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Health, Safety, and Nutrition Activities A to Z 1st Edition

Joanne Matricardi, Jeanne McLarty

  • Published
  • 160 Pages
???label.coverImageAlt??? Health, Safety, and Nutrition Activities A to Z 1st Edition by Joanne Matricardi/Jeanne McLarty


Health, Safety, and Nutrition A to Z gives teachers and parents a detailed lesson plan format of open-ended, age- appropriate activities for young children ages one and up. The activities are easy-to- understand and follow for children and adults alike. Each section helps teachers and parents find health, safety, and nutrition activities to support a theme-based curriculum, to incorporate a letter of the week, or to provide a spur-of-the-moment filler idea. Many activity choices are given for each targeted alphabet letter. This child-centered text focuses on health, safety, and nutrition as a process rather than as a product, giving children an appreciation for learning and creating. The author makes certain that teachers, parents and children will enjoy the activities as they explore new learning processes.

Joanne Matricardi, Joanne Matricardi has a B.A. in Psych. and social work, an M.Ed. in ECE and an Ed.S.

Joanne Matricardi is an early childhood instructor and preschool director with a B.A. in psychology and social work, an M.Ed. in early childhood education and an Ed.S. in curriculum and instruction. She has 25 years¿ experience teaching young children. She has been recognized as 2000 Teacher of the Year at Maxwell High School and as part of Teachers as Leaders in 1999 in the Gwinnett County Public School System.

Jeanne McLarty,

Jeanne McLarty is a preschool teacher with 16 years of teaching experience and five years¿ experience as a preschool director. She is a member of numerous associations dedicated to childhood education, including the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).
  • Helpful hints give tried-and-true suggestions to make the art experience easier and more enjoyable
  • Supply list and family letter show that most items are inexpensive and easy to acquire, and that parent participation is encouraged
  • Theme-specific index makes it easy-to-find activities to accompany units
  • Lesson plan format provides detailed plans in an easy-to-read, organized format
  • The variety of choices within each alphabet letter helps a teacher complete a year's worth of art activities
  • The alphabetical organization of the activities encourages teachers and parents to reinforce targeted letters
  • Age appropriateness of the activities helps educators in planning based on the children's ages
Helpful Hints
Parent Letter
Section A
Air Quality (Science)
Apples, Apricots, and Artichokes (Math)
Avoid Accidents (Group Time)
Section B
Backseat Baby (Dramatic Play)
Banana – the Perfect Food (Group Time)
Blindness (Dramatic Play)
Blood Pressure (Dramatic play)
Section C
Class Cookbook (Parent Involvement and Art)
Cover Your Cough (Manipulatives)
Crossing the Street (Blocks)
Section D
Dental Bags (Group Time)
Diet Detection (Parent Involvement and Math)
Dogs Can Be Strangers Too (Group Time)
Section E
Emergency Exits (Group Time)
Exercise Video (Large Motor)
Extreme Eggs (Cooking)
Section F
Finger Prints (Manipulatives)
First Aid (Dramatic Play)
Floss Your Teeth (Art)
Food Match (Math)
Section G
Galloping Game (Large Motor)
Grand Grub (Cooking)
Growing Germs (Science)
Section H
Hair Care (Dramatic Play)
Heartbeat (Group Time)
Helmet Match( Math)
Hero Sandwich (Cooking)
Section I
Identification (Language Arts)
Immediate Care for Illness (Dramatic Play)
Indian Bread (Cooking)
Isometric Exercises (Large Motor)
Section J
Jeopardy (Language Arts)
Jogging (Outdoors)
Junk Food Jingle (Group Time)
Section K
Kettle of Kidney Beans and Kale (Cooking)
Knee Bends (Large Motor)
Knife Handling (Snack)
Section L
Laughter Limerick (Group Time)
Leap Frog (Outdoors)
Leeks (Cooking)
Life Jackets (Dramatic Play)
Section M
Massage (Group Time)
Measles (Pre-writing)
Melon Salad (Cooking)
Section N
Nine-One-One (Dramatic Play)
Noise Affects Health (Group Time)
Nutritious Nest (Cooking)
Section O
Oatmeal (Cooking)
Optometrist (Dramatic Play)
Oxygen (Science)
Section P
Pharmacist (Dramatic Play)
Protein (Math)
Pulse (Group Time)
Pyramid Puzzle (Manipulatives)
Section Q
Quarantine (Dramatic Play)
Quick Snacks (Cooking)
Section R
Raisins (Math)
Reading Road Signs (Language Arts)
Red Light, Green Light (Outdoors)
Rest and Relaxation (Group Time)
Section S
Sack Lunch (Manipulatives)
Seatbelt Safety (Science)
Stop, Drop, and Roll (Dramatic Play)
Sunscreen and Skin Care (Group Time)
Section T
Taste (Science)
Telephone Numbers (Math)
Time for Tea Testing (Science)
Section V
Vegetable Soup (Cooking)
Vitamin Store (Dramatic Play)
Vocal Cords (Group Time)
Section W
Washing Hands (Group Time)
Water Safety Dramatic Play)
Whole Wheat Muffins (Cooking)
Section X
X-Rays (Dramatic Play)
Section Y
Yellow Jacket Safety (Group Time)
Yoga (Large Motor)
Yogurt Tasting (Snack)
Section Z
Zinc Ointment (Science)
Zucchini (Cooking)
Curriculum Index*

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  • ISBN-10: 141804850X
  • ISBN-13: 9781418048501
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $35.50
  • RETAIL $46.95

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