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Organization Theory: A Public and Nonprofit Perspective 3rd Edition

Harold F. Gortner, Kenneth L. Nichols, Carolyn Ball

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 1997, 1987
  • 448 Pages


This successful organizational theory text, newly revised and now in its third edition, examines classic and new organizational theories that address management issues of organizational structure, culture, decisionmaking, ethics motivation, leadership, and organizational change. For the first time, an organizational theory text addresses how organizational theories relate to both government and nonprofits, whether small or large organizations, from large civil service agencies and international nonprofits, to independent government authorities and districts, to small town governments and local nonprofits serving one group or community. The text considers how theory can be applied in these differing contexts of citizen, customer, and client demands.

Harold F. Gortner, George Mason University

Harold F. Gortner is professor emeritus of government and politics at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Dr. Gortner's research and teaching interests are in the areas of organization theory, public administration ethics, public management, and Canadian politics. In addition to holding administrative positions at the university, he has worked in state government agencies and taught in and consulted with foreign universities. Other publications include ADMINISTRATION IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR and ETHICS FOR PUBLIC MANAGEMENT, along with articles and chapters in a variety of public administration journals and anthologies.

Kenneth L. Nichols, University of Maine

Kenneth L. Nichols is associate professor of public policy and administration at the University of Maine. Dr. Nichols' research and teaching interests include organizational change, technology impact, futures research techniques, ethics in the workplace, and administrative themes in literature. A former administrator with the Internal Revenue Service, he has co-edited ENTERPRISE GOVERNMENT: FRANCHISING AND CROSS-SERVICING FOR ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT and published articles about organizational change, ethics, older employees, tax policy, and technology dissemination. He is developing a how-to book of strategic management and forecasting tools.

Carolyn Ball, University of Maine

Carolyn Ball is an associate professor of public policy and administration and director of public administration graduate programs at the University of Maine in Orono. Dr. Ball's teaching and research interests include diversity¿particularly religious diversity in the workforce¿and organizational behavior and culture, as well as evaluation. She has published articles on religion, community policing, domestic violence, and evaluation. She has worked in a state workforce development agency and in healthcare and youth nonprofit agencies. Her consulting experience includes working with state and local transportation and public safety departments.
1. Organization Research and Theory.
2. Blurring Sectors: Public and Private.
3. Pivotal Controversies.
4. Structure.
5. Communication.
6. Accountability and Transparency.
7. Decisionmaking.
8. Motivation and Culture.
9. Leadership.
10. Change and Stability.
Index (an author index and a subject index).