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Plazas 5th Edition

Robert Hershberger, Susan Navey-Davis, Guiomar Borrás A.

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2012, 2008, 2005
  • 576 Pages
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PLAZAS: LUGAR DE ENCUENTROS, 5th Edition, is a two- or three-semester introductory Spanish program designed to support and enhance your students' language learning experience. PLAZAS's market leading digital and print resources work seamlessly with its rich, proven, and streamlined presentation of culture, grammar, and vocabulary. PLAZAS transports your students to a Spanish-speaking country or region for an authentic and personalized cultural language-learning experience, with culture embedded into every page to give them an appreciation of different cultural practices and perspectives. Through an exclusive partnership with the National Geographic Society, the fifth edition facilitates multi-modal interactions with cultural information in new and revised sections. Pedagogy is rooted in the research of the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning, supported by an extensive product array developed so that each standard is addressed through its most appropriate medium.

Robert Hershberger, DePauw University

Dr. Robert Hershberger (Ph.D., University of Kansas) is Associate Professor of Spanish at DePauw University. Before working on PLAZAS, Dr. Hershberger authored Heinle's ¡Tú Dirás! and INTERCAMBIOS CD-ROMs and was the lead author and project manager for the TEMAS CD-ROM. Most recently, Dr. Hershberger served as a co-author on Heinle's second-year Spanish program, RUMBOS. In addition to his teaching at DePauw, Dr. Hershberger is Chair of the Department of Modern Languages and a Tenzer University Professor in Instructional Technology. In 2005, Dr. Hershberger received the Exemplary Teacher Award by DePauw University and the United Methodist Church. In 2008, Dr. Hershberger received the Edwin L. Minar Scholarship Award for exceptional scholarly achievement in the field of foreign language pedagogy.

Susan Navey-Davis, North Carolina State University

Susan Navey-Davis is Assistant Department Head for Student Affairs in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at North Carolina State University. She serves as Coordinator of Lower Division Spanish courses, Supervisor of Second Year Graduate Teaching Assistants, and Director of Undergraduate Advising. She has received numerous awards for teaching, advising, and extension service. She recently received regional and national recognition for advising and has received regional, state, and university awards for excellence in teaching. At North Carolina State University she is a charter member of the Academy of Outstanding Faculty Engaged in Extension and is a past chair of the executive council for the academy. She has been secretary of the board of directors of an organization that provides health care in Nicaragua. In addition to being a co-author of PLAZAS: LUGAR DE ENCUENTROS, Navey-Davis is also co-author of Heinle's intermediate textbook, RUMBOS. She holds an MAT in Spanish from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Guiomar Borrás A., Glendale Community College

