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Patterns Plus: A Short Prose Reader with Argumentation 10th Edition

Mary Lou Conlin

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2008, 2005, 2002
  • 336 Pages
???label.coverImageAlt??? Patterns Plus: A Short Prose Reader with Argumentation 10th Edition by Mary Lou Conlin


Arranged rhetorically, this anthology of short essays and paragraphs suits both essay-level developmental writing and freshman composition courses. Each chapter focuses on a different rhetorical mode, from narration and description to process writing. Three features make PATTERNS PLUS: A SHORT PROSE READER WITH ARGUMENTATION a perennial best-seller: an engaging mix of nonfiction, fiction, and student essays with careful consideration of multicultural issues; a strong pedagogical apparatus that helps develop comprehension, analytical, and writing skills; and clear presentation of the writing process and paragraph/essay structure. The tenth edition includes new student readings, as well as works by well-known writers such as Woody Allen, Stephen King, and James Baldwin. Updated pedagogical tools offer students exactly what they need to master the content, including pre-reading, vocabulary, and post-reading questions that test comprehension and encourage critical analysis of each selection.

Mary Lou Conlin, Cuyahoga Community College

Mary Lou Conlin completed her education at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, earning a B.A. and M.A. in English, and a Ph.D. in education with concentrations in special education, reading, and curriculum. Conlin worked for over twenty-five years teaching English Composition and developing curriculum for developmental reading and writing at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio. She developed individualized reading and writing instruction, and also established a Learning Center staffed with instructional assistants and tutors who provided both individual and small group instruction. In addition, Conlin developed computer-assisted instruction and tracking in the early 1980s.Her publications include PATTERNS, PATTERNS PLUS, CONCEPTS OF COMMUNICATION: WRITING, and CONCEPTS OF COMMUNICATION: READING. The Concepts texts, a modular series, became the basis for the individualized program provided through the Learning Center. Other publications include SIMON PERKINS OF THE WESTERN RESERVE, a biography of an early land agent of the Western Reserve published by the Western Reserve Historical Society.
  • Diverse reading selections--both student and professional--enhance this book's unique focus on reading and writing. The tenth edition includes four new paragraphs and eleven new essays.
  • The author has added a new argumentation section that includes readings on a hot topic in today's world: global warming.
  • The introductory chapter lays the foundation for the entire text, offering an in-depth presentation of the writing process and the structure of paragraphs and essays. Conlin also touches on two key themes that appear consistently throughout the text: the importance of revising and the process of collaborative writing.
  • Two alternate tables of contents (Thematic and Writing Across the Curriculum) provide you with the flexibility to choose readings according to your own lesson plans and schedule of assignments.
  • "Working Together" collaborative activities give students the opportunity to hone their writing skills in groups and to benefit from the cooperative learning process.
  • WriteSpace is a customizable online writing and course management program that motivates and assesses students of English at all skill levels. In one convenient location, WriteSpace includes interactive diagnostic testing, practice exercises and writing assignments, visual literacy, peer review tools, tutorial support, an online handbook, and plagiarism prevention resources.
PARAGRAPHS. "The Movie House," John Updike. "The Hunt," Leslie Stern. "Why Harlem Is Not Manhattan," John J. Jackson. "Geography," Elizabeth Bishop. "The Memorial Service," Christopher Malinowski (student).
