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Teaching for Student Learning: Becoming a Master Teacher 2nd Edition

Kevin Ryan, James M. Cooper, Susan Tauer

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2008
  • 384 Pages


To accommodate the evolution of teacher education programs, this text was developed for two groups: 1) those serving as interns or student teachers as they complete traditional teacher education programs and 2) new in-service teachers who are part of an alternative certification program. The book's team of experienced educators and authors offers a set of practical tools, skills, and advice that teachers can put into immediate use in the field. The authors also aim to promote a high level of engagement and interaction with the program. TEACHING FOR STUDENT LEARNING retains the reader-friendly style and convenient format of the best-selling Ryan and Cooper texts. Its three-hole punched and perforated pages--along with its 25 brief, to-the-point chapters (modules)--make it easy for busy teachers to quickly find, understand, and use key information related to their most pressing needs. Accompanying TeachSource Video Cases, available in the Education Media Library, are directly tied to the text and allow students to see text concepts brought to life in real classrooms.

Kevin Ryan, Boston University

Kevin Ryan, Ph.D., Stanford University, is Professor Emeritus of Education at Boston University School of Education. He is also the founding director of the Center for Character and Social Responsibility. A former high school English teacher, Dr. Ryan was a tenured faculty member at the University of Chicago and the Ohio State University before moving to Boston University. In 1970 Ryan was granted an Alfred North Whitehead Fellowship at Harvard University. Since then he received the Boston University Scholar-Teacher Award, the National Award of Distinction by the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, and the Paideia Society's Award for Educational Excellence. Ryan has written and edited 22 books and over 100 articles on teacher and character education. He is also the author of TEACHING FOR STUDENT LEARNING: BECOMING A MASTER TEACHER (with James M. Cooper, ©2012, Cengage); THOSE WHO CAN, TEACH, 14th Edition (with James M. Cooper and Cheryl Bolick, ©2016, Cengage); and the editor of KALEIDOSCOPE: CONTEMPORARY AND CLASSIC READINGS IN EDUCATION, 13th Edition (with James Cooper, © 2012, Cengage).

James M. Cooper, University of Virginia, Emeritus

James M. Cooper is Professor Emeritus from the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia, where he served as Commonwealth Professor of Education (1984-2004) and Dean of the School (1984-1994). As Dean of the Curry School of Education, he led the initiative to restructure the teacher education program, moving to an innovative five-year program that integrates the study of arts and sciences, professional education, and field experiences. In addition, he has authored, co-authored, or edited over 60 book chapters, journal articles, monographs, and books, including TEACHING FOR STUDENT LEARNING: BECOMING A MASTER TEACHER (with Kevin Ryan, © 2012, Cengage); THOSE WHO CAN, TEACH, 14th Edition (with Kevin Ryan and Cheryl Bolick, © 2016, Cengage); KALEIDOSCOPE: CONTEMPORARY AND CLASSIC READINGS IN EDUCATION, 13th Edition (with Kevin Ryan, © 2012, Cengage), and CLASSROOM TEACHING SKILLS (©2014, Cengage), for which he served as editor and one of the authors. He is also series editor of the Educator's Guide series (Cengage). His books and articles address the areas of teacher education, supervision of teachers, case studies in teacher education, and technology and teacher education. Cooper has also received many honors, including a Fulbright-Hays Award for Lecturing in Portugal and recognition as one of the nation's Distinguished Teacher Educators from the Association of Teacher Educators.

Susan Tauer, Framingham State College

Susan Tauer began her teaching career in the Peace Corps as an English-as-a-Foreign-Language (EFL) teacher in Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa. She taught in the Ivorian schools for five years and was a teacher-trainer for EFL teachers for two years. She then joined the faculty of the International Community School of Abidjan, where she taught a multi-grade sheltered English class and self-contained elementary class for eight years. Upon her return to the United States in 1991, Dr. Tauer began teaching at the college level, working with pre-service teachers. She has taught undergraduate courses in foundations of education, elementary math and science methods, and graduate courses in philosophy of education, teacher supervision, and research methods. Dr. Tauer received her bachelor's degree from Colby College, and her masters’ degree and doctorate from Boston University.
  • At the start of every chapter (module), the authors have listed the newest InTASC Standards that are related to content within the module. This addition allows readers to clearly see where and how these national standards are linked to what it takes to become an effective teacher.
  • To close each module, the "Standards in Action" critical-thinking exercises include a new question based on one of the InTASC standards covered in the module--reinforcing students' understanding of the standard and its relevance.
  • Coverage of diversity has been expanded to include greater emphasis on English Language Learners (ELLs) and the programs that serve these students to accurately reflect the richness and challenges that prospective and new teachers will face in their classrooms.
  • Discussion of how students learn has been enriched with the latest research and theories. These developments will enable teachers to more effectively reach, and therefore teach, their students.
  • The sections on teacher evaluation and assessment have been updated, especially in light of the federal "Race to the Top" initiative. These developments will affect all teachers as they move through their careers.
  • Real-world classroom scenarios open each module, bringing to life some of the issues that will be discussed in the module.
  • Each module begins with a Preview and a bulleted list of key topics to be addressed.
  • Key Terms are presented in bold face in the margins, with definitions provided both in the margins and in the Glossary at the end of the book.
  • "Now You Do It" features present questions or suggestions that prompt students to apply their knowledge or engage in critical thinking.
  • "In Your Classroom" boxes provide practical ideas and application tips for use in classrooms.
  • Let's Sum Up reviews the major points of the module and closes with reassuring words of advice.
  • Further Resources direct students to additional readings and websites for further exploration of module topics.
  • The flexible content coverage and format offer easy access to key information and allow for customizing of sequence and materials.
  • The book's focus on the essential tasks of teaching enables soon-to-be or early career teachers to address their current problems and concerns and to develop competence in a variety of crucial classroom tasks. Topics such as instruction, assessment, and classroom control are presented with a get-the-job-done approach, while useful tips and activities promote the problem-solving skills that a new teacher needs.
  • Clear connection to national standards, including The No Child Left Behind Act and the Standards for Beginning Teacher Licensing and Development issued by InTASC, is integrated throughout the program. A convenient InTASC correlation chart appears in the endpapers.
  • TeachSource Video Cases--introduced in the text and available for viewing online at the Education Media Library--help prospective or new teachers better understand the realities of schools, classrooms, and students. Each video case is four to six minutes long and contains reflection questions, bonus videos, classroom artifacts, teacher interviews, and key terms--enhancing the viewing experience and helping students relate key topics in the book to their own practice as teachers.
1. Reflective Teaching for Student Learning.
2. Understanding Student Differences.
3. Teaching Culturally Diverse Learners.
4. Teaching Students with Disabilities.
5. Teaching Academically Diverse Learners.
6. Key Principles of Learning.
7. School Culture.
8. Establishing the Classroom Environment.
9. Maintaining the Classroom Environment.
10. Planning What to Teach.
11. Planning Lessons.
12. How to Teach.
13. Communication in the Classroom.
14. Teaching and Technology.
15. Assessment for Learning.
16. Tools for Assessment.
17. Working with Your Students' Families.
18. Working with Colleagues.
19. School Governance and Funding.
20. Professional Performance Assessment.
21. The Ethics of Teaching.
22. Educational Law.
23. Hiring, Firing, and Educational Law.
24. The First Year.
25. Professionalism in Teaching.

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