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On the Edge: The United States in the Twentieth Century 3rd Edition

David A. Horowitz, Peter N. Carroll

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 1998, 1990
  • 592 Pages


This overview of twentieth-century American history gives special emphasis to social and cultural history. David Horowitz and Peter N. Carroll, both respected teachers and scholars of U.S. history, take a balanced approach to all aspects of the socio-cultural spectrum, giving students objective insight into the experiences of women, African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Asian-Americans, evangelical Christians, populists, working people, and other peoples affected by the events of this fascinating period in history. The authors include numerous tables, charts, photographs, and biographical inserts to give students further perspective on the events they discuss.

David A. Horowitz, Portland State University

David Horowitz was born in the Bronx, New York, and received his B.A. in history from Antioch College and his history Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota. He has taught U.S. cultural and twentieth-century history at Portland State University since 1968. Horowitz's publications include STRANGERS: A CENTURY'S STRUGGLE AGAINST AMERICA'S SOCIAL GUARDIANS (Westview Press, 2001), INSIDE THE KLAVERN: THE SECRET HISTORY OF A 1920S KU KLUX KLAN (Southern Illinois University Press, 1999), and BEYOND LEFT AND RIGHT: INSURGENCY AND THE ESTABLISHMENT (University of Illinois Press, 1997). Horowitz lives with his wife, historian and author Gloria Myers, in Portland, Oregon, and does his writing at a wooded retreat at the coast.

Peter N. Carroll, Stanford University

Peter N. Carroll was born in Queens, New York, and received his B.A. from Queens College and his history Ph.D. from Northwestern University. He has taught the U.S. history survey course at the University of Illinois, the University of Minnesota, and San Francisco State University; consulted on literally dozens of textbooks; and worked with survey course teachers for the National Faculty in the 1990s. He also works with his local high school¿s AP U.S. history survey course. He has also taught U.S. cultural and intellectual history at the University of Minnesota, Stanford University, the University of San Francisco, and the University of California at Berkeley. Carroll¿s publications include IT SEEMED LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED: AMERICA IN THE 1970S, rev. ed. (Rutgers University, 1990), KEEPING TIME: MEMORY, NOSTALGIA, AND THE ART OF HISTORY (University of Georgia Press, 1990), and AMERICANS IN THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR: THE ODYSSEY OF THE ABRAHAM LINCOLN BRIGADE (Stanford University Press, 1994). Carroll and his partner, author Jeannette Ferrary, live in Belmont, California.
1. Life at the Start of the 20th Century.
2. The Politics of Progressive Reform, 1896-1912.
3. Wilsonian Reform and Global Order, 1912-1920.
4. The Politics and Culture of the Jazz Age 1920-1928.
5. The Great Depression and New Deal Reform 1929-1936.
6. Democratic Capitalism and the Liberal State, 1937-1941.
7. World War II: The War Against Fascism and the Search for Global Order.
8. The Search for Security, 1945-1954.
9. Republican Leadership and the Anticommunist Crusade, 1950-1954.
10. Eisenhower�s Troubled Consensus, 1954-1960.
11. The Age of Liberal Activisim, 1960-1965.
12. Polarized America: Racial Turmoil and Vietnam, 1965-1968.
13. The Embattled Presidency, 1968-1976.
14. Struggling Giant: The Carter and Reagan Years, 1976-1988.
15. The Turn to Centrism: Bush, Clinton and Bush, 1988-2003.

"I’ve been using the text for two years and love it. This is the best book I’ve ever used teaching U.S. history. It brings everything together--the culture of the times, boxed bios, plus I show movies. Very user friendly, easy to read."

"I really like all the pictures, and because I’m a historical biographer, I also like the boxes. Good maps. Good cultural/social coverage, rather than just the political. Our survey course is broken into thirds, but the text is useful no matter how much of it I cover."

"Pretty darn good! I’ve used it three times, and I like the maps, organization, and especially the biographies. The book contains what I want to cover. Good coverage of New Deal and World War II."

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Instructor's Manual with Test Bank

ISBN: 9780534642082
Includes chapter outline reflecting the main headings; discussion topics, key terms with definitions, and examination questions (essays, true/false and multiple-choice questions, the latter with correct answers and text page references indicated).