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Strategic Marketing Communications: A Systems Approach to IMC is a textbook written for advanced students (both undergraduate and graduate students) majoring in marketing, marketing communications, and advertising. This book helps students understand the art and science of strategic decisions in marketing communications by showing students how to make strategic marketing communications decisions using a systems approach. The system approach guides decision-making in a hierarchy: corporate, marketing, and marketing communications. Within each hierarchical level the decision-maker selects a strategy that is implemented by setting measurable objectives, developing tactics, and allocating resources. These decisions, in turn are managed by two processes: analysis/planning and monitoring/control. In this text, authors Joe Sirgy and Don Rahtz address societal issues and provide great detail about the various elements of the marketing communications mix, including advertising, sales promotion, reseller support, public relations, direct marketing, and word-of-mouth communications. Students are also provided with reader-friendly case studies, web exercises, and illustrations to bring many of the technical concepts to life.

M. Joseph Sirgy,

M. Joseph Sirgy is a social/industrial psychologist (Ph.D., U/Massachusetts, 1979), Professor of Marketing, and Virginia Real Estate Research Fellow at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). He has published extensively in the area of quality-of-life research and has been invited frequently by academic institutions and conferences as a distinguished scholar to speak on quality-of-life issues in relation to business, philosophy, measurement, and public policy. He has published extensively in social/behavioral science, managerial, and systems related journals on quality-of-life related issues. Examples include Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, European Journal of Marketing. His research focus is on developing and/or refining theoretical models in quality-of-life studies as related to business ethics, strategic marketing, macromarketing, and international marketing. He co-organized at least seven conferences related to quality of life as well as edited several conference proceedings related to quality of life and authored several monographs including: Quality of Life Studies and Social Indicators Research: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Works 1984-98 (Blacksburg, VA: ISQOLS, 1998) and Classic Works, Literature Reviews, and Other Important References in QOL Research (Blacksburg, VA: ISQOLS, 1998). He presently serves as an editor of the Quality-of-Life/Marketing section of the Journal of Macromarketing. In a recent survey of scholarly productivity in business ethics, he was ranked as 82nd among 2,371 business ethics scholars world-wide.

Don Rahtz, College of William and Mary

Chapter 1 The World of Integrated Marketing Communications
Chapter 2 Macro and Societal Issues in Marketing Communications
Chapter 3 Building the Foundation of Strategic Marketing Communications
Chapter 4 A Systems Model for Integrated Marketing Communications

PART II The Marketing Communications Portfolio
Chapter 5 SMC Portfolio Element: Advertising
Chapter 6 The Buzz: Public Relations, Word of Mouth, and More
Chapter 7 Direct and Interactive Marketing
Chapter 8 Personal Selling, Sales Promotions, and other Reseller support

PART III Strategy Development: A Hierarchical Perspective
Chapter 9 Corporate Level Analysis and Planning: Developing the System�s Guiding Strategies and Tactics
Chapter 10 The Marketing Level: Developing the System�s Marketing Strategies and Tactics
Chapter 11 The Marketing Communications Level: Developing the System�s Marketing Communications Strategies and Tactics

PART IV Building Executing, and Assessing Your IMC Plan
Chapter 12 Setting Objectives and Assessing Performance: Setting Goals and Measuring Performance of the SMC System
Chapter 13 Analysis Guiding Objective Setting: Linking Strategies and Tactics to Objectives and Performance Measures
Chapter 14 Strategic Allocation of Resources: Budgeting in the SMC System
Chapter 15 Take Aways from the SMC Process: Lessons in Monitoring, Control, and Integration