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Leadership: Research Findings, Practice, and Skills 8th Edition

Andrew J. DuBrin

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2013
  • 560 Pages
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Perfect for instructors who take a practical, skill-building approach to teaching leadership, the eighth edition of LEADERSHIP provides an ideal balance of essential theory and real-world applications. Andrew DuBrin, a highly respected author and consultant, incorporates the latest research on leadership and current business practices from academic journals and popular periodicals. The text provides students with a strong practical foundation by introducing leaders they can relate to and reinforcing their knowledge with frequent skill-building activities. Key updates include new opening vignettes and end-of-chapter cases, numerous additional skill-building exercises, and a role-playing or other experiential activity linked to all end-of-chapter cases. In addition, LEADERSHIP is available with MindTap for the first time. Mindtap is a personalized, fully online digital learning platform of authoritative Cengage Learning content, assignments, and services that engages students with interactivity while offering you a choice in the configuration of course work and enhancement of the curriculum. MindTap guides students through the course curriculum via an innovative Learning Path Navigator where they complete interactive self-assessments reading assignments, annotate your readings, complete homework, and engage with quizzes and assessments.

Andrew J. DuBrin, Rochester Institute of Technology

Andrew J. DuBrin is Professor Emeritus of Management in the E. Philip Saunders College of Business at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he served as department chairman and team leader. Dr. DuBrin has taught courses and conducted research in leadership, management, organizational behavior, and career management. He presents at other colleges, career schools, and universities. He received his Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology from Michigan State University. Dr. DuBrin has experience in human resource management and is a business and personal consultant in career management, leadership, and management development. Dr. DuBrin is an established author of both textbooks and trade books, and he contributes to professional journals, magazines, newspapers, and online media. He has written textbooks on management, leadership, organizational behavior, human relations, political behavior in organizations, and impression management. His trade books address management issues from charisma, team play, and office politics to overcoming career self-sabotage, and coaching and mentoring.
  • With a heavy emphasis on application and skill building, the eighth edition of this text takes a functional approach, showing how managers and organizations effectively apply the basic principles of management. The nature of leadership; the attributes, behaviors, and styles of leaders; the ethics and social responsibility of leaders; and how leaders exert power and use politics and influence are among the topics introduced first. Next, techniques for developing teamwork as well as motivation and coaching skills are examined, followed by studying creativity and innovation as part of leadership, as well as communication skills as they relate to leadership. The text then shifts the attention to the broad challenge facing leaders: dealing with cultural diversity within the organization and across borders. The concluding chapter deals with the capstone topic of developing leaders and choosing successors for executives.
  • The test bank has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the text's current content. In addition, the test bank and online homework problems available through MindTap are more tightly integrated, ensuring that students experience consistency in question types and difficulties when transitioning from homework material to formal assessments.
  • Cognero is a flexible online system that allows you to author, edit, and manage test bank content from multiple Cengage Learning solutions; create multiple test versions in an instant; and deliver tests from your LMS, your classroom, or wherever you want.
  • This edition is extensively revised and updated, with examples and activities to help readers understand the skills necessary to manage, lead, and compete in today's world.
  • MindTap is a new personal learning experience that combines all digital assets -- readings, multimedia, interactive activities, assignments, and assessments -- into a singular learning path to improve student outcomes. Developed with the goal of getting students to Engage, Connect, Perform, and Lead, it seeks to engage students to think like leaders. MindTap for DuBrin's LEADERSHIP follows a path to obtain these results and other key course goals through various learning activities.
  • Select Leader's Self-Assessment Quizzes from each chapter include interactive online versions wherein students may complete the full assessment online and complete brand new accompanying activities to link the self-assessment concepts back to the relevant chapter material.
  • Twelve new opening cases were carefully chosen to incorporate examples of business firms that students have either patronized, or have been patronized, by people in their network. Three examples are Campbell Soup,, and Chipotle.
  • There are 14 new Leader in Action boxes that describe the leadership practices, behaviors, and personal attributes of real-world leaders that students are likely to know and relate to, including Jack Dorsey, creative leader and co-founder of Twitter, and Kevin A. Plank, founder of Under Armour Inc.
  • Examples have been thoroughly updated to reflect current trends and the constant evolution of leadership.
  • New and updated Leadership Self-Assessment and Leadership Skill-Building Exercises help students understand and develop key leadership skills.
  • New research findings presented in each chapter including four examples of how modern research supports a given leadership principle of Dale Carnegie.
  • DuBrin's LEADERSHIP offers more application opportunities (cases, experiential exercises and examples) than any other text in the market.
  • Updated Leader in Action boxes describe the leadership practices, behaviors, and personal attributes of real-world leaders students are likely to know and relate to, and each box concludes with questions relating the leader to key concepts from the current chapter.
  • Integrated throughout the text, new and updated Leadership Self-Assessment and Leadership Skill-Building Exercises help students understand and develop key leadership skills.
  • Interesting and highly relevant real-life and hypothetical examples throughout the text illustrate key concepts and theories to help students better understand the material and appreciate its practical applications.
  • End-of-chapter Guidelines for Action and Skill Development give additional suggestions for improving leadership skill and practice discussion questions and activities suited for individual or group analysis.
  • Two Leadership Case Problems in each chapter illustrate major themes covered in the text by presenting interesting, relevant real-life examples and providing associated activities to help you develop your own leadership knowledge and skills.
  • Role plays accompany all the case problems to help reinforce the opportunity for learning interpersonal skills within the case problems.
  • Leadership Portfolio skill-building exercises in each chapter instruct students to record progress in developing leadership skills and behaviors, which provides practical, step-by-step guidance to become a more effective leader.
1. The Nature and Importance of Leadership.
2. Traits, Motives, and Characteristics of Leaders.
3. Charismatic and Transformational Leadership.
4. Leadership Behaviors, Attitudes, and Styles.
5. Contingency and Situational Leadership.
6. Leadership Ethics and Social Responsibility.
7. Power, Politics, and Leadership.
8. Influence Tactics of Leaders.
9. Developing Teamwork.
10. Motivation and Coaching Skills.
11. Creativity, Innovation, and Leadership.
12. Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills.
13. Strategic Leadership and Knowledge Management.
14. International and Culturally Diverse Aspects of Leadership.
15. Leadership, Development, and Succession.
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