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The Four Skills of Cultural Diversity Competence 4th Edition

Mikel Hogan

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2007, 2003, 1999
  • 144 Pages


Through a step-by-step format for entering into and developing cultural competence, Hogan's text helps students acquire the skills necessary to become culturally competent practitioners. Drawing strongly on the author's cultural diversity work, the book emphasizes the fundamental premise that cultural competence is an ongoing and multilayered process involving personal, interpersonal, and organization-wide levels. The book's "four skills" approach addresses two key themes: the first two skills increase cultural awareness and understanding, while the third and fourth skills foster effective interpersonal techniques and organization change strategies. For this edition, Hogan includes recent research on ethnic identity and acculturation, as well as material on issues related to national culture and immigration. Within each chapter, Hogan combines both cognitive and experiential learning, thus ensuring that students have the knowledge and ability to apply the core concepts they are learning.

Mikel Hogan, California State University, Fullerton

Dr. Mikel Hogan is Professor of Anthropology and Human Services at California State University, Fullerton. She also served as the chair of the Human Services Department from 1997 to 2004. Dr. Hogan, an applied cultural anthropologist, has taught courses on organizational, medical, educational, and psychological anthropology, as well as a variety of human services courses, including Introduction to Human Services, Crisis Intervention, Cultural Diversity, and Fieldwork Practice. Along with teaching, Dr. Hogan's professional work specializes in organization anthropology in the fields of business, education, government, health, and human services. Her scholarly work is considerable. She has published extensively on her cultural competence training model, effective teaching strategies, and the cultures and cultural change in the United States.
  • NEW Chapter 1 offers an updated definition of cultural diversity competence; a section emphasizing practice principles useful for the helping professions, and how those principles are aligned to CACREP, EPAS, and CSHSE accreditation standards. It also offers an expanded section on the "Interactive Learning Model, which includes results of new research on "transformational learning" for enhancing the learning process to optimize retention of cultural understanding and skills, as well as a conclusion from health professions diversity programs that says an overarching approach is needed for better results.
  • NEW Chapter 2 offers added discussion on a wealth of current research and writing on such topics as "white privilege"; multiracial/ethnic identity, acculturation, and its relation to the levels of culture; and culture change in U.S. mainstream culture. Hogan has also added discussion and examples of hegemony and a case study illustrating organization culture.
  • NEW Chapter 3 includes new case examples from training files, as well as new references regarding U.S. national culture, gender issues, and immigration developments in relation to diversity.
  • NEW In Chapter 4, Hogan has expanded the discussion of the "Dialogue Process" and its three uses (to obtain Emic information, conflict recovery, and culturally centered problem-solving), and has also added new case examples to illustrate the "Problem Solving Process."
  • NEW Hogan has expanded Chapter 5's section on "Designing and Implementing Organizational-Cultural Competence" to feature an "An Action Plan," and explains its usefulness for identifying organizational and institutional diversity issues and problem-solving strategies. By placing the action plan in a specific context in the helping professions (a foster care network of agencies), the reader will clearly understand the usefulness of the action plan process and the importance of the four cultural skills of which it is comprised.
  • With this text, students will learn to identify and understand culture as it operates on different social levels, as well as the barriers to effective communication and positive relationships.
  • Hogan helps students understand and practice personal cultural competencies and presents dialogue and conflict-recovery skills for obtaining accurate and relevant information.
  • Each chapter provides worksheets and discussion sheets designed to demonstrate the information presented on the four skills. The worksheets cover such topics as personal culture, verbal and nonverbal barriers to effective communication and relationships, using dialogue in case analysis, writing a case example, and devising action plans for organization-wide cultural competence.
  • A diverse selection of case examples illustrates key concepts.
1. Introduction: Cultural Diversity Competence: A Proactive Response to Change and Cultural Complexity.
2. Skill One: Understanding Culture as Multilevel.
3. Skill Two: Understanding the Six Barriers.
4. Skill Three: Practicing Culturally Centered Communication Skills.
5. Skill Four: Designing and Implementing Organizational-Cultural Competence.

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Online Test Bank

ISBN: 9781133352631
Available online, the Test Bank includes study and exam questions for each chapter of the text.

Online Instructor's Manual

ISBN: 9781133353300
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