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PARENTING TODAY'S CHILDREN uses the latest research, strong pedagogical features, and discussion of contemporary and sometimes controversial topics to prepare readers to work effectively with parents and children at all stages of development. A developmentally-based framework helps students and practitioners form connections between developmental topics and the various age groups along a progressive timeline, thereby supporting meaningful learning, improving retention, and fostering critical thinking skills. This approach also promotes an understanding of ecological variables, their influence on child-rearing problems, and effective response strategies. In addition, the text emphasizes developmentally appropriate behavioral strategies that parents can use to guide children in an effective and positive manner. It is supported by MindTap® Education, an online learning platform with an e-portfolio and interactive content that helps to prepare students for success in the classroom.

Lynn R. Marotz, University of Kansas, professor emerita

Lynn R. Marotz, R.N., professor emerita, was a member of the Department of Applied Behavioral Science faculty, University of Kansas, for over thirty-five years and also served as the Associate Director of the Child Development Center. She taught large undergraduate and graduate courses in parenting, children's health, safety and nutrition, history and philosophy of early childhood education, and leadership and administration. She worked closely with students in the Early Childhood teacher education program and the families of children enrolled in the Child Development Center. Professor Marotz has authored numerous invited book chapters in national and international publications about children's health and nutrition, legal issues, and environmental safety. She is also the author of HEALTH, SAFETY, AND NUTRITION FOR THE YOUNG CHILD, DEVELOPMENTAL PROFILES: BIRTH THROUGH ADOLESCENCE, MOTIVATIONAL LEADERSHIP, and BY THE AGES: BEHAVIOR AND DEVELOPMENT OF CHILDREN PRE-BIRTH THROUGH EIGHT. She has been interviewed for numerous articles about children's health and nutrition and parenting that have appeared in national trade magazines, has served as a consultant for children's museums and training film productions, has presented extensively at international, national, and state conferences, and continues to hold appointments on national, state, and local committees and initiatives that advocate on behalf of children and their families.

