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Sports and Entertainment Management 1st Edition

Ken Kaser, John Brooks

  • Published
  • 320 Pages


Sports and Entertainment Management serves as a one-semester course for marketing and business management students. Using topics in the sports and entertainment industries, the text and multimedia supplements cover the basic functions of management as outlined in national and state standards. Management topics discussed in the twelve chapters include leadership, finance, product management, people management, information management, legal and ethical issues, customer relations, sales management, managing change, and career development.

Ken Kaser, Clements High School, Sugarland TX

Ken Kaser taught business and marketing courses in Nebraska and Texas high schools for 30 years. He currently serves as the Director for the Event Management and Sales Certificate program at Conrad Hilton College at the University of Houston. Ken has authored or co-authored seven books; written national, state, and local curriculum; served in many professional leadership roles; and earned numerous teaching awards at the national, state, and regional levels.

John Brooks, Houston Baptist University

John R. "Rusty" Brooks, Jr. is Professor of Marketing and Area Coordinator for the Department of Marketing at Houston Baptist University. He holds the Prince-Chavanne Professorship in Christian Business Ethics. He holds four outstanding teaching awards and is a professional consultant who has served in numerous professional association capacities. Dr. Brooks is an active spokesperson for the DECA program in the Houston area high schools.
Chapter 1: What is Sports and Entertainment Management?
1.1: Management Basics.
1.2: Sports Management.
1.3: Entertainment Management.
Chapter 2: College and Amateur Sports
2.1: Managing College Athletics
2.2: Managing Amateur Sport
2.3: Economic Impact.
Chapter 3: Professional Sports.
3.1: Managing Big League Sports.
3.2: Organizing A Professional Team.
3.3: Agents, Managers, and Ethics.
Chapter 4: Sports and Entertainment Management.
4.1: Managing Local Events.
4.2: Managing College Events.
4.3: Managing Professional Sports.
4.4 Managing Other Events.
Chapter 5: Management Function.
5.1: Planning.
5.2: Organizing.
5.3: Implementing and Controlling.
Chapter 6: Decision Making 6.1: How Managers Make Decisions.
6.2: Group Decision Making.
6.3: Knowledge Management.
Chapter 7: Management Strategies.
7.1: The Building Blocks of Strategy.
7.2: The Process of Strategic Management.
7.3: Strategic Planning Tools.
Chapter 8: Organizing and Staffing.
8.1: Coordinating for Success.
8.2: Networking and Delegation.
8.3: Management Careers in Sports and Entertainment.
Chapter 9: Leaders in a Changing Environment.
9.1: Characteristics of Leaders.
9.2: How Do Leaders Motivate?
9.3: Agents of Change.
Chapter 10: Managing Groups and Teams.
10.1: Understanding Group Structures.
10.2: Building Successful Teams.
10.3: Designing a Team-Based Organization.
Chapter 11: Managing Operations.
11.1: Operations Management.
11.2: Control Through Evaluation.
Chapter 12: Managing With Information Technology.
12.1: Management Information Systems.
12.2: Implementing Strategies with an MIS.

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Instructor's Resource CD

ISBN: 9780538438339


ISBN: 9780538438346

Annotated Instructor's Edition

ISBN: 9780538438308