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Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 4th Edition

Noreen Cavan Frisch, PhD, RN, Lawrence E. Frisch, MD, MPH

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2006, 2002, 1998
  • 1056 Pages


Creating the perfect balance of knowledge-based and skills-based content you will find no better tool for teaching your students the information and the empathy required in psychiatric nursing care than Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Fourth Edition. The book will immediately engage and educate readers through the innovative use of excerpts from literature movie clips and classic art to convey the actual experiences of clients with psychiatric disorders. Coverage includes the scientific basis for major conditions and disorder types such as anxiety depression mania and schizophrenia followed by therapeutic and pharmacological interventions for the people experiencing them. Special consideration is also provided for the suicidal client the client who abuses chemical substances survivors of violence or abuse and special populations including the homeless and the incarcerated. Comprehensive in its scope and unrivaled in its delivery this is a valuable resource that informatively and accurately presents the reality of psychiatric nursing care.

Noreen Cavan Frisch, PhD, RN, University of Victoria

Noreen Cavan Frisch, PhD, RN, is a Professor and the Chair of the Department of Nursing at the University of Victoria.

Lawrence E. Frisch, MD, MPH, University of Victoria

Lawrence E. Frisch, Author Affiliation: University of Victoria
  • Draws powerful connections to real-world applications with literary excerpts movie stills and fine art examples illustrating individual experiences with psychiatric disorders and mental illness.
  • Age-specific considerations are covered in complete chapters for the child adolescent and older adult.
  • Strong pharmacology content has been thoroughly updated with common agents and interventions
  • The Nursing Process is highlighted for every disorder and accompanying care plans concept maps and critical thinking questions allow for application of nursing concepts into real-life.
  • Offers the most up-to-date relevant content with updated nursing care plans using the framework from NANDA-I NIC AND NOC.
  • StudyWARE™ CD-ROM provides learning activities and games NCLEX style quizzes multimedia animations and video clips of actual clients discussing real psychiatric disorders.
  • NCLEX style review questions accompany each chapter to assess critical thinking and the student's mastery of chapter content.
  • All boxes and most special features have been numbered to allow for quick access to desired information.
1. Through the Door: Your First Day in Psychiatric Nursing.
2. Psychiatric Nursing: Evolution of a Specialty.
3. Theory as Basis for Practice.
4. Neuroscience as a Basis for Practice.
5. Diagnostic Systems for Psychiatric Nursing.
6. Tools for Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: Communication Nursing Process and the Nurse-Client Relationship.
7. Cultural and Ethnic Considerations.
8. Epidemiology of Mental Health and Illness.
9. Ethical and Legal Bases for Care.
10. Self-Care for the Nurse.
11. The Client Undergoing Crisis.
12. The Client Experiencing Anxiety.
13. The Client Experiencing Schizophrenia.
14. The Client Experiencing Depression.
15. The Client Experiencing Mania.
16. The Client Who Is Suicidal.
17. The Client Who Abuses Chemical Substances.
18. The Client with a Personality Disorder.
19. The Client Experiencing a Somatoform Factitious or Dissociative Disorder.
20. The Client with Disorders of Self-Regulation: Sleep Disorders Eating Disorders Sexual Disorders.
21. The Physically Ill Client Experiencing Emotional Distress.
22. Forgotten Populations: The Homeless and the Incarcerated.
23. The Child.
24. The Adolescent.
25. The Elderly.
26. Survivors of Violence or Abuse.
27. Pharmacology in Psychiatric Care.
28. Individual Psychotherapy.
29. Family Therapy.
30. Group Therapy.
31. Community Mental Health Nursing.
32. Complementary and Somatic Therapies.

Cengage provides a range of supplements that are updated in coordination with the main title selection. For more information about these supplements, contact your Learning Consultant.


Electronic Classroom Manager

ISBN: 9781435400801
The Instructor Resources CD-ROM is an instructor resource which commonly includes Lecture Slides created in PowerPoint® for each core textbook chapter computerized test bank of over 900 NCLEX style questions with answers rationales cognitive levels and locations in the text for corresponding information Instructor's Manual with answers to the end of chapter NCLEX style questions discussion topics and movie activities and other text-specific resources.


Study Guide

ISBN: 9781435400795
Following the chapters in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Fourth Edition this valuable resource supports critical and reflective thinking about topics in psychiatric nursing. In addition to critical thinking questions new NCELX style quizzes with each chapter challenge student's mastery of information. The Study Guide also provides a Comprehensive Practice Final Examination encompassing all of the chapter content at the back of the book. The NCLEX style questions in this comprehensive exam are a great assessment tool to monitor your knowledge of psychiatric nursing.