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MindTap Sociology, Enhanced for Race and Ethnic Relations: American and Global Perspectives 10th Edition

Martin N. Marger

  • Available January 2018
  • Previous Editions 2018
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MindTap Sociology, enhanced for Marger's Race and Ethnic Relations: American and Global Perspectives, 10th Edition is the digital learning solution that powers students from memorization to mastery. It gives you complete control of your course—to provide engaging content, to challenge every individual, and to build their confidence. Empower students to accelerate their progress with MindTap. MindTap: Powered by You. MindTap combines all of a student’s learning tools, readings, and multimedia activities organized into one "Learning Path." Designed with the input of over 1,500 instructors and students, four new experiential activities cultivate students’ higher-order thinking with exploration, practice, and creation to develop their sociological imagination through personal, local, and global lenses. MindTap gives you complete ownership of your content and learning experience. Customize the interactive syllabi, emphasize the most important topics, and add your own material or notes in the eBook. A new MindTap for Sociology: Course Management Navigator will help you integrate the new MindTap learning path into your course.

Martin N. Marger, Michigan State University

Martin N. Marger received his bachelor's degree from the University of Miami, his master's degree from Florida State University, and his doctorate from Michigan State University. In addition to his research and writing in the field of race and ethnic relations, his work includes studies in social inequality and political sociology. He is also the author of SOCIAL INEQUALITY: PATTERNS AND PROCESSES.
  • MindTap, Enhanced Edition is an outcome-driven application that propels students from memorization to mastery. It’s the only platform that gives you complete ownership of your course. With it, you can challenge every student, build their confidence, and empower them to be unstoppable.
  • A DEDICATED TEAM, WHENEVER YOU NEED THEM. MindTap isn’t just a tool, it’s backed by a personalized team eager to support you. We help you set up your course and tailor it to your specific objectives, so you’ll be ready to make an impact from day one. And we’ll be standing by to help you and your students until the final day of the term.
  • PERSONAL. LOCAL. GLOBAL. Get your students to consider sociological issues from the micro, mezzo, and macro levels. Develop students’ sociological imagination through activities centered around understanding sociological concepts at the personal, local, and global level integrated throughout assignments.
  • EXPLORE THE SOCIOLOGICAL IMAGINATION. Develop empathy and enrich classroom discussion by having students experiencing other people’s perspectives and challenges. The Explore activity in each chapter requires critical decision making and evaluation. The open-ended questions that follow the simulation get students to reflect about their personal decisions made during the simulation as well as larger, more global consequences.
  • PRACTICE APPLYING RESEARCH METHODS. Practice problem sets develop student ability to apply appropriate social research methods. New skills are assessed with immediate grading and feedback, varied problem types, and multiple attempts. The application of appropriate research methods encourages problem-solving and critical thinking.
  • ENCAPSULATE CONCEPTS WITH CREATIVE PROJECTS. Get students to demonstrate analysis through a creative project, some of which are done individually as well as collaboratively. At the individual level, students demonstrate connections between one’s personal life and larger sociological concepts. Customizable rubrics and simple uploading functionality make these assignments engaging, structured, and accessible.
  • ACCESSIBLE ENHANCED E-READER CONTENT. Access the e-reader for the enhanced edition through MindTap, updated in its research, data, tables, figures, and photos. Features include a running glossary, list of key terms, chapter reviews, highlight, bookmark, and note functionality.
  • YOUR COURSE. YOUR CONTENT. Only MindTap gives you complete control over your course. You have the flexibility to reorder textbook chapters, add your own notes, and embed a variety of content including OER. Personalize course content to your students’ needs. They can even read your notes, add their own, and highlight key text to aid their progress. Our MindTap for Sociology: Course Management Navigator, specifically designed for sociologists’ course needs, helps you navigate the platform and integrate the activities into your unique course style.
  • ACCESS EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE PLACE. Cut down on prep with MindTap’s preloaded, organized course materials. Teach more efficiently with interactive multimedia, assignments, quizzes, and more. And give your students the power to read, listen, and study on their phones, so they can learn on their terms.
  • EMPOWER YOUR STUDENTS TO REACH THEIR POTENTIAL. Twelve distinct metrics give you actionable insights into student engagement. Identify topics troubling your entire class and instantly communicate with struggling students. And students can track their scores to stay motivated toward their goals. Together, you can accelerate progress.
Read: Enhanced, updated e-reader text.

Explore: Develop your sociological imagination by considering the experiences of others. Make critical decisions and evaluate the data that shape each social experience.