Guiomar Borrás A. received her Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she studied Spanish language and Spanish and Latin American literature and culture. She obtained a Master of Arts Liberal Studies in Latin American Studies from Dartmouth College and a Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language and a Master in Education from St. Michael's College. Currently she is Professor of Spanish at Glendale Community College and has been working as Business Spanish Professor at Thunderbird School of Global Management. Dr. Borrás A. was the Academic Director of the Thunderbird Intensive Language Program in 2001 and coordinated the lower division classes. Her contribution to scholarship includes Heinle's SPANISH FOR LIFE: BUSINESS WORKTEXT; INTERCAMBIOS, Fifth Edition; and PLAZAS: LUGAR DE ENCUENTROS, Second and Third Editions. She has worked and was the president of the Arizona Language Association (AZLA). She received the Thunderbird Student Government Outstanding Professor Award seven times and in 2000 received the Hacker Faculty Prize for Excellence in Teaching and Research.
  • The new "¡A explorar!" spread at the beginning of each chapter takes full advantage of National Geographic's uniquely compelling photography, while connecting students to a new generation of National Geographic explorers. This section draws on all five Cs of the ACTFL's National Standards for Foreign Language Learning, leading students to make Comparisons with and Connections to the groundbreaking work of emerging explorers.
  • This edition dedicates an entire section, "Encuentro cultural," to a rigorous and multifaceted investigation of cultural trends in the country or countries of focus, featuring stunning National Geographic photographs as the context for the investigation. This section, while featuring new topics from National Geographic, continues to consist of short, easily digestible readings.
  • The new National Geographic "¡A ver!" video segments are related to the region of focus. To facilitate students' comprehension of the authentic videos, the section offers viewing strategies as well as extensive pre- and post-viewing activities, allowing students to develop viewing skills while learning new and interesting information.
  • The National Geographic material increases the visual richness of the activity sequences, which better tease out everyday cultural topics. Students interested in any number of disciplines--anthropology, sociology, biology, photography, and education, to name a few--are able to investigate these academic areas through the perspective of National Geographic's renowned explorers and photographers.
  • PLAZAS, 5th Edition, places a premium on communication and strives for real-world use of the Spanish language. The video component of the program is more purposefully integrated with the communicative objectives of each chapter. New video-based language models support the "Estructura" and "Así se dice" sections, modeling the structure through aural and written input, thereby allowing students to truly hear and see it in context.
  • "¡A leer!" includes new readings and strategies, as well as follow-up questions, while "¡A escribir!" features guided-composition writing activities.
  • The program's clear and integrated presentation of vocabulary and grammar logically progresses in difficulty throughout each chapter of the book.
  • Two-tiered activity sets titled "¡A practicar!" and "¡A conversar!" (following each Vocabulary and Grammar section) provide opportunities for learners to focus on accuracy and creative use of the language.
  • "En contexto" video-based language models support the "Estructura" and "Así se dice" sections, modeling the structure through aural and written input, thereby allowing students to truly hear and see it in context. Engaging end-of-chapter activities reinforce students' ability to understand, read, write, and speak Spanish with confidence.
  • "A repasar" provides student-centered self-review and assessment of grammar.
CAPÍTULO preliminar.
¡Mucho gusto! Vocabulary: Greetings and good-byes, Numbers 0 to 30, Interrogative words. Structures: Subject pronouns and the present tense of the verb ser, The verb form hay and numbers 0 to 30.
En una clase de español: Bienvenidos a Los Estados Unidos. Vocabulary: In the classroom, The colors, Foreign languages and other academic courses and majors, University places and buildings. Structures: Definite and indefinite articles, gender, and how to make nouns plural; Present tense of regular ar verbs, Telling time and talking about the days of the week.
En una reunión familiar: México. Vocabulary: The family, Physical features and personality, Nationalities. Structures: Possession with de(l) and possessive adjectives, Common uses of the verb ser, Agreement with descriptive adjectives, Present tense of –er and –ir verbs, The verb tener, Numbers 30 to 100.
El tiempo libre: Colombia. Vocabulary: Sports and leisure-time activities, Places. Structures: Gustar + infinitive and gustar + nouns; Ir a + destination or infinitive; Irregular yo verbs; Saber, conocer, and the personal a; The months, the seasons, and weather expressions.
En la casa: España. Vocabulary: Home and furniture, Appliances and household chores. Structures: Present tense of stem-changing verbs (e> ie,o> ue,u> ue,e> i), Affirmative tú ́commands, The verb estar, Numbers 100 and above.
La salud: Bolivia y Paraguay. Vocabulary: The human body, Health care (illnesses, symptoms, and medical treatments). Structures: Reflexive pronouns and present tense of reflexive verbs, Acabar de + infinitive treated as ASD, Ser vs. estar, Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns.
¿Quieres comer conmigo esta noche?: Venezuela. Vocabulary: Food and beverages, Dining out. Structures: Comparatives and superlatives, Weights and measurements, Verbs regular in the preterite and verbs with spelling changes in the preterite, Verbs with stem changes in the preterite, Hace + [period of time] + que.
De compras: Argentina y Uruguay. Vocabulary: Clothing and fashion, Shopping. Structures: Stressed possessive adjectives and pronouns, Verbs irregular in the preterite, Direct object pronouns, Imperfect tense.
Fiestas y vacaciones: Guatemala y El Salvador. Vocabulary: Parties and celebrations, The beach and the countryside. Structures: Interrogative words, The preterite vs. the imperfect, Affirmative and negative expressions.
De viaje por el Caribe: Cuba, Puerto Rico y La República Dominicana. Vocabulary: Airline travel, Hotels. Structures: Indirect object pronouns; Double object pronouns; Prepositions of location, adverbs, and relevant expressions; Formal commands and negative tú commands.
El ciclo de la vida: Honduras y Nicaragua. Vocabulary: The Life Cycle, Receptions. Structures: Present perfect; Reciprocal constructions with se, nos, os; Adverbs and adverbial expressions of time and sequencing of events; Relative pronouns.
El mundo del trabajo: Panamá. Vocabulary: Professions and trades; The office, work, and the job hunt. Structures: Por vs. para, The subjunctive mood, Las finanzas personales, The present subjunctive with statements of volition.
El medio ambiente Costa Rica. Vocabulary: Rural and urban geography, Conservation and exploitation. Structures: Subjunctive following verbs of emotion, impersonal expressions, and ojalá; The subjunctive with verbs or expressions of doubt and uncertainty and adjectives clauses.
El mundo del espectáculo: Peru y Ecuador. Vocabulary: TV programs and movies, The arts. Structures: Subjunctive with purpose and time clauses, No-fault se construction.
La vida publica: Chile. Vocabulary: Politics and voting, Civic concerns and the mass media. Structures: The future tense, The condicional tense, Present perfect subjunctive.
Los avances tecnologicos: El mundo hispano. Vocabulary: Technological advances, The computer. Structures: Past (imperfect) subjunctive, If clauses.
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Cengage provides a range of supplements that are updated in coordination with the main title selection. For more information about these supplements, contact your Learning Consultant.


Testing Audio CD

ISBN: 9781305500297

Instructor's Resource DVD

ISBN: 9781305501072
This DVD includes the videos from the four strands used in the program: Encuentro cultural, En contexto, A ver, and En La Hacienda Vista Alegre.


ISBN: 9781305500242
This supplement includes a Video Manual (with activities focused on the accompanying video found in both the Workbook and Lab Manual sections) to help students recall and consider both cultural and lexical information presented in the video program. Video activities in the Workbook cover cultural, country-focused footage from the corresponding chapter in the text, while video activities in the Lab Manual cover the linguistic and thematic portions. This streamlined system features practice in structures and vocabulary, abundant listening comprehension practice with new dialogues, simulated conversation, and pronunciation practice, as well as exercises to test students' comprehension of updated cultural material from the text. The Workbook also features "A repasar" self-tests at the end of each chapter that allow students to assess their mastery of the targeted structures and vocabulary. Also available on iLrn: Heinle Learning Center.

Premium Web Site, 4 terms (24 months) Instant Access

ISBN: 9781305500389
Engage your students with compelling video and audio on the Media Site, where all video and audio for the program can be found.

Annotated Instructor's Edition (With Audio CD)

ISBN: 9781305503786

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