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The Grammar of Conducting: A Comprehensive Guide to Baton Technique and Interpretation 3rd Edition

Max Rudolf

  • Published
  • 481 Pages


THE GRAMMAR OF CONDUCTING: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO BATON TECHNIQUE AND INTERPRETATION provides a comprehensive introduction to the techniques and practical concerns of leading an orchestra. The text proceeds from basic conducting patterns to sophisticated explorations of performance and rehearsal techniques.

Preface to the Third Edition.
1. The Neutral-Legato Pattern (4-Beat).
2. Staccato Patterns (4-beat).
3. The Expressive-Legato Pattern (4-Beat).
4. Starting on Counts Other Than the First Count.
5. The 3-Beat.
6. The 2-Beat.
7. The 1-Beat.
8. Dynamics and Articulation.
9. Starting After the Count.
10. The 6-Beat.
11. Subdivision.
12. Number of Beats in a Measure.
13. 5-Time, 7-Time, and Other Asymmetric Time Patterns.
14. Ritardando and Accelerando.
15. The Marcato Pattern.
16. Rests.
17. The Tenuto Pattern.
18. Different Uses for Basic Patterns.
19. Holds.
20. Accents and Syncopation.
21. Phrasing.
22. Changes of Meter and Tempo.
23. Application of Baton Technique.
24. Free Style.
25. Achieving Complete Physical Control.
26. On Preparation in General.
27. Score Study and Preparation of Orchestra Materials.
28. Rehearsal Techniques.
29. Conduction Opera.
30. Conduction Choral Works with Orchestra.
31. Aspects of Interpretation.
32. Choice of Tempo.
33. Aspects of Performance Practice.
34. Aspects of Musical Style.
35. Recollections and Reflections: On Education, Conducting, and a Conductor's Life in Our Time.
Appendix A: Discussion of Complete Works or Movements.
Appendix B: Wagner's Instructions Regarding the Performance of Two of His Overtures. Appendix C: Carl Maria von Weber, Overture to Oberon.
Appendix D: The First Violin Part of Mozart's Symphony no. 35 in D Major (K.385), Marked for Performance.
Recommended Reading General Index.
Index of Figures and Works.

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  • ISBN-10: 0028722213
  • ISBN-13: 9780028722214
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $166.25
  • RETAIL $220.95