Practice: Apply concepts learned in the chapter through practice problem sets that offer immediate feedback and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Create: Produce a video demonstrating connections between your own life and larger sociological concepts.
Each MindTap product offers the full, mobile-ready textbook combined with superior and proven learning tools at one affordable price. Students who purchase digital access can add a print option at any time when a print option is available for their course.

This Cengage solution can be seamlessly integrated into most Learning Management Systems (Blackboard, Brightspace by D2L, Canvas, Moodle, and more) but does require a different ISBN for access codes. Please work with your Cengage Learning Consultant to ensure the proper course set up and ordering information. For additional information, please visit the LMS Integration site.

Standalone Digital Access — Ultimate Value

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  • ISBN-10: 1337570354
  • ISBN-13: 9781337570350
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $77.00
  • RETAIL $77.00

Digital Access + Print — Flexible Value

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  • ISBN-10: 133788328X
  • ISBN-13: 9781337883283
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  • ISBN-10: 1337883247
  • ISBN-13: 9781337883245
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $198.50
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MindTap Instructors Speak on Personalization - Diane

Instructor Diane Carter from the University of Idaho talks about how MindTap helps her personalize her course.

"[MindTap for Sociology] promotes a sense of understanding for a perspective and position that students may not have considered."

"[This is] a helpful tool for getting students to examine their own biases and how they make assumptions."

"[MindTap for Sociology provides a] way for shy or timid students to engage without speaking in front of the entire class."

“Students’ learning improved dramatically, and their grades improved by a full letter – from a C- to a B- average. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

“With MindTap, it’s so simple to find out which students are struggling in class. You pull up the analytics window and the students who are outliers are clearly identified in the lower left-hand quadrant.”

"There is a clear connection between those who are doing very well in the class and those who are enrolled in MindTap. They are paying better attention to deadlines and planning better for their semester. Those using MindTap regularly are definitely more engaged."

“I was awed because so many of my students earned an ‘A’ or ‘A-’ on the final exam. And students gave the MindTap intro class higher ratings than they gave my traditional intro class. I’m convinced that the higher course ratings and grades were, in large part, a result of students’ engagement.”

“MindTap definitely helped students be more prepared for lectures, because they engaged with the content before they came to class.”

"Once I started using MindTap I loved it. In fact, the students had so much success with it I actually expanded my pilot project, and I now use it in all of my classes."

Cengage provides a range of supplements that are updated in coordination with the main title selection. For more information about these supplements, contact your Learning Consultant.


Online Instructor's Manual with Test Bank

ISBN: 9781285763330
This fully updated and revised supplement contains a chapter outline, key terms, lecture ideas, questions for discussion, Internet and InfoTrac activities, student activities, and additional resources. It also details what is new in the Tenth Edition of the textbook. Martin Marger has compiled a list of suggested readings for every chapter, which is now included in the instructor's manual. The test bank contains thirty-five to forty multiple choice and fifteen essay questions per chapter. The instructor's manual and test bank are available for download on the instructor companion website.

Online PowerPoint®

ISBN: 9781285763347
Enhance your lectures with these PowerPoint® slides, fully updated and revised for the Tenth Edition of the textbook. The slides include a comprehensive outline of key concepts, figures and tables from the book, discussion questions, and “quick quiz” multiple-choice questions to get your students interacting with the material. The PowerPoint® slides are available for download on the instructor companion website.

CourseMate Instant Access

ISBN: 9781285763392
The CourseMate for Marger's RACE AND ETHNIC RELATIONS, 10TH EDITION brings course concepts to life with interactive learning, study, and exam preparation tools that support the printed textbook. CourseMate includes an integrated eBook, glossaries, flashcards, quizzes and more-as well as EngagementTracker, a first-of-its-kind tool that monitors student engagement in the course. The accompanying instructor website, available through, offers access to password-protected resources such as an electronic version of the instructor's manual, test bank files, and presentation slides. CourseMate can be bundled with the student text. Contact your Cengage sales representative for information on getting access to CourseMate.


CourseMate Instant Access

ISBN: 9781285763392
The CourseMate for Marger's RACE AND ETHNIC RELATIONS, 10TH EDITION brings course concepts to life with interactive learning, study, and exam preparation tools that support the printed textbook. Access an integrated eBook, glossaries, flashcards, quizzes, and more in the CourseMate for Marger's RACE AND ETHNIC RELATIONS, 10TH EDITION. Go to to register or purchase access.