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Strategic Human Resource Management 4th Edition

Jeffrey A. Mello

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2011, 2006, 2002
  • 696 Pages


STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 4E offers a truly innovative, integrative framework that examines the traditional functional HR areas from a strategic perspective. This text is organized into two sections. The first section, Chapters 1-7, examines the context of strategic HR and develops a framework and conceptual model for the practice of strategic HR. The second section, Chapters 8-14, examines the actual practice and implementation of strategic HR through a discussion of strategic issues that need to be addressed while developing specific programs and policies related to the traditional functional areas of HR. Both the integrative framework that requires linkage between and consistency among these functional HR activities and the approach toward writing about these traditional functional areas from a strategic perspective distinguish the text from what is currently on the market.

Jeffrey A. Mello, Siena College

Jeffrey A. Mello is Dean of the School of Business and Professor of Business Law and Management at Siena College. He previously held faculty and administrative positions at Barry University, Towson University, the George Washington University, the University of California at Berkeley, Golden Date University and Northeastern University, from where he received his Ph.D. He has been a recipient of the David L. Bradford Outstanding Educator Award, presented by the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, and has received international, national, and institutional awards for his research, teaching, and service. He has authored five books and published more than one hundred book chapters, journal articles, and conference papers in journals such as the JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS, BUSINESS HORIZONS, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION, BUSINESS & SOCIETY REVIEW, JOURNAL OF EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION LAW, SETON HALL LEGISLATIVE JOURNAL, JOURNAL OF INDIVIDUAL EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS, PUBLIC PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT, EMPLOYEE RESPONSIBILITIES AND RIGHTS JOURNAL, LABOR LAW JOURNAL, JOURNAL OF LAW AND BUSINESS, and the JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT EDUCATION. He has served as an editor for the JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT EDUCATION. JOURNAL OF LEGAL STUDIES EDUCATION and EMPLOYEE RESPONSIBILITIES AND RIGHTS JOURNAL as well as on numerous editorial boards. He is a member of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business, Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, Society for Human Resource Management, and Academy of Management.
  • NEW END OF CHAPTER READINGS: Nearly 50 percent of the end-of chapter readings are new to this edition. The readings that have been retained are those which have become "classics" and are presented alongside those which represent the latest in thinking and practice in human resource management.
  • NEW EXAMPLES AND EXPLANATIONS: This edition contains numerous new original exhibits that explain chapter concepts, more than twenty new "in practice" vignettes that describe strategic HR practices in a wide variety of organizations, and over 100 new references.
  • NEW AND EXPANDED CONTENT: New and expanded discussions of competency models, CEO succession planning, sustainability, trust and engagement as components of job satisfaction, and alumni relations management. Additional expanded content includes the roles and uses of social networking and social media in strategic human resource management.
  • CURRENCY: Legal and legislative updates with the latest court rulings on existing laws and coverage of the Dodd-Frank Act, Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, right-to-work legislation and same-sex marriage and their implications for human resource management.
  • SUPPORT MATERIALS: Online support materials include Instructor's Manual and PowerPoint Slides.
  • REAL-WORLD EXAMPLES AND REFERENCES: Integrated throughout the text and chapter introductions are frequent examples and references to current literature that put HR into a real-world context. End of chapter readings provide additional real-world examples.
  • READING LINKS: Within the body of the chapter, links alert readers to pertinent articles found later in the chapter which expand upon and provide additional examples of strategic issues discussed within the chapter.
  • STRATEGIC EMPHASIS: The author undertakes a comprehensive discussion of current issues, practices, and theories while maintaining a coherent and consistent emphasis on strategy. Every example provided highlights a strategic approach to the management of human resources.
  • INTEGRATED STRATEGIC APPROACH: This text is truly innovative in its perspective and will meet a high demand among faculty, students, and practitioners who have been looking for a truly strategic approach.
  • END-OF-CHAPTER QUESTIONS AND EXERCISES: Discussion questions, experiential exercises to aid in student learning, and some recommended critical thinking questions for each of the readings are found at the end of each chapter.
1. An Investment Perspective of Human Resources Management.
2. Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management.
3. Strategic Management.
4. The Evolving/Strategic Role of Human Resource Management.
5. Strategic Workforce Planning.
6. Design and Redesign of Work Systems.
7. Employment Law.
8. Staffing.
9. Training and Development.
10. Performance Management and Feedback.
11. Compensation.
12. Labor Relations.
13. Employee Separation and Retention Management.
14. Global Human Resource Management.

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  • ISBN-13: 9781305174177
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