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GETTING A JOB: PROCESS KIT, Sixth Edition, a step-by-step guide to help students find and get the job they want, is now better than ever! This up-to-date, hands-on simulation shows students how to identify and match personal skills with job interests, prepare a resume and keep it updated, and research jobs and companies using the Internet and other sources. The simulation begins with a fun and helpful self-assessment, which students then use to research and explore suitable career options. For additional support, the kit reviews the employment process, provides worksheets and advice to boost students’ confidence when pursuing employment, and outlines a graceful way to leave a job. An updated RESUME GENERATOR CD, included with each simulation, helps students easily prepare personalized, professional resumes and other employment documents, which they can organize and store in a provided resume cover and employment portfolio. Students can also use the CD to create a personal profile for the job search or review numerous sample employment documents, including resumes and cover letters with correct content and formatting. In addition, the CD includes helpful tips on how to develop a winning resume, what type of cover letter to use and when, action words that sell, and other employment documents to help ease the job search process.

Robert H. Zedlitz, Irving High School, Fremont, CA

With over 40 years of instructional experience in business, work, and career education, Robert H. Zedlitz understands what is required for students to gain employment. His experience as a teacher, department chair, and district coordinator in career and work experience education in Fremont, California, gives him firsthand knowledge of the practical applications of GETTING A JOB: PROCESS KIT. His experience includes service on the Fremont Unified School System District Curriculum Committee and the Career Education Consortium Committee for the California State Department of Education.
  • The simulation begins with a new self-assessment section with exercises that lay the foundation for all additional steps, including researching, exploring, and matching career options to the results of each student's self-assessment.
  • The new Sixth Edition incorporates extensive information on the importance of personal self-assessment, the benefits and practices of networking, and the role of the Internet in the job search process, giving students up-to-date and effective information to help them succeed.
  • The revised "RESUME GENERATOR CD" now features additional resume headings and options (with drag-and-drop flexibility); pre-selected skill options (with the ability to select skills sets or create your own); eight unique layouts for students' resumes, cover letters, reference lists, and thank-you letters; nine cover letter formats for various work experience and skill levels; and abundant new heading combinations to fit general or specific resume styles.
  • In addition to a more sophisticated design for easier navigation, the "RESUME GENERATOR CD" includes specific features and functionality designed to make the applications more user-friendly and effective, including a built-in spelling checker, the ability to save and duplicate documents to reuse information without re-entering it, and the ability to export documents in a wide variety of formats (such as PDF, Microsoft® Word, or plain text) for greater flexibility.
  • The kit includes numerous new and updated letter templates to help students produce professional correspondence for any job search-related situation. Examples include cover letters designed for high school students or recent college graduates; for internships, entry-level jobs, or career changes; or to highlight transferable skills, request a specific salary range, inquire about a job, follow up on an interview, or resign a position.
  • The simulation includes detailed instructions on how to identify and match personal skills with job interests, prepare a resume, research jobs and companies on the Internet and through other sources, look for job leads, respond to job ads, prepare for an interview, and evaluate/accept job offers—as well as a convenient employment portfolio to store copies of job search documents and completed activities.
  • Abundant examples of high-quality and less effective resumes are provided throughout the kit, giving students a valuable opportunity to identify concrete characteristics that make polished, professional resumes stand out.
  • The kit includes helpful information on applying for internships, and a special section discusses finding summer jobs and explores work-study placement programs, addressing common scenarios of practical interest to many students.
  • The kit includes a step-by-step guide to the employment process, hands-on worksheets, and techniques to boost students' confidence as they attempt to obtain employment, as well as advice on leaving or changing jobs gracefully—all valuable skills students can apply throughout their careers.
  • Material within the kit is divided into step-by-step, user-friendly units that allow students to progress at their own pace by following short, action-oriented steps that make it easy to stay focused.
Step 1. Discover Yourself—Who Are You?
Step 2. Research and Explore Career Options.
Step 3. Resume.
Step 4. Cover Letter.
Step 5. Employment Application.
Step 6. Finding Job Leads and Researching a Company.
Step 7. How to Prepare for an Interview.
Step 8. During the Interview.
Step 9. After the Interview.
Step 10. What to Do Before Leaving a Job.
Step 11. The Best Way to Leave a Job.
Step 12. Reference Letter.
Sample Documents: General Resume, Specific Resume, Reference List,
Cover Letters, Post-Interview Letter, Resignation Letter, Reference Letter.
1. The SCANS Report for America.
2. Getting a Job Now—Jobs that Do Not Require a 4- to 6-Year College Degree.
3. Job-Objective Resume.
4. Reading Between the Lines of a Classified Job Ad.
5. Action Verbs That Get Results.
6. Transferable Skills Cover Letter.
7. Reynolds Corporation Employment Application.
8. Mid-Level Employment Application—World Corporation.
9. Internet Links From the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
10. Practice Interview Evaluation Form.
11. Federal Laws to Prevent Discrimination in Hiring.
12. Pre-Employment Inquiry Guidelines.
13. Post-Interview Thank-You Letter.
14. What Your Boss May Expect You to Know.
15. Career Growth and Self-Evaluation.
16. Career Change Resignation Letter.
17. Employer Reference Letter.

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