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Perspectivas 8th Edition

Brenda Wegmann, Sandra Schreffler, Mary Ellen Kiddle

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2002, 1998
  • 352 Pages


This best-selling intermediate Spanish conversational reader presents a broad variety of thought-provoking Hispanic themes that encourage student discussion. Lively readings from a number of original cultural and literary sources complement a wealth of activities that stimulate conversation and the development of critical thinking in Spanish. The reader includes authentic essays, stories, poems, autobiographies, legends, magazine articles, science fiction, jokes, and cartoons from ancient times to the present and from all regions of the Spanish-speaking world. In this edition, entertaining comic strips and songs are now featured.

Brenda Wegmann, University of Alberta Extension

Brenda Wegmann received a Master's degree in Spanish literature from the University of Wisconsin and taught Spanish for seven years at Boston University and Northeastern University before moving to Canada in 1974. Since then she has lived with her family in Edmonton while teaching Spanish at the University of Alberta in the Department of Extension and writing Spanish and ESL textbooks, as well as trade books. Among her publications (written in collaboration with outstanding co-authors) are the following: PERSPECTIVAS, EN CONTACTO (for intermediate university Spanish), MOSAIC 1 & 2 (ESL readers), PRONTO Y PRÁCTICO (Practical Spanish for Canadians), STREETWISE SPANISH DICTIONARY / THESAURUS, LAUGH N' LEARN SPANISH (co-authored with cartoonist Lynn Johnston of “For Better or For Worse”), TUNE UP YOUR SPANISH, and most recently, THE RED-HOT BOOK OF SPANISH SLANG AND IDIOMS.

Sandra Schreffler, Roger Williams University

Sandra B. Schreffler, PhD, a Spanish-English bilingual from Guatemala City, Guatemala, received her Masters in Spanish (Applied Linguistics) from the University of Houston and her Ph.D. in Spanish Linguistics from the University of Florida (Gainesville). Currently, she is Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics in the Department of Modern Languages, Philosophy and Classics at Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI, where she is also the advisor of the Spanish Club and Spanish Honor Society, and a mentor for Spanish students participating in the university's Undergraduate Student Research program. She has also instituted a four-week study abroad program to Guatemala during which students are exposed to Mayan history, culture, and languages in order to expand their global perspective. Her own research interests include the effects of Spanish-English language contact, Spanish dialectology (with an emphasis on Mexico and Central America), gender speech and discourse analysis, linguistic exclusion, heritage language speakers, second language teaching and methods, and second language acquisition.

Mary Ellen Kiddle, Boston College

  • A new selection of lively readings from a number of original cultural and literary sources is complemented by a wealth of activities, stimulating conversation and the development of critical thinking in Spanish.
  • Comic strips and song lyrics are presented to students for analysis and discussion. Pre-listening activities and strategies have been created to assist students in assessing the songs available via the Heinle iTunes playlist.
  • Carefully crafted pre-reading activities provide background and key vocabulary, build bridges between the text and the students, and assist with difficult language structures.
  • The Text Audio CD, packaged with each new copy of the text, offers dramatic renditions of select readings along with comprehension questions, bringing the authentic pieces to life and providing opportunities for students to practice listening comprehension.
  • End-of-chapter composition activities encourage students to synthesize the information learned in the chapter through process-oriented writing exercises that are fully supported by the Atajo 4.0: Writing Assistant for Spanish.
  • The text includes a fascinating variety of original written and audio sources: authentic essays, stories, poems, autobiographies, legends, magazine articles, science fiction, jokes, songs, and cartoons from ancient times to the present and from all regions of the Spanish-speaking world.
  • Readings articulate the distinctive nature of Spanish and Latin American cultures and provide insight into the accomplishments and contributions of their people.
  • The Text Audio CD, along with songs available via an iTunes playlist, brings the written word to life and offers students the chance to practice their listening comprehension skills using a variety of media.
Capítulo 1. LA NATURALEZA.
Introducción: Los seres humanos y su medio ambiente: tres interacciones.
Selección 1: El misterio de los delfines (ensayo).
Selección 2: Primavera (canción) Carlos Santana.
Selección 3: Así será el mundo (artículo).
**Selección 4: Tiras eco-cómicas de Costa Rica (tiras cómicas de Oki y Rodicab).**
Selección 5: El indio y los animales (una leyenda maya).
Introducción: Misterios de civilizaciones pasadas: Un reto a la imaginación.
Selección 1: Guernica de Pablo Picasso: Una pintura de protesta (ensayo).
Selección 2: Lamento Borincano (canción).
Selección 3: La vida contradictoria de Eva Perón (introducción). La razón de mi vida por Eva Perón (selecciones de su "autobiografía").
Selección 4: La historia de la pícara Mafalda (tiras cómicas).
Selección 5: Apocalípsis (un microcuento).
Introducción: El hombre y la mujer: ¿semejantes o diferentes?
Selección 1: La ventaja de ser mujer (artículo).
Selección 2: Juntos (canción).
Selección 3: Las diversas caras del amor (poemas). Rima XXIII (Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer). El amor y el deseo (Judith Guzman Vea). Viceversa (Mario Benedetti). Qué más da (Luis Cernuda). Reglas del juego para hombres que quieran amar a mujeres (Gioconda Belli).
Selección 4: Los altibajos de la vida en pareja (tiras cómicas).
Selección 5: Underwood (cuento).
Introducción: La ética: Dos cuestiones difíciles pero relevantes.
Selección 1: El diecinueve (cuento).
Selección 2: El preso número nueve (canción).
Selección 3: La clonación hoy en día es ciencia ficción (entrevista con la doctora Natalia López Moratalla).
Selección 4: La ética en nuestra vida y sociedad (Tiras cómicas).
Selección 5: Walimai (cuento).
Capítulo 5. ARTE Y FANTASIA.
Introducción: Dos artistas y sus circunstancias.
Selección 1: Penélope Cruz: Una mirada íntima con la diva española (entrevista).
Selección 2: Penélope (canción).
Selección 3: Casa tomada (cuento).
Selección 4: El papel del arte en la sociedad y el mundo (tiras cómicas).
Selección 5: La luz es como el agua (cuento).
Introducción: La comunidad hispana en el continente norteamericano.
Selección 1: Los mexicanos (ensayo).
Selección 2: La Carcacha (canción).
Selección 3: Los puertorriqueños (ensayo).
Selección 4: El día que fuiimos a ver la nieve (cuento).
Selección 5: Los cubanos (ensayo).
Selección 6: Guantanamera (canción).

"I think this is a great book for advanced levels. I appreciate the variety of topics and activities that provides an ample view of the language and culture."

"We like the contents of the chapters and the wide variety of topics that it presents. All the readings are interesting and it is easy to start a discussion based on the information presented in the textbook."

Cengage provides a range of supplements that are updated in coordination with the main title selection. For more information about these supplements, contact your Learning Consultant.


Instructor's Edition (with Audio CD-ROM)

ISBN: 9781413033380
Instructor's Edition contains a detailed preface, outlining the chapter objectives, cultural notes, and cross-cultural expansion activities.


Premium Web Site Instant Access Code

ISBN: 9781428288195
Students will have access to audio files from the Text Audio CD, vocabulary flashcards, flash-based grammar tutorials, as well as links to the Perspectivas iTunes playlist.