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School Counselors as Educational Leaders 1st Edition

Joyce A. DeVoss, Minnie F. Andrews

  • Published
  • 256 Pages


This text prepares school counselors-in-training to become effective educational leaders, advocates, and collaborators through exposure to current educational leadership and advocacy models. Relevant skill-building exercises encourage active involvement.

Joyce A. DeVoss, Northern Arizona University

Minnie F. Andrews, Northern Arizona University

  • Counseling and leadership theoretical foundations are integrated with practical principles and skills.
  • Exercises provide students with opportunities to reflect on their own leadership qualities, beliefs, and practices.
  • Students are encouraged to keep a journal of observations, key learning, and a list of student-generated topics for group discussions.
Note: Each chapter includes Chapter Objectives and concludes with a Chapter Summary, Review and Reflect, Relevant Websites, and References.
1. School Counselors in the Twenty-First Century
A "New-Vision" School Counselor Enters the Trenches
The School Counselor in Historical Perspective
The School Counselor of Today and Tomorrow
A New School Counselor Struggles with Team Playing While Advocating for the Profession
2. The Vision: The Nation Model
A School Counseling Program Under Construction
Elements of the ASCA National Model
Themes of the ASCA National Model
3. The Mandate for School Counselor Leadership
A School Counselor Called to Lead
Meeting Performance Standards
Facing Challenging Social Issues
The Waterfall Story
Transforming School Counseling
School Counselors Use Their Collective Voice
4. Leadership Theory for School Counselors
Addressing Diversity Issues--A Leadership Challenge
Stepping Up to the Plate
Leadership Expectations of School Counselors
Leadership Theories and Models
An Integrated School Counseling Leadership Model
5. Leadership Style Exploration
Reflections of a Counselor Leader
From Leadership Theory to Leadership Style
The Style Approach to School Counselor Leadership
6. Leadership Assessment
An Exploration of a Leader's Potential
Elements of Self-Assessment
The Leadership Practices Inventory
7. A Leadership Improvement Plan
The Experienced Counselor Leader
Developing a Leadership Improvement Plan
Anticipated Outcomes
8. Leadership Challenges Ahead
A Quest to Promote the School Counseling Vision
Key Professional Challenges: Current and Future
Systemic Challenges for School Counseling Leaders
9. The School Counselor Advocate
A Family Led to Community Connections
What Is Advocacy and Who Can Be an Advocate?
Advocating for Legislative Action
10. Leadership in Collaboration and Consultation
A Demonstration of the Power of Collaboration
What Collaboration Is and Why It Is Necessary
Principles of Effective Teaming, Collaboration, and Consultation
A Collaborative Model in Practice
Preparing to Develop a Collaborative Team
11. Leadership, Accountability, and Data
A Counselor's Spotlight on Opportunity
Data-Driven School Counseling Programs
Leadership: Rocking the Boat with Data
12. Next Step: Walking the Walk of Leadership
The Wisdom of the ASCA Standards and National Model
The Mission of School Counselors and the National Model
School Counselor Leaders as Effective Communicators
Program Development