, not easily available anywhere else on the Web, and searchable by word, phrase, title, author, or subject.
  • ANYTIME, ANYWHERE ACCESS – The QUESTIA library is always open, 24/7 from anywhere, providing students with convenience and mobility to research when and where they want, day or night, according to their schedule.
  • TRUSTED DIGITAL CONTENT – All content is previously published from over 250 reputable commercial and academic publishers, providing students with digital content they can trust from authoritative sources.
  • ENGAGING INSTRUCTIONAL TUTORIALS – Students are exposed to proper research techniques through ten assignable and gradeable learning tutorials, covering a variety of research topics and developed by fellow instructors. Each tutorial covers a specific part of the research process and features numerous videos and mini-lessons to help guide the student in learning the material. A series of quizzes are also included within each tutorial to assist in comprehending the lessons.
  • BOOKS DIGITIZED COVER-TO-COVER – The QUESTIA library features books that have been completely digitized cover-to-cover, not just the excerpts or abstracts. And since everything is digital, no book is ever checked out regardless of how many other users are using it simultaneously.
  • TIME SAVING TOOLS Digital productivity tools include highlighter, note-maker, bookmarker, and footnote and bibliography generator in 7 styles.
  • THOUSANDS OR PRE-VETTED TOPICS - Students can jumpstart their research by utilizing one of QUESTIA's 6,700 research topics, each of which feature a list of the best books and articles on each topic as selected by QUESTIA librarians.
  • Librarian-assisted searches on a wide range of research topics (6,000 + topics and growing) provide students with the best books and articles on each topic.
QUESTIA is the world's premier online collection of academic books and articles featuring deep content in the humanities and social sciences and other popular categories:
Art and Architecture.
Economics and Business.
Music and Performing Arts.
Politics and Government.
Science and Technology.

Following are the topics being covered within the Research Tutorials:

1.1: Selecting a topic that interests you.
1.2: Considering what your readers know about the topic.
1.3: Developing an objective stance.
1.4: Composing a thesis.
1.5: Organizing your ideas.
2.1: Knowing the requirements of the assignment.
2.2: Comparing primary and secondary sources.
2.3: Developing a research plan and schedule.
2.4: Locating print and online sources.
2.5: Taking precise, documented notes.
3.1: Using the library online.
3.2: Understanding the sources available.
3.3: Finding books.
3.4: Finding articles.
3.5: Knowing what the librarian can help you with.
4.1: Deciding whether a source is credible.
4.2: Recognizing bias.
4.3: Evaluating print sources.
4.4: Evaluating Web sources
4.5: Recognizing scholarly articles.
5.1: Understanding plagiarism.
5.2: Knowing what and why to cite.
5.3: Keeping track of sources.
5.4: Using copyrighted materials fairly.
5.5: Checking source use while revising.
6.1: Reading critically.
6.2: Thinking critically.
6.3: Connecting ideas to a larger picture.
6.4: Creating connections among facts and ideas.
6.5: Annotating and summarizing sources.
7.1: When and why to paraphrase.
7.2: Understanding the ideas of the source.
7.3: When paraphrasing doesn’t work.
7.4: Changing words and sentence structure.
7.5: Identifying your source.
8.1: When and why to write summaries.
8.2: Reading and writing to create a summary.
8.3: Avoiding interpretation.
8.4: Using summaries in an annotated bibliography.
8.5: Citing your source.
9.1: When and why to quote
9.2: Introducing quotations with signal phrases.
9.3: Embedding quotations in your sentences.
9.4: Block quotations.
9.5: Citing quotations.
10.1: Identifying sources and their publication information.
10.2: The basics of documentation.
10.3: Using MLA format.
10.4: Using APA format.
10.5: Using Chicago style format.

Cengage provides a range of supplements that are updated in coordination with the main title selection. For more information about these supplements, contact your Learning Consultant.


Answer Key

ISBN: 9781133351450