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The New Public Personnel Administration 7th Edition

Lloyd G. Nigro, Felix A. Nigro, J. Edward Kellough

  • Published
  • 320 Pages


Providing students with a non-technical, policy-oriented, and issue-oriented treatment of the field of public personnel administration, the sixth edition of this well-established text offers current information on public policies, law and court rulings, and other issues in the field. In addition to providing a solid grounding in the history of the civil service in the United States, it also includes a statistical snapshot of the contemporary service on the local, state, and federal levels.

Lloyd G. Nigro, Georgia State University

A Georgia State faculty member since 1979, Lloyd Nigro is currently professor and chair of the Department of Public Administration and Urban Studies at Georgia State University. He previously taught at Syracuse University and the University of Southern California and his primary areas of scholarly research and publication are public-sector human-resources management and policy, administrative ethics, and American political thought and administration. He has published numerous articles in these areas and is co-author of THE NEW PUBLIC PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION, a widely used textbook. Currently his research interests are focused on state and local government civil service reform in the United States. Nigro's research has been published in Public Administration Review, International Journal of Public Administration, Journal of Management History, Administration and Society, Public Productivity Management Review, Policy Studies Journal and Review of Public Personnel Administration.

Felix A. Nigro, Emeritus, University of Georgia

(Late) Professor Emeritus, University of Georgia.

J. Edward Kellough, University of Georgia

J. Edward Kellough is Professor and Head of the Department of Public Administration and Policy at the University of Georgia. His major area of academic interest is public personnel administration/human resources management. His research has addressed such topics as equal employment opportunity and affirmative action, representative bureaucracy, reinventing government, and civil service reform. Some of his other recent works include UNDERSTANDING AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: POLITICS, DISCRIMINATION, AND THE SEARCH FOR JUSTICE (Georgetown University Press, 2006); and CIVIL SERVICE REFORM IN THE STATES: PERSONNEL POLICY AND POLITICS AT THE SUB-NATIONAL LEVEL, co-edited with Lloyd G. Nigro (SUNY Press, 2006). He has also published numerous articles in scholarly journals.
  • All chapters have been updated and include new resources.
  • Chapter 1 tables focus on only the most significant issues.
  • Chapter 2 is completely rewritten and contains a detailed treatment of recent efforts at civil service reform, including efforts of the George W. Bush Administration in the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense and the ultimate failure of those reforms.
  • Chapter 4 focuses on web-based recruitment and selection methods.
  • Chapter 7 contains additional historical material and a review of recent efforts to restrict public sector unions and collective bargaining in some states.
  • Chapter 8 addresses the implications of recent court cases.
  • Chapter 9 includes material from the most recent federal court cases addressing such issues as disparate impact, disparate treatment, and affirmative action.
  • Chapter 11 is the new concluding chapter containing speculation on the future of public personnel administration especially in view of recent reform efforts.
  • There is a focus on recent issues and trends and discussion of such current matters as recent efforts in civil service reform, changes in public sector collective bargaining, the impact of important new court cases, the changing nature of the American workforce, and the future of public personnel administration.
  • The 7th edition is designed to provide students of public management an up-to-date introduction to the core issues, trends, and concepts associated with public personnel administration.
  • The most up-to-date sources and statistics on public personnel systems in the United States are included.
1. The American Public Service.
2. Civil Service Reform in the United States.
3. Public Personnel and Organizational Performance.
4. Recruitment and Selection.
5. Issues in Job Evaluation and Pay.
6. Performance Appraisal and Pay for Performance.
7. Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector.
8. Public Employees: Rights and Responsibilities.
9. Combating Historical Patterns of Discrimination.
10. Responding to the Changing American Workforce.
11. The Future of Public Personnel Administration.

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"The last time I counted there were around a dozen textbooks on the topic but none better than Nigro et al... It is grounded in the traditional literature and way of thinking about public personnel administration; it is well-written and engaging; and it is probably the best textbook available for the course and students that I teach."

"The New Public Personnel Administration is one of the most widely used personnel texts used in public administration/policy/affairs programs in the country. Having used an earlier edition of this text as graduate student myself years ago, and having been re-introduced as an instructor, there is no shortage of public administration programs that rely on the expertise of Nigro, Nigro, and Kellough."