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On Our Own offers a comprehensive narrative history of American society, culture, politics, and institutions during this remarkable decade. The volume includes the Kennedy administration, the civil-rights revolution, the Great Society, the Vietnam War, and the Movement, and then concludes with three chapters that discuss the decade's aftermath and its legacies.

Douglas T. Miller, Michigan State University

1. Cold War Realities, American Dreams
Conflict and Containment
Loyalty Under Fire
"Easy Street"
Levittown and Miltown
Eisenhower Equilibrium
2. Disillusionment and Protest: The Midfifties
The "Silent Generation" Speaks
"Hooby-Dooby Oop-Shoop": Rock Rolls
The Trouble with Teenagers
A Howl in the Darkness: The Beats
The Feminine Dilemma
A Radical Awakening
Black Uprising
The Faces of Protest
3. The Kennedy Promise
Little Rock and Sputnik: Crises in the Late Fifties
Passing the Torch: The Election of 1960
Cautious Liberalism: The New Frontier at Home
Containing Communism: The New Frontier Abroad
November 22, 1963
4. The Civil-Rights Revolution: Triumph and Retreat
"More Than a Hamburger": The Sit-Ins
Promises Unfulfilled: Kennedy and Civil Rights
Cautious Victories: Johnson and Civil Rights
5. In Quest of the Great Society
Election '64
Liberalism Triumphant
The Dream Fizzles
The Black Revolution
6. Vietnam and American Society, 1945-1967
The Kennedy Inheritance
The Alamo Revisited: Johnson and Vietnam
"Waist Deep in the Big Muddy"
Lyndon's War
Vietnam at Home
7. The Movement
"The Times They Are A-Changin'"
The New Left Ascendant
Jamming the Gears: Revolt on the Campus
Students Against the War
"Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll": The Rise of the Counterculture
New Left and Counterculture: Two Faces of a Movement
8. 1968
Eugene McCarthy and the Children's Crusade
The Death of a King
New York and Paris
Los Angeles and Chicago
9. The Nixon Counterrevolution
Conservatism Resurgent
Repressing the Left, Wooing the Right
Hard Times
Nixon's War
Dirty Tricks: Scheming Toward Watergate
Election '72
Nixon Laid Low
10. Twilight of the Movement
Woodstock or Altamont?
SDS and Black Power Collapse
Backlash: The War Against the Left
Co-opting the Counterculture
The Movement Ebbs
11. Feminism and Environmentalism: Enduring Bequests of the Sixties
The Status of Women: The Kennedy Commission
Unveiling the Mystique
The Power of Sisterhood
From WITCH to WEAL: Feminism Assessed
To Save the Planet
The Movement: Perceptions and Realities
Activism in the "Me" Decade
Appendix: The Language of the Sixties