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Politics in a Changing World 7th Edition

Marcus E. Ethridge, Howard Handelman

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2013, 2010, 2008
  • 576 Pages


Providing a foundation for a comparative understanding of political life, POLITICS IN A CHANGING WORLD includes in-depth chapters on political science concepts (ideology, political culture, interest groups, governmental institutions, parties) followed by a series of brief country studies. The concepts and country studies help students acquire a better understanding of the actors and institutions that play a part in diverse political systems, how and why they act in relation to one another, and what their actions mean for the political system and its citizens. The Seventh Edition is thoroughly updated throughout, including coverage of the global economic crisis, the 2012 United States election, the Conservative Party-Liberal Democratic Party coalition and the victory of a new Conservative Prime Minister in Great Britain, and the democratic upheavals in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab world.

Marcus E. Ethridge, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Marcus E. Ethridge is a professor and chair of the Political Science Department at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. He is a specialist in the study of American government, focusing on interest-group behavior, rational-choice theory, and administrative law. His publications include THE POLITICAL RESEARCH EXPERIENCE, LEGISLATIVE PARTICIPATION IN IMPLEMENTATION, and numerous articles in the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF POLITICAL SCIENCE, POLITICAL RESEARCH QUARTERLY, the JOURNAL OF POLITICS, and other journals. He is completing a new book tentatively entitled THE CASE FOR GRIDLOCK.

Howard Handelman, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Howard Handelman is Professor Emeritus of the Political Science Department at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. He specializes in Latin American and Third World politics. His recent books include: THE CHALLENGE OF THIRD WORLD DEVELOPMENT (Third Edition), DEMOCRACY AND ITS LIMITS: LESSONS FROM ASIA, LATIN AMERICA AND THE MIDDLE EAST (co-edited), and MEXICAN POLITICS: THE DYNAMICS OF CHANGE.
  • Based on reviewer feedback, there is a greater emphasis on explaining the basic theories and concepts of political science within the beginning chapters.
  • The "A Closer Look" feature from the sixth edition has been redesigned as "Critical Considerations" in order to better convey the need for students to consider both the global political environment, and the consequences that particular actions and decisions have on the world.
  • To provide more thorough explanation of concepts and topics, new real-world examples have been added throughout the chapters.
  • Data and information has been updated throughout the book, reflecting the most up-to-date policies and actions taken at time of the book's publication.
  • Content has been streamlined and shortened throughout, while maintaining breadth and depth of coverage.
  • Includes continued coverage of the global economic crisis; the debate over health care reform in the U.S.; discussion of far right, anti-immigration parties in Europe; U.S. Action in Libya; the relationship between President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin in Russia; problems with China's health care system; enhanced discussion of human rights violations in China; an extended discussion of the War on Drugs and its effect on Mexican society; and much more.
  • Case study chapters can be read after the general chapters or can be assigned as supplementary readings during discussions of particular topics in Parts One through Three.
  • Political economy is addressed where relevant throughout the text rather than in one section.
  • Country maps, bolded key terms, a glossary, Where on the Web? sections, and suggested reading lists help students master the material and explore further.
  • Coverage of the "The American Empire" concept and its relevance to international relations, along with analysis of the International Criminal Court and the impact of international law.
  • Chapters on elections, political culture, governmental institutions, interest groups, and ideology provide a thorough overview. Country study chapters combine historical perspective with a discussion of contemporary challenges and problems faced by each political system to present key topics in the context of actual political systems.
  • Diversity within the discipline is explained and celebrated as a strength: quantitative or qualitative; comparative or non-comparative; institutionalist or ideological; etc.
Part I: Fundamentals
1. Politics, Government, and Political Science
2. Ideologies: Images of Political Life
Part II: Political Behavior
3. Political Culture and Socialization
4. Public Opinion and Elections
5. Political Parties
6. Interest Groups
Part III: Political Institutions
7. Legislative Institutions
8. Executive Institutions, Political Leadership, and Bureaucracy
9. Judicial Institutions
Part IV: Politics in Selected Nations
10. U.S. Government: The Dilemmas of Democracy
11. Great Britain: A Traditional Democracy
12. Russia: From Authoritarianism to Democracy and Back
13. China: Searching for a New Vision
14. The Politics of Developing Nations
15. Mexico: The Birth Pangs of Democracy
Part V: International Relations
16. Approaches to International Relations
17. A Changing World Order

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  • ISBN-10: 130522776X
  • ISBN-13: 9781305227767
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  • ISBN-10: 1285438078
  • ISBN-13: 9781285438078
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