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Designed for college singing or voice studio courses, SIMPLY SINGING provides up-to-date technical and scientific information, as well as insights into the real world of the stage performer. The book is divided into three parts -- "Technique" chapters that ground students in the basics of singing, "Performance" chapters that offer practical suggestions for applying these basics, and an extensive "Song Anthology." Each chapter ends with a list of "Helpful Hints" and exercises, enabling the student to immediately put into practice what they have just learned.

Hedley Nosworthy, El Camino College

Hedley Nosworthy is Professor of Music at El Camino College, Torrance, CA. He has been teaching Voice for 25 years. His own career included leading tenor Opera roles both in Europe and the United States, considerable Musical Theater, Oratorio, and Concert experience, and numerous recitals. His students are international competition winners, Grammy award winners, professional Opera, Concert, Broadway, and Jazz, Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Heavy Metal, and religious music singers. He spent almost six years studying with William Vennard on the Graduate and Post-Graduate levels at the University of Southern California.

Peter Summers,

Peter Summers earned both Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in English Literature from Cambridge University and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film from the University of California, Los Angeles. A published author and successful screenwriter, he has worked in post-production for many major Hollywood films including "Gladiator," "Saving Private Ryan," and "Star Wars Episode II."
1. Posture: The Foundation.
2. Inhalation: Filling the Bank Silently.
3. Exhalation: Producing Tone.
4. Resonance: Tonal Enrichment.
5. Registers: Consistency of Scale.
6. Vowels: From Speech to Song.
7. Consonants: Definers of Language.
8. Vocal Coordination: Simplifying Effort.
9. Voice Classification: Vocal Identity.
10. Stage Fright: Overcoming It.
11. The Song: Choosing a Song to Sing.
12. Interpretation: Artistic Analysis.
13. Characterization: Creating a New Reality.
14. Style: The Icing on the Cake.
15. Singing a Foreign Language: Tools to Use.
16. Vocal Health: Avoiding Abuse.
17. The Music Industry.
Canons/Ethnic/Folk Music.
Musical Theater/Pop.
Songs of Supplication.
Appendix A: Basic Musical Terms and Symbols.
Appendix B: International Phonetic Alphabet.
Appendix C: Foreign Language Song Text.
Appendix D: Alternative Song Repertoire.

The Helpful Hints sections of each chapter are gold. They’re a "how-to" summary of each chapter. The language is straightforward, logical and personable. The Helpful Hints are good, common – sense approaches that combine good pedagogy with personal experience.

The language is so immediately accessible. The authors take a personal tone. Instead of reading, it’s as though the authors are speaking directly.

Covers a wide range of useful material from how the voice works to how the business works; Inclusion of song literature is excellent

The general concept and philosophy encourages healthy and natural singing.

The inclusion of less traditional music in the anthology, particularly that of the far east; this part of the globe is continuing to produce a rapidly growing percentage of professional singers.

The book is very comprehensive in its approach. It tries to be as inclusive as it can be, and in the process, covers a tremendous amount of ground, and in some detail. As such, it will save a teacher a lot of time if the students study the book and integrate the knowledge contained therein.

Cengage provides a range of supplements that are updated in coordination with the main title selection. For more information about these supplements, contact your Learning Consultant.


eBank Instructor's Manual

ISBN: 9780534623364
Written by the text's primary author, the Instructor's Manual contains chapter analyses and lecture outlines, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, and essay questions with answer sheets, and two section exams usable as a Mid-Term and/or a Final. In addition, there is a Chapter Quiz included for each of the book's seventeen chapters. The Instructor's Manual includes 36 Foreign Diction Guides, as well as other assessments such as Performance Exam Evaluation Sheets, Concert Attendance, and Concert Reports and is available online in a password-protected environment.



ISBN: 9780534623371

2 CD-ROM Set

ISBN: 9780534623357