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The POCKET GUIDE FOR PHARMACY TECHNICIANS, Second Edition, is an invaluable, practical reference for both students and professionals. Compiling essential pharmaceutical facts, formulas, and critical industry resources, this unique guide puts reliable answers and expert advice right at readers' fingertips. During classes, externships, or on the job, readers can quickly look up equations, conversion factors, drug information, and other helpful information relevant for both hospital and community pharmacy settings. Now updated to reflect the latest research, scientific advances, professional standards, and certification requirements, this new edition is an ideal guide for anyone involved in the clinical practice of dispensing medications. In addition to a full-color Drug Identification Appendix, it also features new and updated photos and illustrations. This pocket-sized, portable reference is a must-have resource to allow modern pharmacy technicians to be more efficient, accurate, and successful.

Jahangir Moini, Eastern Florida State College

Dr. Moini is a Professor of Science at Eastern Florida State College. Formerly the Director of Allied Health Programs at Everest University, where he established the Medical Assisting Program and Associate Degree Program, Dr. Moini also served the Brevard County Health Department as an epidemiologist and health educator consultant, offering continuing education courses on pharmacology, medication errors, immunizations, and other important topics. Before coming to the United States, Dr. Moini spent nine years as an Assistant Professor at Tehran University Medical and Nursing School. An internationally published author of more than eight allied health textbooks, Dr. Moini is actively involved in helping students prepare for careers in various health professions, including pharmacy, nursing, and medical assisting.
  • Thorough visual overhaul; new and updated high-quality photographs, figures, and illustrations included in every chapter, providing reliable visual references to complement core text content and help improve accuracy in class or on the job.
  • Highlights new information relevant for today's pharmacy technicians, including material on pharmaceutical abbreviations, billing and health insurance practices, reviewing calculations, and sterile compounding.
  • Revised and updated content relevant to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) guidelines, making it easy to connect chapter content to pertinent standards and practices related to professional certification and licensing.
  • New chapter on "Advanced Pharmacy" provides additional detail and depth on topics of interest for more advanced students or professionals practicing in challenging hospital or community pharmacy settings.
  • Appendices have been reorganized to reflect a more intuitive structure and comprehensive content, making it easier to access and apply detailed information critical for academic and professional success.
  • A thorough glossary lists key terms and definitions related to pharmacy technician concepts and practices, offering an easy, convenient reference to support student learning and professional success.
  • Provides clear, convenient lists of drug classifications—including common drugs found in each class, generic name, trade name, administration route, common dosage range, and indications—making it easy to look up essential information quickly and confidently.
  • A full-color, eight-page visual identification guide enables readers to compare actual drugs to a clear, reliable reference point, helping ensure both accuracy and efficiency.
  • Targeted review of important math concepts, including weight and measure conversions, metric volumes, calculations, and equations pharmacy technicians commonly need to apply in their daily work.
  • Contact information and Web addresses for national organizations, state boards of pharmacy, and drug manufacturers are included to save time when questions arise or users need additional, up-to-the-minute information on specific topics.
1. The Foundation of Pharmaceutical Care.
2. Drug Regulation and Control.
3. Pharmaceutical Terminology and Abbreviations.
4. Pharmacy Calculations.
5. Prescriptions.
6. Dosage Forms and Routes of Drug Administration.
7. Community or Retail Pharmacy.
8. Hospital or Institutional Pharmacy.
9. Advanced Pharmacy.
10. Nonsterile Compounding.
11. Sterile Compounding.
12. Medication Errors.
13. Computer Systems in the Pharmacy.
14. Pharmacy Operation.
15. Billing and Health Insurance.
16. Biopharmaceutics.
17. Human Response to Drug Activity.
18. Drug Effects and Drug Classifications.
Appendix A: Professional Organizations.
Appendix B: Federal Regulatory Agencies.
Appendix C: State Boards of Pharmacy.
Appendix D: Converting Measurements.
Appendix E: Medical Symbols and Abbreviations.
Appendix F: The Most Common Poisonous Substances and Their Antidotes.
Appendix G: The 100 Most Commonly Prescribed Drugs in 2010.
Appendix H: Controlled Substances in the United States and Canada.
Appendix I: Pregnancy Categories: FDA Assigned.
Appendix J: Drug / Food Interactions.
Appendix K: Drugs that Should Not Be Crushed.
Appendix L: Pharmaceutical Companies.
Appendix M: Common Sound-Alike Drug Names.
Appendix N: Nomogram.
Appendix O: Drug Identification Guide.
Appendix P: Professional Journals.

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  • ISBN-10: 1285022513
  • ISBN-13: 9781285022512
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  • ISBN-13: 9781111306649
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