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The author created this unique resource text realizing that students needed one place to record their ideas, thoughts, and best practices from their observation and student teaching experiences. The beginning of the text contains chapters that teach students who and what to observe for each chapter. The next section gives students step-by-step instructions on how to reflect on their recorded observations. The last section is an actual journal that gives students additional space to record their thoughts and ideas. Later, when students have their own classrooms to manage they will be able to refer back to this journal and incorporate their previous experiences into their lesson plans and activities.

Judy Herr, University of Wisconsin, Stout, Wisconsin

Judy Herr, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus of Early Childhood Education at the University of Wisconsin–Stout. Dr. Herr is a member of numerous early childhood organizations such as NAEYC, and has held leadership positions in these organizations. She is also a frequent lecturer at early childhood conferences and seminars and has published many articles and books on early childhood topics.
  • Over 150 teacher-made materials covering nine curriculum areas.
  • Each material has a Teaching/Learning Strategies section that suggest ways for introducing and using the materials
  • Additional suggestions are offered to vary and extend the activity
  • A list of supplies to save, information on caring for and storing materials, and criteria for evaluating teacher made materials are included.
Section Organization.
Material Organization.
Bead, Necklace Chart, Bubble Print Chart, Bubble Recipe Chart, Chunk Crayons, Clown Makeup, Chart, Crayon and Marker Bundles Chart, Crayon Identification Match, Fingerpainting in a Bag, Goop Recipe Chart, Silly Clay, Snowflake Chart, Squeeze Bottle Art Chart. Classroom Environment: Birthday Cakes, Birthday Packages, Birthday Train, Book Return Box, Clock Decorations, Labels for Classroom Areas or Centers, Lost and Found Box, Number of Children in Center Areas, Schedule Chart: Afternoon, Schedule Chart: Morning, Twinkle, Twinkle Traffic Light Chart,
Can Puppets, Dramatic , Play Menus, Dramatic Play Sign – Apple Stand, Dramatic Play Sign – Campground, Dramatic Play Sign – Class Store, Dramatic Play Sign – Hospital, Dramatic Play Sign – Paint Store, Duck Stick Puppets, Egg Carton Puppets, Goldilocks and the Three Bears Props, Halloween Wooden Spoon Puppets, Hamburger Box Puppets, Household Puppets, Nylon Mask Puppets, Paper Plate Meals, Paper Plate Puppets, Potholder Puppets, Table Place Settings, Tablecloth Road Map, Traffic Light,
Bean Bag Hoop Toss , Bean Bag Toss, Dinosaur Footprints Game Board, Dog and Bones Folder Game, Farmer in the Dell Game Pieces, Goblin in the Dark Game Pieces, Halloween and Ghost Folder Game, Heart Bingo Game, Sticker Dominoes, Sticker Lotto Game, Sticker Tracing Mazes, Summer Fun Lacing Cards, Transportation Tracing Cards, Umbrella Game Board, Valentine Puzzles, Wallpaper Puzzles, Watermelon Game, Zoo Lotto Game,
Alphabet Letter Cards, Alphabet Match, Alphabet Soup Match, Chubby Little Snowman, Clothespin Letters and Words, Cookie Sheet Magnet Board, Feely Boxes, Find the Colors Chart, Humpty Dumpty Chart, Marker Maze Cards, Object-Word Puzzles, Picture Frame, Felt Board, Rainbow Chain Chart, Sand Paper Letter Match, Sound Drum, Television Tray, Chalkboard/Magnet Board, Valentine Words, Zipper Seal Bag Books,
American Flag Math, Baseball and Glove Match, Clock Chart, Coin Sorting Chart, Colored Cupcakes, Egg Count, Five Green Speckled Frogs Chart and Props, Height and Weight Chart, How Many?, Ice Cream Cone Match, Jigsaw Puzzles, Make Shapes Book, Mitten Number Sets, Monster Math Box, Number Cans, Number Caterpillar Puzzle, Number Line Calendar, Numeral Tracing Cards, Pot of Gold Count, Sticker Number Cards,
Apple Tree Song Chart, Bubble Song Chart, Cookie Jar Chart, Eensie Weensie Spider Prop, Finding Colors Song Chart, Little Petals Song Chart, Penguin Song Chart, Popcorn Song Chart, Pumpkin Poem Chart, Three Brown Mice Flannel Board Song, Two Little Apples Chart,
Absorption Chart, Circle Glider Chart, Favorite Vegetable Chart, Fruit Drink Taste Test Chart, Fruits and Vegetables Sorting Chart, Hand Washing Chart, Listening Cards, Magic Mirror Pictures, Match the Blocks Chart, Movement Jars, Ocean Creatures Lacing Cards, Recipe Chart: Banana Bobs, Recipe Chart: Dog Biscuits, Recipe Chart: Gingerbread Boy, Recipe Chart: Macaroni and Cheese, Recipe Chart: Pudding, Sensory Shakers, Sequencing Cards, Shades of Colors Chart, Sink or Float Chart, Smelly Socks, Soda Bottle Terrarium, Texture Cards, Toothpaste, Wave Jar, Weather Chart, What’s Wrong With the Pictures?, Worm Farm,
Birthday Chart, Birthday Crowns, Favorite Color Chart, Feelings Chart, Good Deed Box, Good Deed Bucket, How Did You Get to School Today Chart, “I Can” Chart, Make a Halloween Card, Make a Valentine, My Family Frame, Pond Attendance Chart, Stop, Drop, and Roll Chart.