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Science Stories: Science Methods for Elementary and Middle School Teachers 6th Edition

Janice Koch

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Standalone Digital Access — Ultimate Value

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SCIENCE STORIES helps preservice and inservice teachers contextualize what it looks like to engage their students in meaningful science experiences. Using narratives about science teaching and learning in real-world classrooms, Janice Koch demonstrates important content and strategies in action. Koch guides teachers in discovering and exploring their "scientific selves," enabling them to become scientific explorers. Featuring connections to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), the sixth edition empowers teachers to infuse science into their classrooms by offering material on key disciplinary core ideas such as life science, physical science, and earth and space science, as well as guidance on student assessment and self-assessment.

Janice Koch, Hofstra University

Janice Koch is Professor Emeritus of Science Education in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching at Hofstra University, Long Island, New York. She developed and taught science education courses to elementary, middle, and secondary pre-and in-service teachers. Additionally, she taught courses addressing: Introduction to Education, Action Research, Qualitative Research, and Gender Issues in the classroom. Dr. Koch shares her passion for teaching and learning through presentations as well as through her introduction to education text TEACH, 3rd Edition (2016, Cengage Learning). Her acclaimed textbook SCIENCE STORIES has been used by thousands of pre-service and in-service educators interested in creating meaningful science experiences for their students. She and her husband currently reside in Central Maryland, where she consults on education projects across the country and internationally and evaluates grant funded science education initiatives. She presented her work at Oxford University in 2014.

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  • SCIENCE STORIES addresses the theory and practice of science teaching through a clear and conversational voice that invites readers to (1) locate their own scientific selves and (2) engage their students in science and engineering practices that allow them to make sense of the natural world and apply that knowledge to other areas of thinking and learning.
  • No other science methods textbook offers this book's level of authentic illustration of how students learn science.
  • SCIENCE STORIES presents much of the book's theory and practical advice through its illustrations of students and teachers in grades K–8 actually doing science together. Connections to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are explored and thoroughly integrated throughout the text. The stories bring the standards to life. Explicit illustrations of teachers engaging students in engineering design illustrate the science and engineering practices of the NGSS.
  • Attention to environmental science stories and locally relevant science experiences (e.g., those concerning issues of conservation or sustainability) encourages young learners to think about the quality of their natural environment and the impact of human development on it.

Science Stories: Science Methods for Elementary and Middle School Teachers


1. Science Teaching and You: Locating Your Scientific Self.
2. Teachers and Students as Science Learners.
3. Engaging Students in Scientific and Engineering Practices.
4. Scientific Explorations Inside and Outside the Classroom.
5. Exploring Matter: Scientific Observations of Everyday Materials.
6. Plants and Animals and Extended Investigations.
7. Physical Science Explorations: Density and Its Implications.
8. Using Models and Engineering Design for Teaching and Learning Science.
9. Beyond the "Science Kit".
10. Content and Curriculum: Science Concepts and Your Scientific Self.
11. Surrounded by Science: Science Connections Across Disciplines.
12. Creating the Science Experience in Your Classroom: Planning and Letting Go.
13. What's the Big Idea? Matching Assessment to Instruction.
14. Pulling It All Together.

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