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Through ongoing research into students’ workflows and preferences, RELG: World 3rd Edition from 4LTR Press combines an easy-reference, paperback textbook with Chapter Review Cards, and an innovative online experience – all at an affordable price. New for this edition, students can study RELG: World anywhere, anytime, and on most devices with RELG: World Online. With the intuitive StudyBits™ feature, students study more effectively and can visually monitor their own progress. Coupled with straightforward course management, assessment, and analytics for instructors, RELG: World with RELG Online engages students of all generations and learning styles, and integrates seamlessly into your World Religions course. Learn more about the unique traditions, rituals and holidays of each world religion, and watch author-created slideshows of the various holy sites. Interactive maps and figures and timelines help reinforce what students have read and prepare them for exams.

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Robert E. Van Voorst, Western Theological Seminary, Holland, Michigan

Dr. Robert E. Van Voorst is Professor of New Testament Studies at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan, and former professor of religion at Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, where he was named Teacher of the Year in 1995. He has served as a visiting professor in Oxford University and Zhejiang University in China. Van Voorst has written frequently on religious studies in noted journals and reference works. In addition, he has authored numerous books, including six with Cengage Learning: RELG: WORLD, 3rd Edition; READINGS IN CHRISTIANITY, 3rd Edition; ANTHOLOGY OF WORLD SCRIPTURES, 9th Edition; ANTHOLOGY OF WORLD SCRIPTURES: EASTERN RELIGIONS; ANTHOLOGY OF WORLD SCRIPTURES: WESTERN RELIGIONS; and READING THE NEW TESTAMENT TODAY, now also in a Chinese version. Other books by Van Voorst include BUILDING YOUR NEW TESTAMENT GREEK VOCABULARY, 3rd Edition; THE ASCENTS OF JAMES, a recovery and commentary on a second-century Jewish-Christian document; and JESUS OUTSIDE THE NEW TESTAMENT, an examination of traditions about Jesus in ancient classical and Jewish documents, now also in Italian.
  • NEW 4LTR PRESS ONLINE: Created through a deep investigation of students' challenges and workflows both broadly and in World Religions, RELG: World Online lets students study how and when they want−including on their devices! Students interact with photos and videos depicting the various aspects of each religion, and test their knowledge with interactive exhibits and matching activities. A unique functionality lets them easily collect notes and create StudyBits™ from interactive content to collect what’s important. With tagging and filtering options, they maximize their study time as they make flashcards, take practice quizzes, view related content and track their progress all in one place! Coupled with straightforward course management, assessment, and analytics for instructors, RELG: World with RELG Online engages students of all generations and learning styles, and integrates seamlessly into your World Religions course, setting the stage for thinking critically about world religions.
  • In addition to the new globalization section at the end of each chapter, the Timelines for each faith have been brought back into the printed text. Students have said that they overwhelmingly prefer timelines as a way to summarize the events and key elements of each chapter.
  • More than 90 new photographs help explain key concepts of the text, and fuller captions on most pictures make them more valuable to students.
  • More scripture readings and other early writings have been linked for enrichment reading on RELG: World Online.
  • Chapter 7, on Daoism and Confucianism, makes a clearer, more separated presentation of these two religions.
  • Each chapter now includes a treatment of funerals, giving insight into a key ritual and the religions’ teachings about life after death.
  • RELG: World provides a core text and a wealth of comprehensive multimedia teaching and learning assets based on input from student focus groups, surveys, and interviews with instructors.
  • Chapter Learning Outcomes are listed at the beginning of each chapter and used to organize the end-of-book Chapter Review cards.
  • In-text study and learning aids include key terms boldfaced and defined in the text margins; pullout quotes reinforcing the magazine style; striking photos with fully explanatory captions; "A Closer Look" boxes on symbols, dress, customs, and origins of terms specific to each religion; and vignettes of encounters with adherents of each religion.
  • Instructor Prep Cards at the back of the Instructor’s Edition make preparation simple with detachable cards for each chapter. They offer a quick map of chapter content, a list of corresponding PowerPoint® and video resources, additional examples, and suggested assignments and discussion questions to help you organize chapter content efficiently.
  • A full suite of unique learning tools that appeal to different learning styles is available to students with the purchase of a new book. Quizzes, audio, video, flashcards, and more are only a click away.
  • Every 4LTR Press solution comes complete with an engaging print textbook, tear-out review cards, an interactive digital solution, which offers study tools and the full text narrative, all delivered and influenced by a deep understanding of student’s workflow and learning styles. Available as print with online, print only, or online only, students have their choice of format all at the same affordable price.
  • Shorter, comprehensive chapters in a modern design present content in a more engaging and accessible format that increases the number of students who read the chapter without minimizing coverage for your course.
  • Tear-Out Review Cards at the back of the Student Editions provide students a portable study tool containing all of the pertinent information for class and test preparation.
1. Beginning Your Study of World Religions. 2. Encountering Indigenous Religions: Ways to Tribal Life. 3. Encountering Hinduism: Many Paths to Liberation. 4. Encountering Jainism: The Austere Way to Liberation. 5. Encountering Buddhism: The Middle Path to Liberation. 6. Encountering Sikhism: The Way of God’s Name. 7. Encountering Daoism and Confucianism: Two Views of the Eternal Way. 8. Encountering Shinto: The Way of the Kami. 9. Encountering Zoroastrianism: The Way of the One Wise Lord. 10. Encountering Judaism: The Way of God’s People. 11. Encountering Christianity: The Way of Jesus Christ. 12. Encountering Islam: The Straight Path of the One God. 13. Encountering New Religious Movements: Modern Ways to Alternative Meanings.
4LTR Online
4LTR Press Online offers an affordable online textbook with flashcards, quizzes, and other study tools accessible from phones, tablets, and laptops.

This Cengage solution can be seamlessly integrated into most Learning Management Systems (Blackboard, Brightspace by D2L, Canvas, Moodle, and more) but does require a different ISBN for access codes. Please work with your Cengage Learning Consultant to ensure the proper course set up and ordering information. For additional information, please visit the LMS Integration site.

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