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Social Work Practice and People of Color: A Process Stage Approach 5th Edition

Doman Lum

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2000, 1996, 1992
  • 352 Pages


This text offers a practical and well-defined five-stage model of social work practice with culturally diverse communities. While the book specifically looks at practice with persons of color (African-American, Asian -American, Latino, and First Nations people), it is intended to be relevant for culturally and ethnically sensitive practice with any individual or population.

Doman Lum, Emeritus, California State University, Sacramento

Doman Lum is professor emeritus of social work at California State University, Sacramento. He was recently featured in CELEBRATING SOCIAL WORK: FACES AND VOICES OF FORMATIVE YEARS, a book commemorating social work and social work education. His previous texts include SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE AND PEOPLE OF COLOR: A PROCESS-STAGE APPROACH; MULTIDIMENSIONAL PRACTICE: DIVERSITY IN CONTEXT; CULTURAL COMPETENCE, PRACTICE STAGES AND CLIENT SYSTEMS: A CASE STUDY APPROACH; SOCIAL WORK AND HEALTH CARE POLICY; and RESPONDING TO SUICIDAL CRISIS. He has written articles on Asian Americans, health care delivery and health maintenance organizations, culturally diverse social work practice, suicide prevention, and pastoral counseling. Dr. Lum is a consulting editor for THE JOURNAL OF ETHNIC AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY IN SOCIAL WORK and ARETE, and has been on the board of directors and the Commission on Accreditation for the Council on Social Work Education. He received the Distinguished Recent Contributions in Social Work Education award from the Council on Social Work Education in 2000. He is an ordained minister of the United Church of Christ, Northern California Conference.
1. Culturally Diverse Social Work Practice.
2. People of Color.
3. Culturally Diverse Values.
4. Social Work Knowledge Theory.
5. A Framework for Social Work Practice with People of Color.
6. Contact.
7. Problem Identification.
8. Assessment.
9. Intervention.
10. Termination.
11. Epilogue.

"...continues to articulate and demonstrate what culturally competent professional practice is, and what is looks like when implemented. In respect to foundational material, the text continues to look at theoretical perspectives upon which major social work interventions are based. Lum’s work at reviewing such theoretical perspectives in respect to their application to culturally sensitive social work practice remains stellar...(E)stablish(es) a good deal of foundational material student(s) need for meaningful relationship-building with people of color, and more broadly, minority group member..."

"...This is a thorough, well-researched, organized and written book, that leaves no stone unturned in exploring social work theory and practice applications in social work with people of color. Additionally, it covers areas that are not well-covered in some other analogous texts (women of color, older people of color, multicultural gays and lesbians, impact of spirituality, etc.) The book really heightens consciousness and awareness of how diversity infiltrates every aspect of social work practice and needs to be considered at all times."