ESSAYS. "Learning to Write," Russell Baker. "Daughter's Doll Teaches Mom Lesson on Race," Connie Schultz. "The Farm," M. L. Simpson. "A Little Nebraska," Sarah Smith (student).
PARAGRAPHS. "A Perfect Dog," John Grogan. "The Hiroshima Museum," Barbara Kingsolver. "The Ravine," Quincy Stott (student). "The Attic," Stephen King. "My Father," James Baldwin.
ESSAYS. "Hush Timmy--This Is Like a Church," Kurt Anderson. "The Monster," Deems Taylor. "Regular Customer," Gloria Garrison (student). "Limbo," Rhonda S. Lucas (student).
PARAGRAPHS. "Distance Learning," Mary Lord. "The Digital Revolution," Ellen Cobb Ward. "Boomtown, U.S.A.," Jeff Glasser. "Folk Art in the Barrios," Eric Kroll. "Democracy," E. B. White.
ESSAYS. "The Social Meaning of T-Shirts," Diana Crane. "Each Game Was a Crusade," Mark Harris. "Between Two Wars, 1913-1945," Kathryn VanSpanckeren. "My Mother Never Worked," Bonnie Smith-Yackel.
PARAGRAPHS. "Chili," Charles Kuralt. "March of Science," James K. Page, Jr. "Fans," Paul Gallico. "Brain Power," Lester C. Thurow.
ESSAYS. "Ever Et Raw Meat?" Stephen King. "Eggs, Twinkies, and Ethnic Stereotypes," Jeanne Park. "Secrets of Man's Unspoken Language," Desmond Morris. "Start Spreading the News: Seven Things You Should Know Before Moving to New York," Courtney Reimer.
PARAGRAPHS. "Happy Returns," Sarah Bernhard. "Good Girl, Bad Girl," Anna Quindlen. "Dogs and Cats," Konrad Lorenze. "Yin and Yang," Mary Paumier Jones.
ESSAYS. "Neat People vs. Sloppy People," Suzanne Britt. "Conversational Ballgames," Nancy Masterson Sakamoto. "Indy 500," Chris Hanley (student). "Shopping in Pajamas," Francine Mercer (student).
PARAGRAPHS. "The Supply Chain," Thomas L. Friedman. "How to Bathe a Cat," The Dog. "Brewing Beer," Grace Lichtenstein. "The Right Way to Eat an Ice-Cream Cone," L. Rust Hills. "The Cook," Barbara Lewis (student).
ESSAYS. "A Guide to Proper Hand-Washing Technique," Jennifer Traig. "The Beekeeper," Sue Hubbell. "Koto," Edna Yano (student). "Think Thin--Get Thin," Junius Adams.
PARAGRAPHS. "Giving In," Michelle Cottle. "Why Eat Junk Food?" Judith Wurtman. "An Eyewitness Account," Jack London. "A Momentous Arrest," Martin Luther King, Jr. "On Being Unemployed," Nelliejean Smith (student).
ESSAYS. "Wanted Children," Patrick Steptoe. "Reading for Pure Pleasure," Eileen Simpson. "The Thirsty Animal," Brian Manning. "More Than Words," Victor Flores (student).
PARAGRAPHS. "Running with the Cardio-Bots," Walter Kirn. "The Ultimate Kitchen Gadget," Robert Capon. "Nostalgia," Richard Shelton. "What Does It Mean to Be Creative?" S. I. Hayakawa. "Frugality," Woody Allen.
ESSAYS. "What Is Poverty?" Jo Goodwin Parker. "What Is Intelligence, Anyway?" Isaac Asimov. "Total Eclipse of the Son," Tiffany Kary. "Earning Their Pinstripes," Rick Reilly.
PARAGRAPHS. "Tax Junk Food? Yes," Michael F. Jacobson. "Frightening--and Fantastic," Anna Quindlen. "Drinking--What Age?" Barrett Seaman. "The Measure of Our Success," Marian Wright Edelman.
ESSAYS. "Hang It Up," Jesse Scaccia. "Excuses, Excuses," Helen C. Vo-Dinh. "So That Nobody Has to Go to School if They Don't Want to," Roger Sipher. "Facts About Global Warming You Should Know," Nathalie Fiset. "What if Global-warming Fears Are Overblown?" Jon Birger.
"A Trip to Honduras," Daniel Boehmer (student). "The Dare," Roger Hoffman. "Poetry," Kirsten Bauman (student). "I Won't Twitter My Life Away," Leonard Pitts, Jr. "Time to Look and Listen," Magdoline Asfahani (student).

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"I do plan to continue using PATTERNS PLUS. It's in step with my philosophy of teaching with developmental writing, and its reading and apparatus make it a good choice for the nature of the threshold course in which we use it. I still see it as the best text on the market for this level."

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The Instructor's Resource Manual, available both online and in print, features teaching suggestions, answers to questions about the readings and writing strategies, and a guide to reading levels in the text. Quizzes and an answer key are also provided.

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