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Pediatric Nursing: Caring for Children and Their Families 3rd Edition

Nicki L. Potts, Barbara L. Mandleco

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2007, 2002
  • 1376 Pages


PEDIATRIC NURSING: CARING FOR CHILDREN AND THEIR FAMILIES, third edition, offers a dynamic and insightful guide to caring for pediatric clients. The authors embrace a holistic, family-centered approach to the care and nurturing of children in all states of health, exploring healthy growth and development milestones, as well as illness states and chronic conditions. All nursing care is framed within a family context, underscoring the importance of viewing children not just as individuals, but as members of a family. General nursing skills such as assessment, communication, and health promotion are presented within the pediatric framework to help nurses approach children and their families with an authentic, informed understanding of their conditions and needs.

Nicki L. Potts,

Nicki Lee Warren Potts is a second-generation registered nurse who earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas. She first practiced her profession as an assistant head nurse in medical surgical nursing and public health nursing, and she discovered her true passion in nursing education in Nashville at Tennessee State University. She continued her preparation for a career in education by obtaining a Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas at Austin's College of Nursing. Texas Woman's University College of Nursing conferred her Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Research and Theory. With over 30 years as a clinician and academician, Dr. Potts has taught psychiatric and mental health nursing and pediatric nursing in associate degree and baccalaureate schools of nursing. The majority of her teaching career has been at Texas Woman's University in Houston, Texas; the University of Texas in Arlington, Texas; and the University of Texas in Austin, Texas. Other areas of professional experience include Assistant Director for Education, Texas Nurse's Association, and Nursing Consultant for Advanced Practice at the Board of Nurse Examiners for the State of Texas. Dr. Potts's professional development and contributions are well documented at the local and national levels. She has delivered numerous presentations throughout the country based on her special interest and research in females with eating disorders. She is a member of Sigma Theta Tau, Society of Pediatric Nurses, and the American Nurses Association. Dr. Potts has numerous journal, textbook, and abstract publications to her credit.

