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The Administrative Professional: Technology & Procedures 15th Edition

Dianne S. Rankin | Kellie A. Shumack, Ph.D.

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  • ISBN-13: 9781305581203
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THE ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONAL: TECHNOLOGY AND PROCEDURES focuses on preparing students for employment in today's increasingly dynamic, digital, and global environment. The authors help students to understand employers' expectations, build confidence, and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become strong, competent employees and leaders. The fifteenth edition features updated content, an appealing design, and an abundance of practical applications. Also available: the MindTap® online learning solution.

Dianne S. Rankin,

Dianne S. Rankin is an author, a consulting editor, and a developer of instructional materials for textbooks, websites, and ancillaries as well as educational publishers. Dianne has taught at the high school and community college levels and continues to teach computer classes for businesses and organizations. In addition, she has firsthand experience as an administrative assistant.

Kellie A. Shumack, Ph.D., Auburn University, Montgomery

Kellie A. Shumack is an associate professor of instructional technology and a department head in the College of Education at Auburn Montgomery. She has worked as an administrative assistant and has taught at the secondary, community college, and university levels. Kellie has designed numerous college courses in both the online and face-to-face environments. She has authored multiple peer-reviewed journal articles, two textbooks, and several book chapters, and she has presented at over 40 professional conferences. Kellie was awarded the 2012 Auburn Montgomery College of Education Excellence in Teaching Award, received the 2010 Delta Pi Epsilon Outstanding Doctoral Research Award, and maintains a certificate to teach online courses at the postsecondary level.

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  • The instructor resources feature suggestions for teaching in online, hybrid, and web-facilitated environments, including effective instructional strategies for each environment and recommended online resources and software.
  • Boxed features in each chapter bring the content to life and emphasize real-world applications. For example, "Dear Savvy Admin" columns answer questions about soft skills in the workplace using an engaging "Dear Abby" format.
  • A variety of "@ Work" features offer tips and information on essential topics such as communication skills, effective written communication, people encountered on the job, and technology (including issues such as security updates, worms, firewalls, blogs, and web searches). "Workplace Wisdom" boxes offer practical advice on communication, ethics, decision making, and other topics.
  • The authors have included numerous activities and features to encourage engagement with chapter material and reinforce learning. Each chapter concludes with a summary of main points to help students review effectively and assess their learning, and discussion questions are provided to foster classroom interaction. For engagement on a deeper level, critical-thinking cases present challenging situations that may arise in the workplace and invite students to apply their knowledge and skills to explore possible courses of action and determine a workable solution to the problem.
  • End-of-chapter activities are correlated to learning objectives and 21st Century Skills such as learning and innovation, media and technology, and life and career. Specific activities focus on building workplace skills (solving problems, making ethical decisions, and improving soft skills), communicating clearly (in speech, writing, and presentations), developing effective relationships, and using technology (including common software such as Microsoft® Office). The "Above & Beyond" activity allows students to expand their skills and explore additional topics and exercises related to the chapter.

The Administrative Professional: Technology & Procedures, Spiral Bound Version


1. Entering the Workforce.
2. Becoming a Professional.
3. Managing and Organizing Yourself.
4. Working Ethically.
5. Understanding the Workplace Team.
6. Developing Customer Focus.
7. Improving Communication Skills.
8. Communicating with Technology.
9. Developing Presentation Skills.
10. Planning Meetings and Events.
11. Managing Physical Records.
12. Managing Electronic Records and Mail.
13. Coordinating Business Travel.
14. Understanding Financial Documents.
15. Seeking Employment.
16. Leading with Confidence.
Reference Guide.

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