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Prose Models 11th Edition

Gerald Levin

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 1996
  • 648 Pages


Containing over 110 selections by contemporary and classic writers, PROSE MODELS is a rhetorical reader that covers the major elements of paragraph, essay and methods of development with an emphasis on Argument and Persuasive writing.

Gerald Levin, Professor Emeritus, University of Akron

1. Topic Sentence, Thesis, and Unity.
Gretel Ehrlich: Obituary . Gretel Ehrlich: About Men. Mark Twain: The Shape of the River. George Orwell: Shooting an Elephant. Peggy and Pierre Street: A well in India. Eric Sevareid: Velva, North Dakota.
2. Main and Subordinate Ideas.
Lytton Strachey: Queen Victoria at the End of Her Life. Sally Carrighar: The Blast Furnace. David Holahan: Why Did I Ever Play Football?
3. Order of Ideas.
E.B. White: In an Elevator. Leonard Kriegel: The Purpose of Lifting. Joan Didion: Marrying Absurd.
4. Beginning, Middle, and End.
Susan Allen Toth: Mountain Day. Calvin Trillin: Ben & Jerry''s.
5. Transitions.
Lewis Thomas: Communication. Mary E. Mebane: Mary.
6. Description.
John McPhee: The World''s Largest Pile of Scrap Tires. W. S. Merwin: The Buick. Mary Helen Ponce: Hoyt Street. Ronald Takaki: The Barrio.
7. Narration.
James Salter: Flying. Eudora Welty: Learning to See. Esmeralda Santiago: The American Invasion of Macún.
8. Example.
E.B. White: New York. Tom Wolfe: Thursday morning in a New York Subway Station. Margaret Mead and Rhoda Metraux: Discipline�To What End?
9. Classification and Division.
John Holt: Kinds of Discipline. Allan Nevins: The Newspaper. Garrison Keillor: Hoppers.
10. Definition.
Carol Bly: Monkeying. Lawrence M. Friedman: Crime. Philip Hamburger: The Sooners. Casey Miller and Kate Swift: "Manly" and "Womanly". Herbert L. Gans: The Underclass. Irving Lewis Allen: Newspapers.
11. Comparison and Contrast.
Marie Winn: Televisions and Reading. Edward Hoagland: City People and Country People. Edward T. Hall: the English and the Americans. Richard Lanham: Digital Literacy.
12. Analogy.
Loren Eiseley: What Makes a Writer. Loren Eiseley: The Cosmic Prison. Michio Kaku: The Education of a Physicist.
13. Process.
Mark Twain: Sounding. Jearl Walker: Outdoor Cooking. John Richards: How the Spider Spins Its Web.
14. Cause and Effect.
John Brooks: The Telephone. Marvin Harris: Why Nothing Works. James Trefil: The Growth of Cities.
15. Usage.
William Least Heat Moon: In the Land of Coca-Cola. Newsweek: Being Cool. Robert Sullivan: A Memo from Dad.
16. Tone.
Mark Singer: Osu! William Finnegan: Surfing.
17. Imagery.
Rachel Carson: The Rocky Shores.
18. Figurative Language.
Diane Ackerman: Watching a Night Launch of the Space Shuttle. George Lackoff and Mark Johnson: Time Is Money.
19. Concreteness.
Bailey White: Mortality. George Plimpton: Fireworks.
20. Euphemism and Jargon.
Perri Klass: Learning the Language. Sydney J. Harris: Nipping Clichés in the Bud. Russell Baker: Little Red Riding Hood Revisited.
21. Addition and Modification.
Jane Jacobs: Hudson Street.
22. Emphasis.
Mark Twain: The Steamboatman.
23. Loose and Periodic Sentences.
John Steinbeck: The Turtle. Annie Dillard: At Tinker Creek.
24. Climax.
John Updike: My Grandmother.
25. Parallelism.
Ernesto Galarza: Boyhood on the Sacramento Barrio.
26. Antithesis.
Martin Luther King, Jr.: Nonviolent Resistance.
27. Length.
Lewis Thomas: On Matters of Doubt.
28. Inductive Reasoning.
Vicki Hearne: Max into Maximilian. Edward Tenner: Revenge Theory. Richard Moran: More Police, Less Crime? Wrong. William Zinsser: The Right to Fail. Ellen Goodman: Wait a Minute. Brooks Atkinson: The Warfare in the Forest Is Not Wanton. John Henry Newman: The End of Education. Norman Cousins: Who Killed Benny Paret? Stephen L. Carter: Computer Viruses. Alan Wertheimer: Statistical Lives. Roger D. Stone: Why save Tropical Rain Forests? Herbert Hendin: Students and Drugs.
29. Deductive Reasoning.
Syndey J. Harris: Freedom and Security. H.L. Mencken: Reflections on War. Kenneth B. Clark: The Limits of Relevance. Karl L. Schilling and Karen Maitland Schilling: Final Exams Discourage Learning. William Raspberry: Who Deserves the Death Penalty?
30. Controversy.
Supreme Court Ruling on the Communications Decency Act, "Reno v. ACLU," June 26, 1997. William F. Buckley, Jr.: Internet: The Lost Fight. George F. Will: Sex, Fat, and Responsibility. Patrick D. Maines: The New Censorship. William J. Bennett and C. DeLores Tucker: Wal-Mart''s Free Choice. Joshua Micah Marshall: Will Free Speech Get Tangled in the Web. Stanley C. Brubaker: In Praise of Censorship. Mark H. Moore: Prohibition and Drugs. Alan M. Dershowitz: The Case for Medicalizing Heroin. Charles B. Rangel: Legalize Drugs?
31. Interpretation of Evidence.
I. Bernard Cohen: What Columbus "Saw". Deborah Tannen: Asymmetries. Leanne G. Rivlin: A New Look at the Homeless.
32. Methods of Persuasion.
Anna Quindlen: Homeless. Hilary De Vries: "I Think I Will Not Forget This". George F. Will: "Extreme Fighting" and the Morals of the Marketplace. N. Scott Momaday: The Morality of Indian Hating. Michael Dorris: For Indians, No Thanksgiving. Anonymous: Who Am I? Jonathan Swift: A Modest Proposal. Abraham Lincoln: The Gettysburg Address. Garr Wills: The Gettysburg Address. Part VI: ESSAYS ON WRITING.
Mark Twain, The Art of Composition. John Ciardi, What Every Writer Must Learn. William Zinsser, Simplicity. Walker Gibson, Stuffy Talk.