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This text provides an in-depth, scholarly examination of serial murderers and their victims. Supported by extensive data and research, the book profiles some of the most prominent murderers of our time, addressing the highest-profile serial killer type--the sexual predator--as well as a wide variety of other types (male, female, team, healthcare, and serial killers from outside the U.S.). Author Eric Hickey examines the lives of over 400 serial murderers, analyzing the cultural, historical, and religious factors that influence our myths and stereotypes of these individuals. He describes the biological, psychological, and sociological reasons for serial murder and discusses profiling and other law enforcement issues related to the apprehension and disposition of serial killers.

Eric W. Hickey, California State University, Fresno

Eric W. Hickey teaches criminal psychology at California State University, Fresno. Dr. Hickey has appeared on National Public Radio, Larry King Live, 20/20, Good Morning America, Court TV, A&E, and Discovery and Learning Channel documentaries to discuss his research on sexual predators, murderers, and serial killers. He also has served as a consultant to the UNABOMB Task Force and the American Prosecutors’ Research Institute, and testifies as an expert witness in both criminal and civil cases. He conducts seminars for agencies involving profiling and investigating sex crimes, arson, robbery, homicide, stalking, workplace violence, and terrorism.
  • The seventh edition has been updated throughout, including new content to reflect DSM-V as well as new material on myths about serial killers (Ch. 1), forensic nursing (Ch. 6), violent female youth (Ch. 9), research on forensic investigations (Ch. 12), and many other topics. There are also new cases and current demographic analysis of serial killers in the United States.
  • The book’s popular profiles of serial killers, as well as chapter-opening vignettes, attract students’ interest and prepare them for class discussions. New profile topics include “The Hosanna Church Cult,” a satanic cult in Louisiana (Ch. 2); “Stanton and His Cheerleader Fantasies,” about a high-school student with murder on his mind (Ch. 4); and “Megan Huntsman, Serial Baby Killer, 1996¬–2006” (Ch. 7). One of the new vignettes discusses Operation Caireen, which targeted participants in an online network-sharing child pornography ring (Ch. 5).
  • The text continues to provide a thorough analysis of the lives of male, female, and team serial killers through examination of individual cases, typology construction, and explanatory models. For instance, there’s new material on a Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R) study on male serial murderers (Ch. 3) as well as an updated box on Male Solo Serial Killers (Ch. 7).
  • The author has updated coverage of the victims and survivors of serial murder and its impact on communities, including new information on the FBI, the Office of Victim Assistance (OVA), the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases, and the Society of Forensic Interviewing.
  • Revised information on the various types of serial killers introduces students to the assorted patterns of killing. For example, Chapter 5 includes expanded coverage of paraphiliacs, while Chapter 6 includes a new boxed feature on “Code Blue Killers and the Mother Teresa Syndrome.”
  • Profiling the offenders as well as the offended, the author provides information on the victims and survivors of serial murder and its impact on communities.
  • Chapter learning objectives help students focus on important material as they read.
  • This edition includes expanded coverage of such high-profile issues as violent female youth, forensic nursing, school and workplace killings, crime scene and forensic analysis, the social construction of serial murder, serial murderers in prison, new techniques in investigation, and many others.
  • An in-depth, research-based account of serial murderers introduces students to the seriousness of the topic and debunks myths and stereotypes surrounding the perception of serial killers.
  • The text provides a thorough analysis of the lives of male, female, and team serial killers through examination of individual cases, typology construction, and explanatory models. It also offers insight into the various types of serial killers and the assorted patterns of killing.
1. Introduction.
2. Cultural Development of Monsters, Demons, and Evil.
3. Psychopathology and Biogenics of Serial Murderers.
4. Social Construction of Serial Murder.
5. Sexual Predators, Criminal Paraphilia, and Murder.
6. Healthcare Killers.
7. The Male Serial Murderer.
8. Team Killers.
9. The Female Serial Murderer.
10. Victims of Serial Murder.
11. Serial Murder: a Global Perspective.
12. Responding to Serial Murderers.

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