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Supervision: Concepts and Practices of Management 13th Edition

Edwin C. Leonard | Kelly A. Trusty

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A blend of traditional management concepts and emerging insights, SUPERVISION: CONCEPTS AND PRACTICES OF MANAGEMENT draws from the authors' business experience to deliver the leadership skills hiring managers want but rarely find in new recruits. The thirteenth edition addresses critical challenges in business today, including globalization, economic turbulence, transitional and temporary workers, virtual employees, technology, outsourcing, and downsizing. Chapter readings are complemented with skill-building techniques and video cases, which let students experience supervisory roles. Attention to diversity and ethics enhances coverage of communication, decision making, conflict resolution, and other essential supervisory skills.

Edwin C. Leonard, Indiana University

Dr. Leonard is Professor Emeritus of Marketing and Management at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (I.P.F.W.). During his forty-year tenure, he held various faculty and administrative positions, including Chair of the Management and Marketing Department. Currently part of the Core Leadership Faculty, Master of Science in Leadership at Trine University, he develops and teaches courses in organizational behavior, leadership, human resources, industrial relations, and strategic management. Dr. Leonard also delivered full-service consulting for thirty years, and conducted seminars for thousands of executives. Well published, his research on employee involvement and motivation, organizational culture, climate and leadership, human resource interventions, and case development has appeared in various journals, earned numerous awards, and contributed to five textbooks. Dr. Leonard received his Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate Degrees from Purdue University.

Kelly A. Trusty, Western Michigan University School of Public Affairs and Administration

Dr. Trusty received her bachelor's degree from Purdue University, her master's degree from Ball State University, and her doctorate degree from the Western Michigan University School of Public Affairs and Administration. Dr. Trusty began her career as an elementary school teacher; she later moved into the nonprofit sector, operated a nonprofit business, and after 20 years made the natural transition to the world of higher education. She has received numerous awards and recently returned to her alma mater, Western Michigan University, to teach in the School of Public Affairs and Administration. Trusty's enthusiasm, technological expertise and life-long journey of proving what it takes to be successful in a supervisory role make her real-world experiences resonate with students.

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  • Chapter-Opening Cases: These popular vignettes of real business challenges immediately draw students into current supervisory issues, encouraging them to delve deeper into chapter material to solve problem situations. Most (more than 50%) of these Opening Cases have been completely revised.
  • Efficient Course Preparation System: A hallmark strength of SUPERVISION: CONCEPTS AND PRACTICES OF MANAGEMENT, 13E, the integrated learning system organizes the text and supplements around central learning objectives to streamline course preparation and guide students to the right areas of study.
  • Critical-Thinking Applications: Proven applications in each chapter require students to assess, analyze, and develop supervisory strategies--and develop unexpected yet efficient solutions.
  • Memorable Supervisory Tips: Drawn from the authors' extensive firsthand experience, these suggestions highlight some of the most important skills in supervisory management today, providing students with practical skills they can use immediately and in their future careers.

Supervision: Concepts and Practices of Management


1. The Supervisory Challenge.
2. The Management Functions.
3. Supervisory Planning.
4. Supervising a Diverse Workforce.
Critical Incidents Part I.
5. Leadership and Followership.
6. Communicating in a Noisy World.
7. Principles of Motivating Followers.
8. Solving Problems, Making Decisions and Managing Change.
Critical Incidents Part II.
9. The Principles of Organizing.
10. Empowering Employees for Success.
11. Building Effective Teams.
12. Performance Management.
Critical Incidents Part III.
13. Fundamentals of Controlling.
14. Resolving Conflicts.
15. Positive Discipline.
Critical Incidents Part IV.

Cengage provides a range of supplements that are updated in coordination with the main title selection. For more information about these supplements, contact your Learning Consultant.


Companion Website

ISBN: 9781285869513
When you adopt SUPERVISION: CONCEPTS AND PRACTICES OF MANAGEMENT, 13E, students get access to a variety of online learning and study tools, including key-term study aids and essential materials for online reference. You also receive access to the Instructor's Manual, Test Bank, PowerPoint® slides, and additional cases.


ISBN: 9781305113688
New video clips! The video package for SUPERVISION: CONCEPTS AND PRACTICES OF MANAGEMENT, 13E contains 15 video clips--one per chapter--varying in length from five to nine minutes each. These videos bring all of the theoretical supervisory management concepts to life by showing how real supervisors grapple with actual management situations. Featuring an impressive selection of forward-thinking, ethically based companies, these new videos offer real-world business acumen and valuable learning experiences from an array of businesses. (Note: Because videos are still being selected, we cannot list specific company names at this time.)

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