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Seeing Sociology: An Introduction 3rd Edition

Joan Ferrante

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  • STARTING AT $26.49

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Offering instructors complete flexibility, SEEING SOCIOLOGY: AN INTRODUCTION combines up-to-the-minute coverage with an easy-to-manage approach featuring brief, self-contained modules in each chapter that instructors can assign based on the needs of their class. The third edition includes such contemporary topics as globalization's connection to technology and gay rights, the anti-aging industry, and The Affordable Care Act. This engaging resource makes photos an integral part of the learning process, with new features that present a sociologist's insights on everyday images to show how sociological concepts can be applied to daily life. Also available: the MindTap® online learning solution.

Joan Ferrante, Northern Kentucky University

Joan Ferrante is a professor of sociology at Northern Kentucky University (NKU) as well as project director of the Campus Connect Student Philanthropy Project, which awards grants primarily to Kentucky and Ohio colleges and universities to support the integration of student philanthropy projects with academic coursework. In addition, Dr. Ferrante sponsors a Study Abroad Scholarship at NKU called “Beyond the Classroom.” Open to any student who has used her introductory text (new or used), the scholarship annually awards funds to five students to support their studies outside the United States. Respected among instructors and students alike, Dr. Ferrante also is the author of Sociology: A Global Perspective, 9th Edition and co-editor of The Social Construction of Race and Ethnicity in the United States. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati.

MindTap® is the digital learning solution that powers students from memorization to mastery. It gives you complete control of your course—to provide engaging content, to challenge every individual, and to build their confidence. Empower students to accelerate their progress with MindTap.

  • Photographs, charts, and other visuals take on unprecedented significance in SEEING SOCIOLOGY's instructional content and approach. Each image was chosen by Joan Ferrante or taken for this text with a clear pedagogical purpose. Photographs and accompanying captions are integrated into the flow of the text to illustrate key sociological concepts and enhance student understanding. The engaging new “What Do Sociologists See?” feature further enhances the book's visual emphasis, demonstrating how sociological concepts apply to the everyday world.
  • The chapter-ending “Putting It All Together” section synthesizes key information from the chapter's modules into a concise one-page summary that helps students understand how each module fits into the “big picture” concept of the chapter and how the modules relate to one another.
  • In the Third edition, the Applying Theory module within each chapter highlights a specific social force or issue and analyzes it from four theoretical perspectives in sociology: functionalism, conflict, symbolic interactionism, and feminism.
  • Offering ultimate flexibility in the course syllabus, SEEING SOCIOLOGY: AN INTRODUCTION, 3rd Edition offers a student- and instructor-friendly module format that breaks material into manageable, easy-to-assign pieces. Each of the text's 13 chapters is presented in five to eight stand-alone modules, enabling you to teach your course in a traditional order or reorganize topics to suit your individual classroom needs.
  • The uniquely integrated relationship between the text and the visuals elevates chapter topics beyond the sum of their parts to give students insight about how to describe and know their world using sociological concepts.

Seeing Sociology: An Introduction


Brief Contents.
1. The Sociological Perspective.
2. Culture.
3. Socialization.
4. Social Structures.
5. The Social Construction of Reality.
6. Deviance.
7. Social Inequalities.
8. Race and Ethnicity.
9. Gender and Sexualities.
10. Economics and Politics.
11. Families.
12. Education and Religion.
13. Social Change and the Pressing Issues of Our Times.

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Online Instructor's Manual

ISBN: 9781305094413
Available electronically via e-mail, this manual contains teaching and exercise tips, handouts, resources, and test questions for exams. The Instructor's Manual is also available electronically on the password-protected section of the Instructor Resource Website.

Online Test Bank

ISBN: 9781305094420
Organize your course and capture your students' attention with the resources found in the Test Bank, including multiple-choice, true/false, short-answer, and essay questions-most with answers and page references for each chapter of the text.

Online PowerPoint®

ISBN: 9781305388529
Helping you make your lectures more engaging while effectively reaching your visually oriented students, these handy Microsoft PowerPoint® slides outline the chapters of the main text in a classroom-ready presentation. The slides are updated to reflect the content and organization of the new edition of the text and feature some additional examples and real world cases for application and discussion.