Barbara L. Mandleco, Brigham Young University

Barbara Hartwig Mandleco received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, her Master of Science in Pediatric Nursing from the University of Florida–Gainesville, and her Doctor of Philosophy in Family Sciences with an emphasis in human development from Brigham Young University. She has been a staff nurse on pediatric and adult medical surgical nursing units and a nursing educator for over 30 years. She has taught advanced human development and pediatric nursing, fundamentals of nursing, nursing research, and management of family issues to undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Utah and Brigham Young University Colleges of Nursing. Currently, Dr. Mandleco is a professor at the Brigham Young University College of Nursing. Dr. Mandleco has given numerous professional presentations at the local, regional, national, and international levels. She is published in peer-reviewed journals and is the author of Pediatric Nursing Skills & Procedures, and Growth and Development Handbook: Newborn through Adolescent also published by Delmar Cengage Learning. Her research interests include families adapting to a child with a special need or chronic illness, and innovative methods of teaching.
  • Expanded coverage on obesity including topics such as caloric intake, vegetarian diets, cholesterol testing and sedentary lifestyle with a focus on children's healthy eating.
  • Video clips available online provide distraction techniques to make procedure interventions less upsetting and more positive for the children and their families.
  • Expanded coverage of certain chronic conditions such as diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and asthma.
  • Expanded discussion of ethical theories provides strategies for remaining vigilant while providing nursing care surrounding such issues such as minor consent for organ donation and genetic testing.
  • Expanded discussion on circumcision and barriers to immunizations.
  • Includes current research on current topics such as attention-deficit disorder, depressive disorder, and drug use.
  • Expanded coverage of depression, sleep hygiene, suicide prevention OCD behaviors.
  • The resource section at the end of each chapter is expanded to include a description of the function each organization listed plays as well as the URL for that organization.
  • 10 NCLEX-style questions at the end of each chapter with rationales for each question included on the accompanying student StudyWARE™.
  • Online audio glossary.
  • Clear, straightforward writing style makes content easy to understand.
  • Growth and Development chapters take a health promotion approach with emphasis on the principles of wellness and injury prevention for each age group.
  • Emphasis on pediatric nursing care within a family context highlights the influence the family has on children's health and illnesses.
  • Strong foundation in evidence-based care including evidence-based practice boxes that break out research studies and provide the implications for nursing practice.
  • Cultural considerations throughout the book highlight the impact cultural practices and ethnic variations can have on the nursing care of children.
  • Case studies, skills checklists, frequently asked questions, and other resources are available online for self-paced study and learning.
  • StudyWARE™ Online includes answers to the NCLEX-style questions in the textbook, pediatric nursing skills and accompanying skills checklists, Case Studies, learning games, answers to the Study Questions, and more.
  • WebTUTOR Advantage PLUS™ study system with overviews, frequently-asked questions, notes, and more.
  • Nursing Case Study/Care Plans which help to strengthen the understanding of the nursing process and exercise critical thinking skills include models for planning patient care, with nursing diagnoses, patient/family goals, nursing interventions/rationales, expected outcomes, and NIC and NOC guidelines.
1. Overview of Pediatric Nursing.
2. Legal and Ethical Issues.
3. The Child in Context of the Family.
4. Community and Home Health Nursing.
5. School Nursing.
6. Theoretical Approaches to the Growth and Development of Children.
7. Growth and Development of the Newborn.
8. Growth and Development of the Infant.
9. Growth and Development of the Toddler.
10. Growth and Development of the Preschooler.
11. Growth and Development of the School-Aged Child.
12. Growth and Development of the Adolescent.
13. Child and Family Communication.
14. Pediatric Assessment.
15. Infectious Diseases.
16. Care of Children Who Are Hospitalized.
17. Chronic Conditions.
18. Pain Management.
19. Medication Administration.
20. Loss and Bereavement.
21. Fluid and Electrolyte Alterations.
22. Genitourinary Alterations.
23. Gastrointestinal Alterations.
24. Respiratory Alterations.
25. Cardiovascular Alterations.
26. Hematological Alterations.
27. Immunologic Alterations.
28. Endocrine Alterations.
29. Cellular Alterations.
30. Integumentary Alterations.
Unit VII: Alterations in Sensorimotor Function.
31. Sensory Alterations.
32. Neurological Alterations.
33. Cognitive Alterations.
34. Musculoskeletal Alterations.
35. Psychosocial Alterations.
36. Child Abuse and Neglect.
Appendix A: The Friedman Family Assessment Model (Short Form).
Appendix B: Physical Growth Charts.
Appendix C: Recommended Childhood Immunization Schedule, United States, January-December 2001.
Appendix D: Sexual Maturity Ratings (SMR).
Appendix E: Common Laboratory Tests and Normal Values.
Appendix F: Temperature Equivalents and Pediatric Weight Conversion.
Appendix G: Common NANDA Diagnoses for Children and Their Families.
Appendix H: Abbreviations.

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Instructor's Resource

ISBN: 9781435486713
Instructor Resource CD-ROM includes everything an instructor needs to organize and run a class on pediatrics. The Instructor's Manual offers chapter competencies, key terms, instructional strategies for classroom use, and suggested answers to critical thinking and review questions found in the text. The Computerized Testbank contains over 2,100 multiple choice questions with answers, rationales, cognitive level, and text reference. Lecture Slides in PowerPoint ™ parallel the content found in each chapter of the book and serve as a foundation from which instructors may customize their own unique presentations. Image Library is a digital resource of approximately 400 illustrations and photographs from the text. ISBN-13: 978-14354-86713

Student Study Guide

ISBN: 9781435486706
Student Study Guide provides multiple choice, true-false, and fill-in questions, as well as case studies with critical thinking scenarios (answers appear at the end of the book).

Premium Web Site Instant Access Code

ISBN: 9781111541873
The Premium Website includes the student Studyware. The Studyware includes: Interactive games to help mastery the terms in the book. Video that provides highly effective, age-appropriate distractions and techniques to make medical procedures a more positive experience for children and their parents. Audio Glossary. NCLEX questions and rationales. Case studies. Pediatric Skill Sheets and Skills Checklists. Answers to the end-of-chapter study questions.

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