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Nutrition & Diet Therapy 12th Edition

Ruth A. Roth, Kathy L. Wehrle

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2014, 2011, 2007
  • 640 Pages
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Packed with the latest research and developments, NUTRITION & DIET THERAPY, 12E introduces the essentials of nutrition concepts, good health, and client care -- equipping LPN/LVN nursing students with a solid foundation in nutrition. The text enables students to more effectively help clients improve their nutrition and overall health, especially as our nation faces higher rates of preventable chronic disease as a result of poor diet quality and physical inactivity. Extremely user friendly, the text is organized around three simple concepts: Section 1 covers the fundamentals of nutrition, Section 2 explains nutrition over the life cycle, and Section 3 addresses medical nutrition therapy. New information is included on "Healthy People 2020", DIETARY GUIDELINES FOR AMERICANS 2015-2020, obesity prevention and treatment, lifestyle medicine, diabetes, celiac disease, irritable and short bowel syndrome, and more. In addition, MindTap and numerous hands-on activities maximize student learning.

Ruth A. Roth,

Ruth A. Roth, M.S., RDN, is a retired Dietician from Parkview Hospital and a retired faculty member from Purdue University in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Kathy L. Wehrle, Parkview Health, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Kathy L. Wehrle, RDN, CD, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at Parkview Health for over 25 years, brings a wealth of experience from clinical nutrition therapy as well as community wellness, prevention, and population health. Previously a contributor to the text, she joins the 12th edition as a co-author.
  • Packed with the most current coverage available, NUTRITION & DIET THERAPY, 12e introduces targets for "Healthy People 2020" as well as the concepts of health disparities, health literacy, and food deserts as they affect the health of today's population.
  • The 12th edition takes a more in-depth look at the new DIETARY GUIDELINES FOR AMERICANS 2015-2020 and their five overarching principles to improve health and reduce chronic disease.
  • Expanded information on the six standard characteristics used to diagnose adult malnutrition is now included.
  • The 12th edition takes a deeper look into the health consequences of obesity and the latest prevention and treatment strategies, including health coaching and motivational interviewing as "lifestyle medicine". It also expands upon cutting-edge pharmacologic treatment of obesity as well as weight loss surgeries and the new gastric balloon placement.
  • The most current information available on the growing epidemic of pre-diabetes is presented as well as up-to-date statistics, diagnostic criteria, medications, and diet therapy for all forms of diabetes.
  • Reflecting the latest developments, the 12th edition includes new information on celiac disease and the growing issue of non-celiac gluten sensitivity and its manifestations as well as new coverage on irritable and short bowel syndrome.
  • In the Media and Supersize USA boxes give students current, real-world insight into important issues in nutrition today.
  • Extremely student friendly, NUTRITION & DIET THERAPY, 12e has a clean, open look and straightforward presentation. It also avoids the complex explanations, dense text, and complicated illustrations and tables that are characteristic of the higher-level nutrition titles.
  • Three succinct concepts provide the broad organizational structure of the book: Section 1 covers the fundamentals of nutrition, Section 2 explains nutrition concepts through the life cycle, and Section 3 addresses the nutrition therapy concepts students need to know as future nurses.
  • Hands-on activities throughout the text enable students to put what they learn into practice. Exploring the Web features provide mini research assignments so students can further explore text concepts. Case in Point case studies conclude each chapter by putting material into real-world context. Rate This Plate features allow students to critique meals chosen for the patients profiled in the case studies.
  • Truly engage your students and turn them into critical thinkers with the MindTap® for Basic Health Sciences online learning program. Helping students maximize their study time, this digital learning solution offers a wealth of resources, including an interactive eBook with highlighting and note-taking functions; self-quizzes, multiple choice questions, and exercises; client scenarios; flashcards for practicing chapter terms; interactive Case in Point and Rate this Plate exercises; NCLEX-style quizzing; and a Diet & Wellness app.
  • NUTRITION & DIET THERAPY, 12e equips LPN/LVN nursing students with a broad introduction to nutrition concepts, presented in a basic, applied level that emphasizes practical, hands-on training in essential areas. The text helps students understand that nutrition and health are closely related as our nation faces many preventable chronic diet-related diseases.
  • Providing a solid foundation in the basic principles and concepts of good nutrition, the text enables LPN/LVN nursing students to explore their crucial place in advancing their clients to optimum nutritional health. It also helps students locate evidence-based resources on popular nutrition topics that are often making headlines.
1. The Relationship of Nutrition and Health.
2. Planning a Healthy Diet.
3. Digestion, Absorption, and Metabolism.
4. Carbohydrates.
5. Lipids (Fats).
6. Proteins.
7. Vitamins.
8. Minerals.
9. Water.
10. Nutrition during Pregnancy and Lactation.
11. Nutrition during Infancy.
12. Nutrition during Childhood and Adolescence.
13. Nutrition during Adulthood.
14. Weight Management across the Life Cycle.
15. Diet, Pre-Diabetes, and Diabetes.
16. Diet and Cardiovascular Disease.
17. Diet and Renal Disease.
18. Diet and Gastrointestinal Disorders.
19. Diet and Cancer.
20. Foodborne Illness, Allergies, and Intolerances.
21. Nutritional Care of Clients with Special Needs.
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"Exploring The Web are great to get the student out of the textbook and learning from a different source. They help to bring information together and reinforce what is being taught. Case in Points are very good. I think they pull the information together and make the student think. They encourage critical thinking skills. Suggested Activities at the end of the chapters are very good, along with the ones in the Instructor's Manual. They also help to pull the information together in a logical manner. I really like how the chapters are kept short and to the point. Each subject is covered before moving on to another. Students can master one thing at a time. This is an excellent text. It is arranged in a concise manner with each topic kept on point. The manner in which the text is put together, from beginning to end, including the activities, both online and in the book, keep the student engaged and learning."

"I really enjoy the In The Media boxes. These are great tools to use as a discussion in class to relate to topics students hear about in the media. I also like the Rate This Plate feature. This is an excellent real life critical thinking tool for students to use."

"This is an excellent textbook that is loaded with information regarding all aspects of nutrition. This material is very beneficial for anyone who is entering the health care setting."

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