Sara Kupzyk, Munroe-Meyer Institute for Genetics and Rehabilitation, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Sara Kupzyk, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist and an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the Munroe-Meyer Institute for Genetics and Rehabilitation at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She provides outpatient integrated behavioral health services in a pediatric primary care clinic for children with various concerns including anxiety, depression, oppositional behavior, autism spectrum disorder, and attention and anger control problems. She also directs the Academic Evaluation and Intervention Clinic that provides assessment and intervention development services to improve academic skills through parent tutoring. Dr. Kupzyk teaches graduate-level courses for the Applied Behavior Analysis and School Psychology Programs at the University of Nebraska Omaha. She previously taught courses in the areas of education and issues in parenting. She conducts research focused on issues of treatment integrity, academic problems, parent training, and early intervention for children with emotional and learning concerns. She has authored articles in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, Journal of Behavioral Education, and Psychology in the Schools as well as book chapters in BEHAVIORAL HEALTH PROMOTION AND INTERVENTION FOR PEOPLE WITH INTELLECTUAL AND DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES, APA HANDBOOK OF APPLIED BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS, and THE PRACTICAL HANDBOOK OF SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY: EFFECTIVE PRACTICES FOR THE 21ST CENTURY. She also presents at local and national conferences and reviews manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals.
  • PARENTING TODAY'S CHILDREN addresses parenting from a contemporary perspective, presenting the latest information about the multiple challenges that today's parents face, and the skills they need to be successful in their endeavors. The text presents the most current published research, and includes discussions of topics that are often missing from other available parenting books.
  • Rather than using a topical framework that can make it difficult for readers to grasp conceptual significance, the text employs a developmental organizational framework that fosters improved student understanding, application, and learning retention. This approach enables students and practitioners who have worked with children, as well as those who are inexperienced, to link, build, and integrate new knowledge along a progressive timeline.
  • Each chapter provides information that helps students to appreciate the supportive role, responsibilities, and challenges that contemporary parents encounter in their efforts to raise healthy, happy, and successful children. The developmental framework contributes to improved student understanding about the ways that parents can promote children's development across all domains and at any given age. This approach is also advantageous for students who are trying to assimilate large amounts of new information.
  • Each chapter includes extensive pedagogical material, including key terms, learning objectives, NAEYC standards, discussion and self-reflection questions, and field activities. This content is designed to foster student learning, information retention, and critical thinking, and to strengthen students' ability to apply parenting concepts to everyday situations.
  • The Trending Now feature addresses the pros and cons of contemporary, and sometimes controversial, issues that today's parents may encounter. Discussion points are supported by the latest research findings, and include questions for readers to consider. Topics include working with "helicopter" parents, the values and attitudes of Generation Y, "free-range parenting," the controversy over how much emphasis should be placed on academic skills in early childhood education programs, the developmental readiness of youth to use social media, and genetic testing for expectant mothers.
  • The Responsive Parenting feature provides everyday case study scenarios that strengthen and reinforce students' ability to apply effective parenting concepts to address children's challenging behaviors in positive ways.
  • Suggestions for Parents boxes translate chapter material into practical ideas that can be shared with parents. Topics include activities to promote cognitive and language development, teaching children social skills, and strategies to increase success of parents living with their adult children.
  • MindTap® Education for Parenting Today's Children represents a new approach to teaching and learning. A highly personalized, fully customizable learning platform with an integrated e-portfolio, MindTap® helps students to elevate thinking and develop the skills needed to become a reflective practitioner.
1. Parenting in Historical, Cultural, and Theoretical Contexts.
2. Contemporary Families.
3. Understanding, Supporting, and Collaborating with Families.
4. Becoming a Parent.
5. Parenting Styles and Children's Socialization.
6. Parenting Infants (Birth to Twelve Months).
7. Parenting Toddlers (Twelve to Thirty Months).
8. Parenting During the Preschool Years (2 1/2–5 Years).
9. Parenting During the School-age Years (6–12 Years).
10. Parenting During Early Adolescence (13–14 Years).
11. Parenting Middle and Late Adolescent Children (15-19 years).
12. Parenting Adult Children.
13. Family Violence and Child Maltreatment.
14. Parenting Exceptional Children.
Each MindTap product offers the full, mobile-ready textbook combined with superior and proven learning tools at one affordable price. Students who purchase digital access can add a print option at any time when a print option is available for their course.

This Cengage solution can be seamlessly integrated into most Learning Management Systems (Blackboard, Brightspace by D2L, Canvas, Moodle, and more) but does require a different ISBN for access codes. Please work with your Cengage Learning Consultant to ensure the proper course set up and ordering information. For additional information, please visit the LMS Integration site.

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"The material is clearly written and explained thoroughly. In-depth research of facts and content is evident in the narrative and tables included. The examples provided give the reader a clear explanation of the content presented."

"I think that these [Suggestions for Parents, Trending Now, Responsive Parenting] are awesome features. I find them highly appropriate; it helps to show clarity and evidence of said information."

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Online PowerPoint® Slides

ISBN: 9781305968189
Helping you make your lectures more engaging while effectively reaching your visually oriented students, these handy Microsoft PowerPoint® slides outline the chapters of the main text in a classroom-ready presentation.

Online Instructor's Manual with Test Bank

ISBN: 9781305968172
Streamline and maximize the effectiveness of your course preparation using such resources as brief chapter outlines, chapter summaries, detailed chapter lecture outlines, lecture suggestions, video suggestions, and creative lecture and teaching suggestions. This manual also contains student learning objectives, key terms, essay/discussion questions, student activities, discussion exercises, and Internet exercises.

Cengage Learning Testing, powered by Cognero® Instant Access

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Cengage Learning Testing, powered by Cognero® is a flexible, online system that allows you to import, edit, and manipulate content from the text's test bank or elsewhere, including your own favorite test questions; create multiple test versions in an instant; and deliver tests from your LMS, your classroom, or wherever you want.