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Parlons affaires!: Initiation au français économique et commercial 3rd Edition

R. -J. Berg, Heather McCoy

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2006, 1999
  • 256 Pages


In-depth and adaptable, PARLONS AFFAIRES! is the ultimate comprehensive resource for the Business French course. Through coverage of traditional business topics, as well as career practices, communication skills, and cultural concepts particular to French businesses, students will acquire valuable vocabulary and insights that will improve their understanding of the French and Canadian business worlds. The clear and engaging prose of PARLONS AFFAIRES! introduces and explains the various topics of the book, while the engaging activities encourage students to expand their comprehension and critically reflect on the topics and vocabulary. The completely revised third edition contains increased coverage of technology in the workplace to ensure that students are provided with contemporary language, up-to-date vocabulary, and relevant technological specifications.

R. -J. Berg, Bowling Green State University

R.-J. Berg is a professor at Bowling Green State University and is the author of several books.

Heather McCoy, Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Heather McCoy is the program director for French and Francophone Studies at Penn State University.
  • A new section has been added to each Module, "Témoignages," which gives a brief interview with a francophone speaker on the topic of the Module, providing students with contemporary language and opinions.
  • A new opening module has been added on the subject of "Travailler en France," in order to keep the scope of the book relevant to students.
  • Two Modules (Module 3, "Micro-informatique, Internet, Mail"; Module 8, "Le marketing") have been retitled and heavily revised in order to expose students to up-to-date vocabulary and technological specifications.
  • All modules have been updated and revised so that they now incorporate additional vocabulary, new content, and all new photos.
  • PARLONS AFFAIRES! is divided into 3 Parties and 11 Modules. Each Module contains a core lesson, followed by "Sigles et acronymes" (Abbreviations and Acronyms), and a detailed "Lexique" (Dictionary) with useful activities to practice newly acquired words and expressions.
  • This text prioritizes business communication by discussing it in the first "Partie" (Unit). The scope and content of book focuses not only on business French, but practical, career French. Addressing the omnipresence of technology in the workplace, PARLONS AFFAIRES! begins the discussion of e-mail in the second Module, "La correspondence commerciale" (Business Correspondence).
  • The PARLONS AFFAIRES! text serves as a jumping point to the innumerable resources on the internet. Within the text, multiple links to additional information on-line augment the material, while the book's Companion Website offers support for professors and for students.
  • Tiered and flexible, PARLONS AFFAIRES! provides a wealth of information for students at varying levels. The shaded sections within each Module ("Pour aller plus loin") contain optional supplementary material for more advanced students, and numerous substantive notes offer an even deeper level of understanding.
1. Module 1: Travailler en France.
2. Module 2: La correspondence.
3. Module 3: Micro-informatique, Internet, Mail.
4. Module 4: À la recherche d'un emploi.
5. Module 5: Typologie des entreprises.
6. Module 6: Création, croissance et déclin de l'entreprise.
7. Module 7: L'organisation de l'entreprise.
8. Module 8: Le marketing.
9. Module 9: La banque et les moyens de paiement.
10. Module 10: La Bourse.
11. Module 11: Les transports et le commerce international.
Lexique des sigles et acronymes.
Lexique français–anglais.

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  • ISBN-10: 1285598547
  • ISBN-13: 9781285598543
  • STARTING AT $17.99

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  • ISBN-10: 1133311253
  • ISBN-13: 9781133311256
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $136.50
  • RETAIL $181.95

"The approach is very well thought-out. The book begins with the basics, that students want and need - writing letters, reading comprehension, necessary vocabulary, culture and even cultural differences, such as the differences between France and Quebec. I couldn't ask for a better business French textbook."

"It's very clear and packed with information."